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Welcome to the QuizMoz harry potter and the deathly hallows. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

quiz on the 7th book. the questions are not in order.

Quiz Created by:
Creation Date: 6 July 2008
1. who are three people that died in this book?
a.dobby, mad-eye moody, and severus snape
b.lupin, tonks, and albus dumbledore
c.Sirius black, dobby, and voldemort
d.harry, hedwig, and fred
2. who does hermione marry? who does harry marry?
a.Ron Weasly; Ginny Weasly
b.Neville Longbottom; Luna Lovegood
c.Neither get married
d.each other
3. what is the symbol for the deathly hallows?
a.there is no symbol
b.a cirlce inside a triangle that is divded in half by a strait line
c.a circle inside a square
d.none of the above
4. what are harry's childrens names? waht are Ron's childrens names?
a.James, lily, and albus; rose and hugo
b.Sirius, lily and james; ginny and harry
c.ginny and harry; fred and gorge
d.none of the above
5. What are the deathly hallows?
a.Harry's invisibility cloak, a stone by the black lake, and voldemort's wand
b.Tom riddle's diary and Dumbledore's quill
c.Harry's invisibility cloak, the stone in Marvolo's ring, and Dumbledore's wand
d.none of the above
6. Who was travelling with Mr.Tonks?
a.Romilda Vene
c.Dean Thomas
d.Ginny Weasley
7. How does Lilly Potter find out that she was a witch?
a.She got a letter from Hogwatts.
b.Snape told her.
c.Her parents told her
d.Dumbledore came to her house and told her.
8. Which spell destroys Horcruxes?
9. who was harry disguised as in the ministry of magic?
d.reg cattermole
10. who was "rapier" in the Potterwatch?
a.lee jordan
b.kingsely shackbolt
c.fred weasly
11. what was the name of draco's son?
12. What made ron destroy the horcrux?
a.He saw Ginny dead
b.He was possesed
c.He saw Harry and Hermionie kissing
d.He saw Ginny and Harry kissing
13. What did Harry give to Kreacher to make him nice to Harry and his friends?
a.A Horcrux
b.A wand
c.His old Master, Regulus Black's necklace that was possing as a fake horcrux
d.Sirius Black's painting of Phineas Nigealus, he needed Kreacher to keep an eye out in Hogwarts
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What others think about harry potter and the deathly hallows
By: Emily on Dec 7, 2010
  Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows are the best movies the first one has only come out in cinemas but im already ion love with them both no other movie can stand up against Harry potter films adn i would love to meet th cast.
By: Anupama on Oct 11, 2009
  Dumbledore left Harry a task:to find and finish the horcruxces.so harry left school in search of them.Ron and Hermonie helped him.
By: Hermi on May 23, 2009
By: Heather on Apr 10, 2009
  i likes this quiz
By: ise on Feb 27, 2009
  a very nice, adventurous and great ending!its full of values like bravery, courage, self-sacrifice, love and many others.
By: rajashri on Feb 7, 2009
  gr8 quiz
By: amilia on Jan 13, 2009
  its fantastic
By: Emma on Dec 14, 2008
  nothing is hotter than harry potter!
By: upasna on Nov 26, 2008
  its a great book
By: seena on Nov 21, 2008
  it is the best the most thrilling book in the harry potter series.make sure u get a copy of it.
By: nabila on Nov 20, 2008
  i wud lyk 2 tel every1 2 read d buk coz its d most interestin among all of dem n had 2 many adventures in it...
By: H on Nov 17, 2008
  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is an amaxzing book a perfect finish.
By: ahalya on Oct 31, 2008
  harry potter - 7th book is totally awesome
By: Zorsethehorse on Oct 30, 2008
By: rose on Oct 29, 2008
  it's awesome
By: Chaitali Vyas, India on Oct 25, 2008
  The book It's author as well as harry and his friends are marvelous,superb,awesome and all the other good words in the majical as well as muggle world.
By: shauntwaniqua on Oct 21, 2008
  I was really in tears from the beginning to the end. This was the end of the series and if you haven't read it you need to because I thought that J.k rowling really knows how to keep you on the edge of your seat and as i read the book I shed tears, but at all that matter is harry's safe.
By: tasneem on Oct 21, 2008
  i love harry potter n can die 4 him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: Christina on Oct 19, 2008
  Christina E. I Love this book, it tells so much!
By: ishita on Oct 19, 2008
  i luuuuuuuuuuuuuuv harry potter
By: Tania on Oct 18, 2008
  I'd like to recommend everyone to read the Deathly hallows, not only coz its a lovely book, but its a one in a million book!!!!
By: squirrel girl on Oct 10, 2008
By: henry on Aug 18, 2008
  come on! anyone can pass this quiz at 100% even with their eyes closed!try harder.
By: Sumit on Aug 17, 2008
  This quiz is easy meat
By: monaliza on Aug 10, 2008
  this book reveals a lot......i think after the third part this is the best pen work by j.k.rowling,in the harry potter series......simply awesome
By: abishek on Jul 24, 2008
  this is the best
By: raj on Jul 21, 2008
  the best book ever..jkr is a genius to have all the questions rite frm the first part answered here
By: Henna Kamra on Jul 18, 2008
  My favourite in the series...Explains all the mystries of series
By: SRIDHAR on Jul 13, 2008

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