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Welcome to the QuizMoz SOC 307 T2 1-15 Quiz. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

Cities and Urban Life 5th ed.

Quiz Created by:
QuizMoz User
Creation Date: 27 July 2011
1. Geographic Settings
a.are the most important determinant of city size
b.matter mostly for industrial cities
c.interact with social factors to shape the city
d.is more important in San Francisco than in L.A.
2. THe use of privat autombiles in Los Angeles
a.contributed to the present shape of the city
b.contributed to the somog problem
c.allowed the city to expand horizontally
d.all of the above
3. A look at the most populous North American metropolis suggests that
a.cities tend to locate themselves toward the center of each state
b.the railroads determined their location
c.the majority are located on waterways
d.defene was a crucial factor in determining their location
4. For a setting to become a city, it must
a.have a minimally hospitable environment
b.have a political structure
c.be self-sufficient
d.have local access to either gas or oil
5. The chief reason for the settlement, growth, and destruction of New Orleans has been
6. The importance of defense
a.is a crucial factor in the shape of North American cities today
b.promoted the developement of gridiron cities
c.explains the radiocentric shape of many cities
d.was limited in medieval times
7. Gridiron cities
a.no longer exist
b.represent exceptions in the United States
c.were typically built after the industrial revolution
d.are influenced by political rather than economic factors
8. Twenty-first century Seattle, Washington is described in the test as a(n) "------------" city
9. The developement of gridiron cities is due mostly to
a.religious factors
b.miitary factors
c.ethnic factors
d.economic factors
10. Urban ecology
a.was generated by Robert Park and his colleagues
b.studies the relationship between human beings and their urban environment
c.draws from plant and animal ecology
d.all of the above
11. According to Park, the shape of the city is
a.determined by competions and thepopulation movement
b.determined only by competition fo rlimited resources
c.mostly a function of socioeconomic variables
d.constant through time
12. The invasion-succession movement refers to
a.the long history of wars of most cities
b.the loow level of education of recent immigrants
c.the movement of social groups to different neighborhoods of the city
d.all of the above
13. The concentric zone hypothesis suggests that
a.cities grwo outwarde in a series of concentric rings over time
b.cities form a circle made of several pie-shaped sectors
c.wealth decreases as one moves away from the city's center
d.competition is denser in the central business district
14. What Burgess calls the zone in transition
a.is composed mostly of single unit housing
b.includes a large number of upscale districts
c.consists primarily of light manufacture factories and ethnic neighborhoods
d.is located within a thirty-to sixty-minute ride of the central business district
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What others think about SOC 307 T2 1-15
By: Dave on 5/22/2018
  I really enjoyed this quiz. I will take a lot of information away with me. Great quiz
By: Tommy on 5/21/2018
  Great site. Good learning and fun.
By: Samantha on 5/20/2018
  This is so cool. Even though I really did not know some of the questions, it was still fun!
By: Bobby Kalsi on 5/19/2018
  Try to make it easier to search for a QUIZ Category.. (It should be easier to seach for a quiz category...)
By: general knowledge seeker on 5/18/2018
  i love to take tests and quizzes. quizzes are my life. general knowledge questions are good for everyone
By: Personality Quiz Man on 5/17/2018
  I love quizzes. Personality Quizzes are my favorite.
By: Kath on 5/16/2018
  It's a really good quiz.
By: Hannah on 5/15/2018
  Enjoyed it, and learned a lot about general knowledge
By: Reema on 5/14/2018
  Great Quiz! The quizmaster laid out this quiz so that even beginners could learn more
By: quiz girl on 5/13/2018
  hey folks! i like the amazing quizzes on quizmoz. it increases your general knowledge
By: Erin on 5/12/2018
  it was a fun and interseting quiz!
By: Teresa on 5/11/2018
  I took the quiz. It let me know that I failed. But I wasn't able to see what the correct answers. It would be great to see what the answers are so I can learn.
By: Roger on 5/10/2018
  I love Quiz Games. QuizMoz is an excellent Quiz site
By: QuizMoz Fan on 5/9/2018
  I love all the QuizMoz quizzes. The general knowledge quiz is my favorite
By: Tom on 5/8/2018
  I want more quiz questions
By: Kayla on 5/7/2018
  I think this is a great quiz full of knowlodge and information.
By: Tallitha on 5/6/2018
  This quiz is amazing
By: Lil Wayne Fan on 5/5/2018
  Give me more quiz questions about LilWayne
By: Aumkar on 5/4/2018
  It was enjoyable.
By: Penny on 5/3/2018
  NICE WEBSITE, great quiz!

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