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Welcome to the QuizMoz Science Quiz Questions. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

The Science Quiz for Kids is a fun quiz with a special focus on science for kids.
1. When a sound wave changes its medium, which of the following does not change?
d.none of these
2. some baloons float in air due presence of _________in it
3. Ph value of water?
4. Who discovered penicillin?
a.Alexander fleming
d.Max plamk
5. What age should a Rajya sabha member completed?
a.21 years
b.25 years
c.30 years
d.35 years
6. Q: Which of the following is not an example of gravity?
a.the Moon revolving around the Earth
b.a child going down a slide
c.spinning on a merry-go-round
d.ocean tides
7. how many bones are in human body
8. In which colour photosynthesis is minimum?
d.White Light
9. what is chemical name of hypo?
a.sodium thyo sulphate
d.magnesium tetra fluorine
10. what is the symbol first gas in periodic table ?
11. what is the average temperature of Jupiter?
a.-121 degree
b.-200 degree
c.-148 degree
d.120 degree
12. the capital of pakistan
13. what is one of the atoms in the circle?
14. what is the true shape of the earth
15. which is the smallest natural sattelite in our solar system?
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What others think about Science Questions
By: Mansi raj on Sep 1, 2013
  are you crazy?
By: Riva Raed El Baradie on Apr 15, 2013
  I LOVE SCIENCE !!!! and i learnt a lot from this quiz its really amazing and nice
By: Amal on Apr 15, 2013
  thanks iwant to playmore
By: AMON on Jan 12, 2012
By: alya on Jan 11, 2012
  this quiz is very good and knowlegeble
By: shruthi on Sep 14, 2011
  i love science!!!!!!!!!
By: akshat saxena on Sep 7, 2011
  I like science the most thank you.
By: sahil on Jul 19, 2011
  it was a wonderful experience
By: siva on Jun 26, 2011
  science can make us brilliant
By: kim on Jan 26, 2011
  science is a very hard subject but if u work hard enough u can master it
By: Hakeem on Jan 4, 2011
  Which is strictly a transition metal? Scandium,zinc,mercury or manganese
By: Jyoti Choudhary on Oct 1, 2010
  Science is very intresting subject,it is very useful to improve our skill
By: SLB on Sep 17, 2010
  Good questions
By: chitra on Jul 24, 2010
  these questions are very interesting and very good its a good site.
By: ritika on Jul 10, 2010
  are you mad?
By: sarakshi on Jun 28, 2010
  i like science games because it has knowledge and gives us power.
By: NASHRA on May 20, 2010
  Science is an intresting subject.It has many quiz.
By: akshaya on Feb 23, 2010
  science is an interesting subject.attempting more quizes gain more knowledge and one day we too can become like einstein,edison,newton etc.this site is a good way to achieve.
By: anand on Feb 19, 2010
  it,s interesting .a good quizz
By: Bharath on Feb 15, 2010
  We can know our own strenghth...
By: abhinaya on Feb 6, 2010
  science is very easy subject.we can learn easy.it will be very intresting. thankyou
By: kartik gill on Jan 29, 2010
  it.is.good and helpful
By: khushi on Jan 23, 2010
  they give a better approach to thinking
By: khushi on Jan 23, 2010
  already i love science and solving its ques as it gives a new aproach to thinking
By: pranita on Jan 22, 2010
  this science quiz is a great fun and is full of knowledge
By: JJ on Jan 22, 2010
  very good quiz ver good information
By: j on Jan 10, 2010
  issac newton
By: muthu karupu pandi on Jan 4, 2010
  it is very useful to improve skills...
By: ashwini on Dec 6, 2009
  its good and great
By: savitha on Dec 6, 2009
  its helpful
By: siya on Dec 1, 2009
  it is a great thing for all the science students . by this they are able to get the answers of their many questions
By: Shridhar on Nov 21, 2009
  Quiz's depend on logical thinking.
By: Chris on Nov 5, 2009
  How many years did the philppines been colonized by the spainish army? a.) 30 years b.) 120 years c.) 2 years d.) 300 years
By: Raju on Oct 29, 2009
  It's cool
By: abraham zikhwe on Oct 27, 2009
  science quiz is very fun all it needs is knowledge and concentration
By: rudrani on Oct 12, 2009
  its nice i would like to attempt more
By: jane on Oct 4, 2009
  this was a bizare quiz
By: mj on Sep 16, 2009
  love it!
By: mukul on Sep 13, 2009
  it was nice
By: diksha chauhan on Aug 20, 2009
  science is a vast subject
By: diksha on Aug 20, 2009
  science is a playing subject

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