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Welcome to the QuizMoz Selena Gomez Quiz. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

All it takes is two minutes to take the Selena Gomez Quiz and find out how much you know about Selena Gomez and the characters in the quiz.

Quiz Created by:
Creation Date: 16 February 2009
1. What is selena's sister's name?
2. What is Selena's full name ?
a.Selena Gomez
b.Selena Marie Gomez
c.Selena Anne Gomez
d.Selena Ray Gomez
3. What is selena gomez's favorite food?
c.chocolate candy bar
4. What is Selena's full name?
a.Selena Anne Gomez
b.Selena Marie Gomez
c.Selena Rose Gomez
5. what is her mother name?
6. how old was Selena when she sarted Barney and friends
a.3 years old
b.8 years old
c.5 years old
d.7 years old
7. Which of these songs is not by Selena Gomez?
a.summers not hot
c.rock god
d.dont call me
8. What time was she born?
9. How many songs does she have in her first album?
10. how old is selena gomez
11. How many Emmy's did Selena's show, "Wizards of Waverly Place" win?
c.I don't know?!
12. What is her step dads name?
a.Brian tyffy
b.Jonsen brau
c.Chris delfin
d.None of the above
13. Where was selena gomez born?
a.Buffalo New York
b.Grand Prarie Texas
c.New Mexico
d.Paris France
14. What is selena's unborn sisters name?
15. in spy kids 3 she had a small part, which was it?
a.the "fake" owner of the water park
b.an undercover help spy
c.the girlfriend to the main character
d.the best friend to the other main character
16. When was Selena's birthday?
a.July 24, 2001
b.September 14,1997
c.July 22, 1992
d.October 17, 1993
17. what is Selena Gomez full name
a.Selena Maya Gomez
b.Selena Marie Gomez
c.Selena Nicole Gomez
d.Selena Emma Gomez
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What others think about Selena Gomez
By: shazia on Jul 18, 2013
  I love selena gomez
By: Jasmine on Jul 9, 2013
  I didn't no Selena Gomez Had a sister .
By: shana on Jul 3, 2013
  selena gomez is the best popstar ever.
By: chey on Jul 3, 2013
  shes an awesome girl I love her music
By: Kayla on May 15, 2013
  i love it
By: Yazzy on May 2, 2013
By: kyle mcnaughton on Apr 11, 2013
  this was a bit easy and i did not not know some of these
By: yursa on Apr 6, 2013
  selena gomez was born on july 22 1992 on grand praire.her hieght is 5,5
By: kay on Mar 29, 2013
  I like her because she is not like others she is really cool and I hope one day I get to meet her in person I will try every thing to meet her but I want my own show on Disney channel iv never been to 1 of her conserts till then I will see how it goes I might not know every thing but she is cool
By: siobhan miller on May 15, 2012
  i really like Selena Gomez because she is like a sister and she is a nice girl and you are my new bffs and you are invited to my birthday at shooter hill
By: yoyo on May 5, 2012
  great girl love her so much i wish she would date harry styles in love with him
By: Caoimhe Kerr on Feb 12, 2012
  I love you selena marie gomez!!!!!!!!!!
By: jeniffer on Jan 31, 2012
  i know about selena gomez just a little bit
By: justin on Jan 12, 2012
  She is awesome
By: Alyssa Stone on Jan 6, 2012
  Dear Selena, I Love u!!! You are my 2nd romodle, my first is Justin(no offense)!
By: Madison Fund on Sep 28, 2011
  Selena Gomez is AWESOME I Just got her new CD when the sun goes down and by the way she is 19 she turned 19 on July 22. She is an awesome singer and actress. SHE IS THE BEST THE BEST THE BEST GIRL IN THE WORLD IN THE WORLD IN THE WORLD IN THE WORLD
By: LOVE SELENA GOMEZ on Sep 28, 2011
By: hiiii on Sep 11, 2011
By: Hannah on Sep 10, 2011
By: Damion Bennett on Aug 27, 2011
  she is the nicest person in the world and she rocks with her acting career and her music career and i am a fan of her music and her acting
By: Alisha on Aug 16, 2011
  Selena gomez is the best I love her and she is pretty lol I love her
By: lisa bri on Aug 12, 2011
  i am a big fan of selena gomez
By: ericka on Jul 30, 2011
  selena is a good singer and i wood like to met her and wood like her if she can sing a song to me but may favoret song the song i like is A year with out rain the beast song i like in her albame.
