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Welcome to the QuizMoz The Ultimate Harry Potter Wand Quiz. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

In this quiz, you will attempt to answer my simple questions correctly (NO Googling, Yahooing, or any other forms of cheating). The end result will determine if you are a wand genius, or a Neville Longbottom (no offense, dude) before he joined the DA :-)

Quiz Created by:
Xenophilius Lovegood
Creation Date: 8 January 2009
1. Easiest first: what is the composition of Harry Potter's wand? Is it:
a.14" Holly and Dragon Heartstring
b.11 1/2" Yew and Unicorn Hair
c.10" Hawthorn and Veela Hair
d.11" Holly and Phoenix Feather
2. How about Harry's arch nemesis, Lord Volly? What's his wand made of?
a.12" Holly and Dragon Heartstring
b.13 1/2" Yew and Phoenix Feather
c.16" Blackthorn and Veela Hair
d.9" Hornbeam and Thestral Hair
3. Now a bit trickier: Triwizard Champions: What are Cedric Diggory, Fleur Delacour and Viktor Krum's wand compisitions? (in that precise order)
a.9 1/2" Rosewood and Dragon Heartstring 11" Vine and Chimaera Scale 14 1/2" Mahogany and Unicorn Hair
b.12" Elder and Phoenix Feather 7 1/2" Ash and Thestral Hair 18" Hornbeam and Boggart Flesh
c.12 1/4" Ash and Unicorn Hair 9 1/2" Rosewood and Veela hair 10 1/4" Hornbeam and Dragon Heartstring
d.16" Oak and Grindylow Scale 9 " Willow and one of her Grandmother's hairs 7 " Rosewood and Unicorn hair
4. Now, Albus Dumbledore had 2 wands: his first wasn't spoken of, and his second, the Elder wand, acquired from Gellert Grindelwald was:
a.17" Alder and Unicorn Hair
b.15" Elder and Thestral Hair
c.14" Deathwood and Boggart Flesh
d.16 " Elder and Dragon Heartstring
5. On to Death Eater's Wands: Bellatrix Lestrange, what her wand?
a.12 3/4" Walnut and Dragon Heartstring
b.12 1/4" Chestnut and Unicorn Hair
c.12 1/2" Elm and Dragon Heartstring
d.12" Yew and Phoenix Feather
6. Still with Voldemort-followers: Peter Pettigrew, Wormtail, the betrayer, his wand was forced to be made by Mr Ollivander, wo described it as brittle, though, what was its composition?
a.9" Vine and Unicorn Hair
b.11 2/3" Yew and Phoenix feather
c.9 1/2" Chestnut and Dragon Heartstring
d.12" Walnut and Chimaera Scale
7. Draco Malfoy, his wand was stolen by Harry Potter. What was its length, wood and core?
a.10 3/4" Vine and Dragon Heartstring
b.14" WIllow and Unicorn Hair
c.18" Elm and Dragon Heartstring
d.10" Hawthorn and Unicorn Hair
8. Harry's two best friends, who ended up getting married, Hermione Jean Weasley (née Granger) and Ron Bilius Weasley's original wands were both stolen (Ron's 1st one broke, I'm talking about the 2nd one) what were their features?
a.Hermione: 10 3/4" Vine and Dragon Heartstring Ron: 14" Willow and Unicorn Hair
b.Hermione: 10" Hawthorn and Unicorn Hair Ron: 18" Elm and Dragon Heartstring
c.Hermione: 11" Ash and Unicorn Hair Ron 13" Cherrywood and Dragon Heartstring
d.Hermione 9 1/4" Mahogany and Veela Hair Ron: 12" Ash and Veela Hair
9. Harry's parents: Lily and James Potter. Their wands weren't either really spoken about. However, they were made up of:
a.Lily: 12" Cedar and Dragon Heartstring James: 11" Yew and Phoenix Feather
b.Lily: 10 1/4" Willow and Unknown James: 11" Mahogany and Unknown
c.Lily: 9 3/4" Blackthorn and Unknown James: 14" Hornbeam and Unicorn Hair
d.Lily: 12 1/4" Unknown and Dragon Heartstring 13 1/3" Ash and Unicorn Hair
