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Welcome to the QuizMoz Is He The One Quiz. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

This quiz i designed test your knowledge on the one love of your life. How well do you know the ideal mate?
1. What body part is considered the window to the soul?
a.The Ears
b.The Eyes
c.The Nose
d.The Mouth
2. A women will often run her fingers through a man's what?
3. If a guy asks that both parties on the date pay individually for their meal, what is this called?
a.Spanish Treat
b.Dutch Treat
c.English Treat
d.French Treat
4. Which of the following is the best place to pick up a guy?
b.Traffic Court
c.A Community Event
d.The Sewers
5. Often, the perfect guy is described as a knght in shining what?
6. When a guy leans forward for a kiss, which of these is the worst responce?
a.Kiss him Back
b.Punch him in the gut
c.Dodge to the left and say good night
d.Dodge and go in for a hug
7. What is a tradition sign of engagement that a man give a women?
a.An Ornamental dagger
b.A Christmas Tree
c.A Spoon
d.A Ring
8. You can tell he's the one when you have a relationship that is filled with what?
9. A true gentleman will often bring what to the woman on a date?
a.A Mouse
b.Peanut Butter
c.A Spoon
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What others think about Is He The One
By: Lolly on Jul 3, 2013
  I have this guy in my class, SOOOO cute. I think he likes me coz he sometime flirts and stuff like that. I just wasn't sure so I decided to just search up some quizzes. So far it seems like he likes me. At least according to the quizzes, LOL. Anyway, this quiz didn't really seem like one for a teen
By: kimarrie on Mar 22, 2011
  loves maurice
By: baily on Mar 4, 2011
  you love him don't you
By: Brooklyn on Jan 6, 2011
  I date this boy, Tyler. He is my world. I love him with all my heart, but we're still young. I don't know if how long this will last because were long even though it seems like it will never end.
By: Mirna on Dec 27, 2010
  yes i think he is the one he love he respect but most of all he love me for who i am that all i have to say about he.
By: hannah oxford on Dec 5, 2010
  i really hope he is the one i like him alot :)
By: tabby on Nov 15, 2010
  he is the one when he will do anything you ask without a fight. he loves me no matter what.
By: carly on Nov 13, 2010
  this quiz is retarded. but it made me laugh so it's okay.
By: Tori on Sep 26, 2010
  I would like this test to tell me if hes the one. Even though I'm just in high school, I still believe you could meet the one in high school. call me crazy if you want.
By: Samantha on Sep 22, 2010
  I thought this quiz has really good questions, and is not a bad quiz to take.
By: Rachel on Sep 21, 2010
  Great quiz.
By: nicole on Sep 12, 2010
  It is proven by scientist u will fall in love 7 times till u find the right one !
By: Jordan on Sep 9, 2010
  i think who im with right now is the one for me
By: dominique on Aug 18, 2010
  just want to know if he is the one...
By: yvette on Jun 29, 2010
  he has to be a gentleman as well a gentle man with a big heart towards you and others.
By: Isabella on Jun 27, 2010
  Well,the guy I like and what other girls should like is a guy that doesn't judge,respectful,kind,and acts like a gentleman and good boyfriend at all times no matter what.
By: Courtney on Apr 30, 2010
  He can act like a gentlemen sometimes, but there are some times when he can be a jerk!
By: TMB on Jan 30, 2010
  He is my soul mate. We are a match made in heaven. Four words to describe him would be creative, humorous, intellectual, caring. We talk as if we are brother and sister, best friends, and husband and wife. I love him, there is no one else but him. T.B. + I.M. forever...
By: miss marie on Jan 18, 2010
  He's the one because I don't need words for reassurance.
By: Jordan on Oct 26, 2009
  He is the one because he can always cheer me up and make me laugh. He'd do anything for me, even kill for me. I love him so much and he loves me back. He's so sweet and always gives me compliments. We have "your cuter" fights daily and he always tells me I'm cuter and sweeter.
By: Patty on Oct 22, 2009
  I Love You Like A Fat Kid Loves Cake
By: avery on Jul 21, 2009
  if u can just feel it in your soul
By: Rhiana on Jun 27, 2009
  This s great
By: Pamela on May 29, 2009
  Does he mostly stare in your eyes and make you feel like a princess?
By: Amy on May 22, 2009
  If you realy feel you need to take this quiz. You should know the answere.If he is the one then why are you taking the quiz in the first place.Just think about it for a second.
By: gabby on Feb 25, 2009
  Never tell a guy you like that you like him if your not sure he likes you too, and guys dont be scared!! admit your feelings to the girl you like, just dont get carried away and wait for the right moment.
By: Lamangalia on Dec 17, 2008
  He is special he makes my eyes litter every time we are apart i feel sad because i miss him so much
By: lauren on Dec 16, 2008
  this quiz was really weird

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