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Welcome to the QuizMoz Capital Cities of Europe Quiz-1. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!


The Capital Cities of Europe Quiz-1 tests your knowledge with regard to the Capitals of the various European countries.

The questions of the Capital Cities of Europe Quiz-1 are craftily compiled and will enable you to gauge how well you remember the Capitals of the various European countries.

1. European countries currency is
2. what is the capital city of Montenegro
3. What is the capital of Moldova?
4. what is the capital or romania
5. The capital of Switzerland is
6. What is the capital of the UK?
7. How many countries have a land boarder (connection between countries via land) with France?
8. Name the two capitals of the Netherlands?
a.Paris and the Hague
b.Amsterdam and Dublin
c.Amsterdam and Brussels
d.Amsterdam and the Hague
9. What is the Capital city of Albania?
10. What is the capital city of Portugal?
11. capital city of singapore ?
a.kuala lumpur
12. whats the capital of germany?
13. capital of ukraine
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What others think about Capital Cities of Europe -1
By: Abbie on Sep 18, 2013
  so if it's tourist season why cant we shoot em
By: xian on Jun 9, 2013
  how many countries are part of the european union would be a cool q. . .. also what countries are known as the benelux group
By: Rachel on May 10, 2013
By: Melissa on Mar 5, 2013
  Kinda easy, as i come from Europe :)
By: Tobias on Sep 25, 2011
  Europe is fun.
By: Leanne on Aug 6, 2011
By: D. Suryanarayana on May 25, 2011
  A pleasant personal experience and and an interesting anecdote.
By: Eldho on Mar 18, 2011
  very nice questions
By: Andy Brandy on Feb 17, 2011
  Europe is the best!
By: DOM & SARAH on Feb 9, 2011
  They stink
By: kurt on Feb 7, 2011
  very beautiful
By: gg on Dec 24, 2010
  thy are awesum
By: hello on Nov 28, 2010
  i like boobies
By: Kate on Nov 25, 2010
  I think capital cities are fun and that people should give them a go!!!! :)
By: Jacob southwart on Nov 21, 2010
  dodgy spellings
By: bob on Oct 21, 2010
  it wasn't all about capital cities or europe.
By: Danny Keenan on Oct 13, 2010
  My boyfriend thinks he knows every capital city... i'll soon see!
By: Class 7 on Sep 24, 2010
  This is a dulish quiz
By: bustybimbo on Sep 19, 2010
  i wasn't allowed to do geography in year 9, 10 or 11 lets hope ive slightly improved lol
By: john logan on Aug 30, 2010
  the capital city of germany is berlin not bonn as this quiz suggests
By: Sateesh on Aug 6, 2010
  The capital of Germany is Berlin.
By: john on Jul 18, 2010
  Questions not clear
By: Andrew on Jul 14, 2010
  I know all the capitals in the world
By: Matthew on May 24, 2010
  Europeaa Capitals Quiz so why questions such as currency in Scotland? Capital of Malaysia? Capital of Rome! Which Country exports Belgium Chocolate?
By: david79 on May 17, 2010
  Valletta is tha capital city Malta
By: Gareth Mills on May 4, 2010
  It wasn't all capital cities!
By: oliver on Apr 9, 2010
  I know at least one hundred fifty country capitals by heart. Everyone should too.
By: jordan reid on Jan 27, 2010
  I know every capital in europe but i don`t know all of the ones in asia and africa
By: mdaz on Feb 3, 2010
  good quiz
By: Ayesha on Feb 23, 2010
  Capital cities are very hard to learn so you need a certain degree of persistence and patience
By: jon on Jan 16, 2010
  awesome quiz!!!
By: Bryan on Dec 13, 2009
  Very nice
By: Kyle on Nov 27, 2009
  Capital city of Cyprus is Limassol
By: Room 11 on Nov 10, 2009
  the capital of Italy is Rome
By: Thomas on Nov 2, 2009
  I went to France to Disney and the fire alarm went off in the middle of the night!
By: Bala on Oct 24, 2009
  Some of the most fascinating cities of the world.
By: oi on Oct 5, 2009
  wtf is with mars and ww2. and the capital of mexico is not even there. florida is not a country.
By: Patrick on Oct 3, 2009
  Canberra is the capital of Australia. Not 'canbara'. Australia is not in Europe, it is its own conitnent. Florida and Nevada are not countries in Europe, they are states in America. "When were the world war 2 happened?" makes no sense- rather "When did World War II happen?".
By: The guy whos always right on Sep 14, 2009
  who ever made this is a nut!
By: Alma on Sep 11, 2009
  Ummm Capital city of nevada ??? Are you ok??? Nevada is in U.S. which has nothing to do wiht Europe :) Jeezz
By: Matte on Sep 6, 2009
  Ihan paska visa.
By: savanah on Sep 4, 2009