10. And finally: Neville Longbottom, the klutz. he also had two wands. his second was..............
a.14" Ash and Dragon Heartstring (that's what made him suddenly better at protective spells and hexes!)
b.14" Cedar and Veela Hair
c.12" Hornbeam and Phoenix Feather
d.Unknown (length) Cherry and Unicorn Hair
11. What wood was Hagrid's wand made of?
12. Who was the first elder wand master?
13. What was Hermione's wand made of.
14. What is the flexibility of Hagrid's wand?
a.Quite brittle.
b.Rather bendy.
c.Fragile and snappy.
d.Pleasently springy.
15. What was Snape's wand length
a.13 1/2"
16. Which wand did harry have as a replacement for his first?
a.9 1/4 inches dragon heartstring
b.19 inches elm and pheonix feather
c.12 1/3 inches chestnut and veela hair
d.10 inches blackthorn unicorn hair
17. What is Lucius Malfoy's Wand
a.Hawthorn "16" Unicorn Hair
b.Cherry "8" Phoenix Feather
c.Elm "18" Dragonheartstring
d.Ebony "12" Veela Hair
18. What is Lucius Malfoy's Wand made of?
a.Walnut "7" Veela Hair
b.Beechwood "13" Phoenix Feather
c.Elm "18" Dragonheartstring
d.Cherry "10" Unicorn Hair
19. What was Ron's first wand made of?
20. Who broke Harry's first wand?
a.Ron Weasley
b.Severus Snape
c.Hermione. Granger
d.Luna. Lovegood
21. What is harry's wand core?
a.Unicorn tail hair
b.Dragon heart string
c.Pheonix tail feather
d.Veela hair
22. Who's wand broke in the movie Chamber Of Secrets?
a.Harry Potter
b.Hermione Granger
c.Ronald Weasley
d.Draco Malfoy
23. Which book did Gilderoy Lockhart loose his memory due to a faulty wand?
a.Philosophers Stone
b.Deathly Hallows
c.Chamber of Secrets
d.Goblet of Fire
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What others think about The Ultimate Harry Potter Wand
By: jennifer on Jun 28, 2013
  I;love it
By: Michael Waters on May 20, 2013
  Snape's Wand is not given a description or wand length.
By: Katie on Mar 19, 2013
  My wand is willow and unicorn hair, eleven and a half inches, slightly yielding.
By: brina on Mar 19, 2011
  quiz is awsome i knew every ansre i am like amini hermione awsome LONG LIVE HARRY POTTER
By: Wouldn't you like to know on Feb 15, 2011
  It pwns >:D
By: ninja penguin on Aug 11, 2010
  i think i know quite a bit about wands. if i had a wand, it would be 11" willow and phoenix feather. by the way this quiz is cool!
By: potter fan 35 on Nov 17, 2009
  i love seriuses wand
By: Kelli on Oct 5, 2009
By: Ashley on Sep 30, 2009
  This was fun. Let's see what I get...
By: Ashes on Sep 19, 2009
  Wow this was hard, but I think I got everything right! I grew up reading Harry Potter and it helped me through the hardest times in my life. Harry and the rest of teh guys...so I have taken to heart every word J.K Rowlings wrote down. Thanks again for the quiz, great way to pass the time at 1 am.
By: Kid on Jul 19, 2009
  Wood good
By: Kyra on Jul 16, 2009
  Great quiz! Challenging!
By: sarah on Jul 14, 2009
  this is hard! i dont think what we know about harry potter necessarily is based on our knowledge of their wands. i'm sure that the composition of the wand is important, but only to a certain extent. sometimes people don't pay that close of an attention to detail, but they still know the books well.
By: melissa on Jun 14, 2009
  this quiz really had me digging! try it
By: Nicky on May 20, 2009
  tricky :)
By: belle on Feb 6, 2009
  it was good, a test for non harry potter fans

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