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Welcome to the QuizMoz Yoda Quiz. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

The Yoda Quiz will test your knowledge of this memorable Star Wars character's position, knowledge and personality. See how many questions you can answer correctly on The Yoda Quiz.
1. As one of the members of the Jedi Council ,Yoda was just _____inches tall.
2. What notable Jedi did Yoda train?
a.Obi-Wan Kenob
c.Mace Windu
d.Count Dooku
3. How long was Yoda's life span?
a.500 years
b.250 years
c.900 years
d.700 years
4. In Yoda's final chronological appearance in Return of the Jedi, Yoda,weakened with old age tells Luke Skywalker:
a.That Darth Vader is his father
b.That although he has completed his training he will not be a Jedi till he confronts Darth Vader
c.That there is another Skywalker
d.That he is being lured into a trap and he must stay to complete his training
5. Yoda is a practioner of _________.
d.Free Masonry
6. Featuring Yoda as  prime offender, Dave Chappelle did a parody of the Jedi masters, claiming they______their trainees.
c.Sexually assaulted
7. Yoda speaks:
a.In "Galactic Beast"
b.Using Hindi sentence structure
c.In Jedi linguistics
d.In linguistic typology
8. Yoda appears in all the Star Wars franchise films.
9. What is Yoda's position in the Star Wars films?
a.Jedi Minister
b.Democratic High General
c.Jedi Council member
d.Grand Master of the Jedi Order
10. In Star Wars Episode III, Revenege of the Sith, Yoda leads the Jedi Council in Seeking out:
a.Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
b.Sith Lord Darth Sidious
c.Jedi'd Master Force Ghost
d.Darth Vader
11. How many forms of Light Saber Combat did Yoda master?
12. what colour lightsaber does yoda have
13. which is the true crawl of episode 3?
a.war the republic is crumbling under attack by...
b.yoda vessel has engulfed
c.vader has seek the dark side
d.yoda had died
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What others think about Yoda
By: @pp13s on Aug 14, 2010
  Yoda's light saber fights are what save the 2 3 movie.
By: yodaman on Jul 5, 2010
By: Jc on May 31, 2010
  I <3 yoda
By: davidhetyer on May 2, 2010
  My fav parts are:1."Ive been around but i aint ever seen a guy#65279; who looks like like a Muppet but hes wrinkled and green2. I am not dumb but i don't understand how can lift me in the air just by raising his hand 3.i know darth vaders really gotcha annoyed but remember if you kill him
By: Knight12 on Apr 27, 2010
  yoda is a Gherkin and his first name is Minch
By: Nina on Jan 14, 2010
  Yoda is amazing!
By: Michelle Harper on Oct 13, 2009
  Yoda Rocks!!
By: savaun titus on Sep 30, 2009
  yoda is my favorite character and it is hilarious how he taiks
By: Grasshoppers on Aug 26, 2009
  When Luke found Yoda he was in the bogs of Dagobah.
By: Yodaboy13 on Aug 2, 2009
  Yoda built most of the stuff in his hut out of the escape pod wrecage and mud
By: matt on May 2, 2009
  Yoda's master was Master Gormo who stood 20 feet tale
By: yodaguy on Mar 12, 2009
  yoda is da best
By: rene on Feb 20, 2009
  Yoda is my baby father. Lol. Just kidding I really love Yoda. I will visit again once I have completed my research.
By: Jeff on Feb 14, 2009
  I a deleted scene in Episode 3, Yoda communicates with Qui-gon.
By: charlie and hansolo on Jan 5, 2009
  yoda Rocks yoda Rules by hansolo charlie
By: girl on Dec 8, 2008
  yodas cool
By: Jalon on Dec 3, 2008
By: Luke Skywalker on Nov 17, 2008
  I woudn't be a great Jedi, if Yoda did not teach me he did.
By: Me on Oct 22, 2008
By: michael dela pena on Jul 22, 2008
  yoda - train me to become a jedi

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