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Welcome to the QuizMoz Monsters vs aliens Quiz. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

All it takes is two minutes to take the Monsters vs aliens Quiz and find out how much you know about the quiz and the characters in the quiz.

Quiz Created by:
Creation Date: 25 April 2009
1. who says "scccreeeeeee scrrrrrreeeee"?
d.dr. cockroach
2. who is a indestuctoble mass?
a.dr. cockroach
c.the missing link
3. what probe did gellear send out
4. what was susan hit with on her wedding day?
a.radioacttive meteor
5. The presidant played what tune to the clone robot sent by Gallaxher?
a.Tnks fr th Mmrs
b.Beverly Hills Cop
c.Get on top
d.Pump it
6. what happens to the space ship at the end of the movie
a.goes to the mall
b.take a nap
c.exsplodes and goes on fire
d.or goes on a date
7. what is inside the meteorite?
a.a bowl of fruit
8. who is the evil alien?
b.The Genaral
d.The presedent
9. what does one of the B's in B.O.B mean?
10. in the begging of the movie when the guy was playing with the ball thing why did he only take the job
a.he wanted to get away
b.he wanted to take a nap
c.cause u didt do any thing their
d.cause he wanted to get away from his wife
11. what does susan do to derek at the end of the movie
a.kisses him
b.throws him in the air
c.eats him
d.forgives him
12. what does insectosaurus turn into at the end of the movie
a.michael jackson
b.a butterfly
c.lady gaga
13. When Susan breaks through the church, what did the government use to capture her?
a.Big Chill
c.tranquilizer needle
d.B.O.B.'s face
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What others think about Monsters vs aliens
By: eddy on Jul 15, 2010
  i knew somewhat of the movie even before i saw it
By: Lisa on May 14, 2010
  this film was very good because my favourite figure is ginormica!!! She is my favourite charakter. I love this film forever!! susan aka ginormica is the best!!! yes :) XD I hope it give a next title:" Monster in Paris"
By: larry on Feb 20, 2010
  i think it was the best since the wizard of oz!susun a.k.a. ginormica is my favorite character. i was not into the movie at first but when i heard the song by nat and alex the song got me into it.
By: bonkazrgg on Jan 27, 2010
  they da bozz
By: flasheart on Jan 15, 2010
  ...Well...all i got to say is that i knew probably ALL of the questions...Well, have a nice day, week, year, and life. Flasheart Over 'N Out
By: skyler wilmoth on Oct 14, 2009
  I recomend seeing it. Its very funny and i also think they should make a sequel of it.
By: Anarchy21 on Oct 7, 2009
  This was poorly put together and some of the questions and answer are completely wrong watch the movie and pay attention this time because you got it wrong
By: Chetlee on Oct 2, 2009
  I hope i win
By: derrik on Sep 29, 2009
  ok, once i tryed to make b.o.b out of monsters vs aliens and it kinda worked!!!! my sister called it wierd
By: tiana on Sep 25, 2009
  it is a really cool movie
By: alex on Sep 11, 2009
  its cool!
By: larry on Sep 1, 2009
  monsters vs aliens is my favoriote moive! i`m getting it on dvd it also has bob`s big break.
By: Jamie on Jul 9, 2009
  Sorry I found out that you can add Questions to this Quiz :-(
By: Jamie on Jul 9, 2009
  Hey,whoevers been into my account, and mucked up my quiz you keep out of it okay it's not very nice
By: nikki on Jun 29, 2009
  i like the movie alot my favoirte character is dr.cockroach
By: larry on Jun 26, 2009
  These are facts about Ginomica.Real name Susan Murphy. Transformed by a meteor.Knew name ginormica.
By: Brandon marshall on May 31, 2009
  nonsters vs aliens is one of the best movies in the cinamas
By: WereWolfem on May 25, 2009
  That bob dosent recodnise a girl from a boy at first he tinks that susan's a boy then the missing link looks at him a little choked becose they ( link and doc ) knew that bob was a little ''confusde'' but not that much ...Lol
By: me on May 25, 2009
  its awesome!!
By: Amez on May 4, 2009
  There should be a quiz 'Which Monster Are You?' or something like that :)
By: Jamie on Apr 25, 2009
  from eleanor :i got 10 out of 10

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