By: jasmine on Jul 28, 2011
  i am selena gomezs 1 fan !!! i love her and i believe in her! dont hate selena just because shes going out with justin bieber!shes the greatest actor ever!my favorite tv show is wizards of waverly place cuz selenas in it !keep up the good work selena !
By: Ryhan on Jul 26, 2011
  selena is awsome who wouldint like her stupid people i love her shes super cute and i mean it shes real cute im her biggest fan shes awsome ryhan
By: Amanda on Jul 21, 2011
  Hey everybody!! I LOVE Selena Gomez!!!!! I think about her like 89% of the day. Im a girl sooo not THAT way!! I LOVE HER!!
By: marjie on Jul 21, 2011
By: Tiffany on Jul 5, 2011
  I luv Selena gomez
By: Hannah on Jun 26, 2011
  OMG Selena Gomez is my ultimate role model! She's an amazing singer and actress, and I love her new fashion line! I'm wearing one of the shirts she designed RIGHT NOW!!! I <3 Selena Gomez!!!
By: melody on Jun 25, 2011
  jeg elsker selena gomez jeg har alle sangene henes i ipoden min og hun er skøn og sexy pen lou yuo selena gomez
By: Tessa on Jun 17, 2011
  Selena Gomez is awesome!!!!!
By: Anna on Jun 13, 2011
  Shes great!
By: jorge on Jun 10, 2011
  i think selena is hot
By: indira on Jun 1, 2011
  selena gomez is my favorite popstar and she is so pretty
By: Isabel Johnson on May 31, 2011
  Selena is a very talented singer.
By: Chasity Gould on May 31, 2011
  Selena is veryyyyy Hoottttttttttttt .
By: brianna on May 30, 2011
  selena is an awesome person she is good at singing my favourite song is a year without rain.
By: lise on May 20, 2011
  selena gomez and justin bieber are now dating !!!!!!!! (l)
By: sel lover on Mar 20, 2011
By: Rachel on Mar 19, 2011
  I think i know alot about Selena Gomez . I know her favorite movie,team,song,color,animal,band and more.I am FOR SURE one of her biggest fans.
By: bryan on Mar 18, 2011
  i tank she ishot
By: Emilia on Mar 17, 2011
  This is cool :)
By: fridda hernandez on Mar 14, 2011
  this is so awsome and im ur biggest fan selena gomez:)
By: victoria on Mar 13, 2011
  selena is awesome she is our role model which everyone loves and i hope selena will one day be our queen
By: ben on Mar 13, 2011
  shes hot!!! and she sings soooo good! :D
By: bobby on Mar 12, 2011
By: LIGHT on Mar 12, 2011
By: Kai on Mar 1, 2011
  Is Selena Gomez an only child
By: Tijn on Feb 27, 2011
  I like this Quiz!! And Selena I love You,Your the best!!
By: sacha on Feb 18, 2011
  i am selena gomez #1 fan she rocks!!!!!
By: jamie on Feb 15, 2011
  no im good
By: selena is hot on Jan 30, 2011
  Selena Gomez is the prettiest girl ever
By: tt on Jan 28, 2011
  selena rox and she is the best
By: christina on Jan 25, 2011
  she cares about all
By: iloveshoes123 on Jan 20, 2011
By: Selena Gomez on Jan 19, 2011
  I am The real selena and some things are wrong
By: Robert Wolf on Jan 18, 2011
  I have a giant crush on Selena Gomez. even though i dont know much about her and havent gotten above 80% on any of these SG quizzes yet. im still pretty much in love with her
By: hannah on Jan 15, 2011
  hello i just a big fan of selena gomez
By: sheena on Jan 15, 2011
  i love selena! she is my insparation i want to be a singer just like her.
