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Welcome to the QuizMoz Amy Lee Quiz. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

The Amy Lee quiz tests your knowledge with regard to the life, music, and personal profile of musician, Amy Lee.
1. Amy Lee’s middle name is:
2. Amy Lee is an only child.
3. Which of the following songs did Amy Lee write in memory of her late sister?
a.Wake Me Up
c.My Immortal
4. Amy Lee’s trademark style can be described as:
5. Amy Lee uses a lot of sex appeal to sell her music.
6. Amy Lee is the American Chairperson for Out of the Shadows, a foundation that educates others about:
7. which one of these lyrics comes from missing?
a.come to bed don't make me sleep alone
b.holding my last breathe
c.even though i'm the sacrifice
d.call my name and save me from the dark
8. What is the name of amy's mother???
9. What is Amy Lee's middle name?
10. What is Amy Lee allergic to?
d.none of the above
11. What is Amy Lee's brother's name?
a.John Jr.
12. Where does Amy Lee currently live?
13. How did Amy Lee and Ben Moody meet?
a.They have always been friends.
b.Ben overheard Amy singing and playing piano at a youth camp.
c.Amy overheard Ben playing the guitar at a youth camp.
d.At a bar.
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What others think about Amy Lee
By: hafiz on Mar 17, 2013
  amy lee loves scottish meatball
By: hafiz on Mar 17, 2013
  she loves meatball
By: ImmortalEVfan on Mar 5, 2013
  love amy!!!
By: Deanna on Jan 3, 2012
  Amy Lee is amazing!
By: Lorraine on Jun 23, 2011
  Amy Lee once got drunk on jello shots and played baseball with a hamburger and an empty roll of giftwrap whilst intoxicated. She then te the burger off the floor.
By: Carolyn on Jun 11, 2011
  Amy is the best singer the world has ever known!!!
By: erica on Mar 15, 2011
  shes freakin' awesome :D
By: carlee on Dec 27, 2010
  i love amy lee, and evanescence. i hate we are the fallen, and carly smithson.
By: Kina on Nov 10, 2010
  Amy Lee is an epic singer! Tons of her songs describe my life and I can always find one of her songs that fits my mood. I love Amy!
By: donno on Sep 15, 2010
  lovely voice wish she'd come back
By: phoebe on Sep 5, 2010
  she has dimples
By: monica on Jun 27, 2010
  i love amy lee she is so awesome and inspiring i love you amy lee!!!
By: Denelle on Jun 6, 2010
  Amy Lee's favorite movie is the nightmare before Christmas
By: ailishxx on Jan 27, 2010
  i love her sooo much!!! x x
By: Amy on Dec 9, 2009
  She seriously rocks x
By: Dino Smith on Oct 31, 2009
  I think Amy Lee is the best female vocalist in Rock music.
By: Varushka on Oct 24, 2009
  Amy Lee Rule Evanescence Rocks!!
By: Ambernice on Oct 19, 2009
  OMG! Amy Lee is so cool. She's the best! I love her music. Evanescence rules!!!
By: Abby on Oct 7, 2009
  i <3 amy
By: claudia on Oct 5, 2009
  yeah that band evanescence are the best
By: Renee on Sep 26, 2009
  Amy is the most talented singer in the WORLD!!!
By: Katie Lalason on Aug 14, 2009
  omggg she's so amazing and she inspires me soo much
By: jennifer landry on Jul 13, 2009
  Amy Lee is beautiful and has an amazing voice!!!
By: Jessica Collares on Jul 6, 2009
  Amy Lee is my one and only role model
By: AmyLeeMyGoddess on Jul 4, 2009
  i love you, Amy
By: Palwasha on Jun 11, 2009
  I'm Amy lee's biggest fan
By: maeve on May 20, 2009
  i like amy lee
By: maeve on May 19, 2009
  i'm a huge fan of amy lee
By: onyae on Apr 27, 2009
  she is my idol i love her
By: Labyrinth on Apr 24, 2009
  Amy Lee uses very nice poetry in a lot of her songs like Lithium, Imaginary, and Hello.
By: Tormentor by amy on Apr 22, 2009
  i love amy to death more than my live
By: maeve on Mar 26, 2009
  amy lee is a good singer
By: Jodi on Mar 10, 2009
  Amy Rules
By: Dayzee on Feb 24, 2009
  I LOVE AMY LEE! lol. i do, though. She's my idol, who I love FOREVER AND EVER!!! i love you, amy!
By: bojidara on Feb 23, 2009
  she is one of the most beautiful woman in rock style she looks like a vampira
By: krissy on Feb 23, 2009
  Shes without a doubt the most amazing singer and piaon player in the fricken world shes gorgeous and has the best style of clothing in the universe I LOVE AMY SO MUCH!
By: emo kid 4eva on Feb 4, 2009
  amy is gorgeus and the most talented singer in the world. evanescence rock!
By: Angeliqua on Jan 19, 2009
  Amy Lee is the perfect idol for anyone. All those Amy haters can go to hell! She's married to a guy named Josh Hartzler, and I wish her a long and happy life with him.
By: katie on Jan 18, 2009
  without a doubt- she is my favorite singer.
By: Megan on Jan 10, 2009
  Amy Lee is the best thing that ever happened to music
By: Maximum Ride on Dec 21, 2008
  Amy Lee is my idol. She is funny, sweet, unique, and gorgeous! She says she hates diets, and that she prefers full fat lol. I had a dream that i met her, and she moved next door to me, and i really want that to happen. She is my idol. Keep being you, and do what you do best, Amy Lee! Love you soo mu
By: Jessica on Dec 10, 2008
  I LOVE AMY LEE! She is the best singer ever!! <3
By: Claire (I wish) Hartzler on Nov 18, 2008
  I think that Amy Lee is amazing because, in spite of all of the hard things that she has gone through, she still manages to be happy and fun.
By: maeve on Nov 1, 2008
  that she is a great singer
By: Sylvia on Oct 22, 2008
  Well...It wasnt relised, but her first album was Origin...Her next album will be "Not For Your Ears" I belive...
By: bobnios on Oct 15, 2008
  she had a sis that died
By: emily on Oct 6, 2008
  she's awesome
By: Summer on Oct 1, 2008
  Amy Lee ROX
By: Helen on Sep 7, 2008
  #x22;Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things.#x22; - Amy Lee.
By: Katie on Aug 22, 2008
  Amy lee is the hottest woman alive (:
By: Joey on Aug 19, 2008
  Amy Lee also plays the guitar.
By: Sylvia on Aug 13, 2008
  Amy Lee had a cat that died from cotton candy. If you EVER are lucky enough to meet her...Please...don't offer her cotton candy.
By: raXz on Aug 7, 2008
  Amy's an original goth that can make you love her without showing her tits unlike others.
By: Melissa on Jul 28, 2008
  She ROX!!
By: Robert on Jul 25, 2008
  she is a awesome singer and piano player.
By: Rhea on Jul 18, 2008
  Based on the Anywhere but Home DVD, I can say that Amy is THE funniest, naughtiest and the BEST singer EVER. She's like, the perfect idol!
By: Evangie on Jul 3, 2008
  Amy lee went to Mexico this last tour and all the places were sold in the 3 states she went... i love her!!!

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