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Welcome to the QuizMoz William Shakespeare Quiz. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!


The William Shakespeare Quiz tests your knowledge with regard to the famous English playwright William Shakespeare.

The questions of the William Shakespeare Quiz are craftily compiled and will enable you to gauge how well you know about Shakespeare's life and works.

1. When was Shakespeare born?
2. The movie Shakespeare in Love is a true story.
3. Which of the following words were invented by Shakespeare?
4. Who was the ghost in Hamlet?
c.King of Denmark
d.Queen of Denmark
5. Cassius, Portia, and Octavius are the characters of:
a.King Lear
b.Julius Caesar
c.Much Ado About Nothing
d.The Merchant of Venice
e.None of the above
6. _____________ is Shakespeare's shortest play.
a.Antony and Cleopatra
c.Julius Caesar
d.The Comedy of Errors
7. Shakespeare was the father of ________ children.
8. Which of the following statements are correct?
a."If music be the food of love, play on..." is the opening line of The Comedy of Errors
b."Shall I compare thee to a summer's day…" is an extract from Sonnet 18
c.Shakespeare was buried at Holy Trinity Church, Stratford
d.All of the above
9. Which of the following Plays constitute Shakespeare's Tragedies?
a.Timon of Athens
b.Titus Andronicus
c.Midsummer Night's Dream
d.Winter's Tale
10. How did Shakespear's son die?
a.small pox
b.burned down with globe theater
c.black plague
d.none of the above
11. how old was shakespear when he died
12. Shakepeare was also called
a.great imagner
b.bard of Avon
c.Avon's son
d.great lyrist
13. The play Macbeth was set in which country?
14. Banquo and Fleance are characters in which of Shakespeare's plays?
a.Romeo and Juliet
b.A Midsummer Night's Dream
15. The Capulets and the Montagues are two families in which William Shakespeare play?
a.Romeo and Juliet
b.A Midsummer Night's Dream
d.Twelfth Night
16. How old was Shakespeare when he got married?
17. What was Shakespeares famous quote about the world
a.all of the world is created by merely players
b.all of the world is made from a stage of happiness
c.the whole world is a gift created by land
d.all of the world is a stage, and all of the men and women are merely players
18. Who did Shakespeare marry in 1582?
a.Anne Hathaway
b.Queen Elizabeth I
c.Both of the above
d.Neither of the above
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What others think about William Shakespeare
By: Uncle Grandpa on May 7, 2012
  Turtles make great pets. I had a turtle. His name was Peter. Then my sister ate him. Good night.
By: mohammed mustafa ali on Feb 12, 2011
  go to internet , search info , answer quizzes , you become perfect
By: ruMPseugs on Jan 2, 2011
  I was righteous wondering if anyone has any fitting stratagies after getting gold... im dead tired of walking there ill-starred ;_; Thanks for the help
By: Katie on Dec 4, 2010
  As far as we know, William Shakespeare, an awesome guy, authored around 37 plays.
By: Jack Johnson on Jul 26, 2010
  great quiz
By: paul on Jul 2, 2010
  good and nice
By: bejoy on Apr 5, 2010
  I like shakespeare
By: Jana Pote on Jan 11, 2010
  I love Shakespeare!
By: Fha on Dec 28, 2009
  Great quiz
By: Kristoffer on Nov 18, 2009
  Shakespeare invented the word A. tranquil B. honor C. horror D. disgust
By: Matthew on Nov 6, 2009
  Supposedly, he died on his birthday
By: Ruth Hare on Sep 17, 2009
  Greta quiz!
By: Saleha on Sep 2, 2009
  hi i think shakespear isa genues and if we would have 20 men like him now this word would change dramaticaly
By: sally on Sep 2, 2009
  i dont know much about shakespear
By: bob on Aug 15, 2009
  He didn't really write all the plays
By: Germangirl on Jun 17, 2009
  He is great.
By: noman on May 10, 2009
  anne was eight years older than william when they married
By: Scarlettt on Apr 21, 2009
  he had long hair!
By: Joe Quick on Apr 7, 2009
  In your face! Im number 1!!!
By: caf on Mar 24, 2009
  hard to read, easy to understand
By: P.A.Kuttala Rajan on Feb 21, 2009
  Thanking you. At present I am not prepared. Next time I will share my knowledge with you.
By: Dr.P.Rajarathnam chetty on Jan 3, 2009
  Shakespeare is a legend of all times. He is friend to all , Philosopher to a few and guide to the many in need. He is universal dramatist of all times.
By: gurmeet singh raina on Oct 20, 2008
  interesting helpful for students as well as teacher
By: silky on Oct 6, 2008
  I like W.S plays very much especially 'Merchant of Venice'!!
By: highmay man man on Sep 11, 2008
  i once read a book about thee mice and a blind kid fighting for their chickens and whatnot.
By: phaz m. acedera on Aug 4, 2008
  good quiz. lets me know shakespeare more
By: mad on Jul 22, 2008
  he was in doctor who

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