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Welcome to the QuizMoz Brain Tumor Symptom Quiz. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

What are the brain tumor symptoms? Do you have them? Take the Brain Tumor Symptom Quiz and find out the main symptoms of brain tumor. All it takes is two minutes to take the Brain Tumor Symptom Quiz and find out the most important facts related to the symptoms of brain tumor.
1. What are brain tumors that start in the brain called?
a.Primary brain tumors
b.Metastatic brain tumors
c.Adult brain tumor
d.Child brain tumor
2. What do you think tumors found in the brain that started somewhere else in the body and have spread (metastasized) to the brain are called?
a.Primary brain tumors
b.Metastatic brain tumors
c.Adult brain tumor
d.Child brain tumor
3. What do you think the common symptoms for a infant that has a brain tumor would look like? Signs and behavior.
a.Bulging fontanelles and increased head circumference
b.An abnormal posture characterized by rigidity and severe arching of the back, with the head thrown backward
c.No red reflex in the eye
d.All of the above
4. What do you think are the more commonly recognizable and unique symptoms of adult brain tumor?
a.Headaches that tend to be worse in the morning and ease during the day
b.Seizures or convulsions
c.Changes in personality or memory
d.Changes in speech
5. In my opinion I think that all of the above should be physical symptoms of a person with a brain tumor.
a.Nausea or vomiting or drowsiness
b.Weakness or loss of feeling in the arms or legs orstumbling or lack of coordination in walking
c.Abnormal eye movements or changes in vision
d.All of the above
6. In my opinion,I think that all of the above statements are "true" about brain tumors.
a.If a brain tumor grows very slowly, its symptoms may appear so gradually that they are overlooked for a long time.
b.Symptoms vary with the size and location of the tumor
c.Brain tumor is asymptomatic during the initial phase
d.All of the above
7. Does reduced ability to think and learn signal brain tumor?
8. In your opinion what do you think is The average age of patients developing anaplastic astrocytomas (Grade III of pineal astrocytic tumor) is:
a.41 years
b.61 years
c.51 years
d.31 years
9. In your opinion what do you think is The average age of patients developing anaplastic astrocytomas glioblastoma (grade VI ofpineal astrocytic tumor) is:
a.Between 45 and 70 years
b.Between 55 and 60 years
c.Between 65 and 80 years
d.Between 35 and 50 years
10. Decreased sensation of a body area is How different it is in the sensing ability of a person with brain tumor?
a.Double vision, decreased vision
b.Hearing loss
c.Decreased sensation of a body area
d.Speech difficulties
11. All of the above are The presence of which symptom is a sure sign of brain tumor in children?
a.Babinski's reflex (i.e. when the great toe flexes toward the top of the foot and the other toes fan out after the sole of the foot has been firmly stroked)
b.A body posture wherein rigid extension of the arms and legs, downward pointing of the toes, and backward arching of the head
c.An abnormal posturing indicated by rigidity, flexion of the arms, clenched fists, and extended legs
d.All of the above
12. In the United States, brain tumors affect about 1 of every 5000 people.
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What others think about Brain Tumor Symptom
By: wini on Mar 9, 2011
  good to practice for competitive exms
By: charlotte on Aug 25, 2010
  deja vu is also a symptom of a brain tumor
By: june carter on Aug 10, 2009
  memory balance and many other symptoms
By: amin on Jul 14, 2009
  Actually my daughter, a mother of two, gets these sudden attacks once or twice a month: Her eyes become red, vomits, loss of speech, her mind blanks out and takes about 15mins to recover but does not remember anything of the episode. What could it be?
By: hilona on Jun 4, 2009
  nothing to tell
By: Jana on Apr 23, 2009
  Hope you don't have one.
By: christinaaa- on Apr 4, 2009
  if you smell buring when no one else can or there is no indication of buring. then this could also be a sign of a brain tumor.
By: alice on Nov 24, 2008
  theres alot more feeling behide all of the syptoms of a brain tumor. that even someone with a brain tumor cant explain. because its so intense you coulndt know how bad it feels unless you have had one.
By: jake on Jul 24, 2008
  loved it

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