By: Nabilahzzz on Jan 13, 2011
  Selena Gomez is so......... AWESOME...!
By: john on Jan 11, 2011
  selena is HOT YA DiGG
By: Ashley on Jan 8, 2011
  Selena has the most beautiful voice i had ever heard in my life! omg
By: Lisbeth on Jan 8, 2011
  Selena is a wonderful and cooliest singer i know!
By: zanri on Jan 8, 2011
  she is dating justin bieber but they make a cute couple
By: gigi on Jan 7, 2011
  selena gomez is awesome
By: emma on Jan 3, 2011
  selena played in wizards of waverly place as as a tv show
By: brynne on Dec 31, 2010
  her role model is racheal mcadams
By: ruvimbo on Jan 2, 2011
  By ruvimbo i love selena gomez so much
By: mai on Jan 2, 2011
  selena is still told to clean her room, other than being adored by fans at home she is still just a normal teen how is home schooled.
By: Rik on Jan 2, 2011
  I love you Selena.........
By: abby on Jan 1, 2011
  selena gomez favorite color green.
By: hannah and paxton on Dec 31, 2010
  we love you selena gomez
By: keely on Dec 31, 2010
  I think selena is a great person and i really want to meet her and tell her that kely loves her music and i seng it .
By: kyla on Dec 27, 2010
  I think salena is thout full and nice.
By: someperson on Dec 25, 2010
  hi selena gomez is awsome wonderful fantastico
By: jenny on Dec 24, 2010
  selena gomez is so cool
By: niesha on Dec 23, 2010
  i love her songs
By: Jasmine on Dec 21, 2010
  I lov selena gomez i know everything ask me k
By: chrisancia on Dec 21, 2010
  selena is a awsome girl
By: clair caterson on Dec 17, 2010
  she is my fav singer
By: ilvana on Dec 16, 2010
  selena gomez is an awesome person!
By: zaahraa on Dec 7, 2010
  i love celina gomez
By: paulo on Dec 4, 2010
  i love selelna gomez
By: Petar on Nov 29, 2010
  Hey, I love you selena!!!
By: sandra on Nov 26, 2010
  I almost know every thing about selena gomez
By: mia on Nov 21, 2010
  i love selena gomez
By: Miranda on Nov 21, 2010
  Selena Gomez is the most awesomest singer, actress, and dancer on the planet and she is really pretty.
By: jenny on Nov 21, 2010
  selena wish u all the best..............
By: Gabriel on Nov 14, 2010
  Selena Gomez is a hotty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: loveleen on Nov 12, 2010
  she is the best all the good describing words belongs to her
By: ruvimbo on Nov 10, 2010
  selena gomez is best singeg in the world
By: alex on Nov 5, 2010
  are u a virgin?? i want to know ive seen all ur pics ur HOT!!!!!!!!!!!! please write back if this is even this question goes to silena gomev
By: annie on Oct 31, 2010
  she is very pretty and she`s an awesome actress, she has been acting for 10 years. she also won 5 amards at the teen choice awards
By: unknown on Oct 30, 2010
  selean gomez has a youtube channel.
By: Natasha on Oct 23, 2010
  Selena Gomez is in fact, an only child. She doesn't have any sibs.
By: paulo on Oct 18, 2010
  selena gomez is the most beutiful person in the world she has a beutiful hair i love selena gomez
By: Jeremiah on Oct 18, 2010
  I Luv Selena
By: natalie on Oct 16, 2010
  luv selena she is gourgus nd pretty
By: mary on Oct 16, 2010
  selena gomez is Great !! i love her
By: Amrita on Oct 8, 2010
  i love selena she is the best singer on this planet. text me selena

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