  ....? animal crossings lets go to the city? really?
By: oliver on Sep 2, 2009
By: Karen on Aug 22, 2009
  honestly... what the freak!! serius student here trying to study with questions like whats the capital of mars, austrralia, egypt, nevada, florida, ect.!! i doubt thats gonna be on the EUROPEAN test!! what does it have to do with Europe!! absolutally nothing!!!!
By: Karli on Aug 20, 2009
  Who the hell is putting non-European questions in here? It's really annoying.
By: ........... on Aug 19, 2009
  wow... dat was some random stuff.
By: Terrance Hollins on Aug 12, 2009
  I Like the variety of capital cities you chose for the quiz. ,Really cool stuff.
By: J97 on Aug 9, 2009
  why are there non european countries on a european countries quiz????
By: Wrathera on Aug 6, 2009
  Why are there American state capitals in a European capital city quiz? o_o
By: Fart on Jul 20, 2009
  Cities of Europe is a load of old fart
By: vanessa on Jul 6, 2009
  europe what can i say romantic, wonderful, yet dream
By: on Jul 5, 2009
  why is mars on here
By: pixie on Jun 15, 2009
  is there a capital of mars
By: Richard on Jun 13, 2009
  cool boy in school.
By: Branko on Jun 8, 2009
By: michael on Jun 6, 2009
  Capitals are wierd
By: Animal Crossing Lets Go To The City on May 21, 2009
  Animal Crossing Lets Go To The City Animal Crossing Lets Go To The City Animal Crossing Lets Go To The City Animal Crossing Lets Go To The City Animal Crossing Lets Go To The City
By: Honey on May 20, 2009
  I don't think this is all to do with Europe - but it's good! Did you know drugs are legal in Amsterdam?
By: hazel on Apr 14, 2009
  i agree with rosanna florida has nothing to do with european countries...cause its one of the states of u.s.a. i also agree with natasa ....nevada tooo has nothing to do with european countries.cause its also one of the 50 states of u.s.a... canberra not canbara
By: rosanna bury on Apr 1, 2009
  how the hell is florida anything to do with euorpean capitsal cities
By: natasa on Mar 19, 2009
  Too bad that the Americans messed the quiz up with Florida, Nevada and co. Do they really think they can they can ever reach the level of Europe?!
By: Yazybee on Mar 15, 2009
  I live in England and this font is very nice!
By: sally jo on Mar 1, 2009
  im guessing its homework i cant find 10 of the 15 capital cities of europe
By: zada on Feb 24, 2009
  Where the hell is kanaju? And since when were Florida and Nevada in Europe. And to the last question, wtf. Just wtf.
By: Sarah mck on Jan 22, 2009
  we are learning it in school
By: sam adamson on Jan 18, 2009
  i didnt cheat
By: Rosie on Jan 8, 2009
  Greece is always hot!
By: Ellie on Jan 6, 2009
  Europe is pretty awesome!
By: bricela on Jan 5, 2009
  The captial of luxenburg is luxenburg
By: sexi lexi 06 on Dec 5, 2008
  TOKIO HOTEL is from Germany!!!!! YAY!!! WOOT!!!!!
By: noeleen madden on Dec 4, 2008
  what is the capital of malta....
By: sarah on Dec 1, 2008
  very helpful when studying for a test :)
By: Gunaranjan Sud on Dec 1, 2008
  Learning about capital cities is great fun!
By: Fiona on Nov 18, 2008
  Great for kids
By: Ava Marie Belle-Warwick on Nov 13, 2008
  Warsaw, Poland just doesn't sound very nice does it?
By: bob nanger on Nov 13, 2008
  quiz is nice
By: Lucy on Nov 11, 2008
  it's confusing but cool
By: v jo on Nov 10, 2008
  great fun
By: anne williams on Nov 9, 2008
  jolly good test
By: Amy Berry on Nov 9, 2008
  it well easy so you better get them all right
By: Amy Berry on Nov 9, 2008
  Thsi Quiz about the Europian captial cities are diificuilt if you don't know them.
By: Moooooo on Nov 5, 2008
  woop woop!
By: Sara on Oct 29, 2008
By: Toooopy on Oct 26, 2008
  Great Fun
By: Akshatjain on Oct 22, 2008
By: Tim Davies on Oct 21, 2008
  I enjoyed this quiz
By: Claire on Oct 12, 2008
  Yea perfekt Skoree >:]
By: Daisuki on Oct 2, 2008
  hi, i think i got all correct, kisses
By: sar on Sep 13, 2008
By: nikos on Sep 10, 2008
  let teach you about europe capital cities
By: Humza on Sep 4, 2008
  What is the Capital of Turkey
By: Dan on Sep 2, 2008
  two goldfish in a tank - one turns to teh other and says 'you drive, il man the guns'
By: Greg on Sep 1, 2008
By: justin on Aug 30, 2008
  honor class
By: gavin on Aug 23, 2008
  2 easy campese
By: kristel on Aug 10, 2008
  An easy quiz, Great, But should have more = ]
By: shan shan on Aug 5, 2008
  fun game
By: nicki on Aug 3, 2008
  thought it was an easy quiz
By: emma on Jul 22, 2008
By: ann on Jul 21, 2008

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