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Welcome to the QuizMoz Pakistan Quiz. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

Pakistan Quiz focuses on some of relevant facts on Pakistan. In Pakistan Quiz, you need to answer some questions based on its geography, sports, climate and politics, among others. Just pep up your memory and start Pakistan Quiz now.
1. Which is the national Game of Pakistan?
2. What was the name of faislabad ?
c.Mohenjo daro
3. Who makes the Congress league in subcontinent?
a.Muslim and british
b.British and hindus
c.Muslim and hindus
d.French and british
4. Where is the tomb of General Pervez Musharraf?
d.He's alive.
5. how many daughters of hazrat muhammad(s.a.w)
6. which is the first President of Pakistan..?
a.Imran khan
b.ilama Iqbal
c.Quide Azam
d.Sikander Mirza
7. Who was the first Martial Law Dictator of Pakistan?
b.Ayub Khan
c.Pervaiz Musharraf
d.Yahya Khan
8. At which tropic Pakistan is located?
a.Tropic of Cancer
b.Tropic of Capricorn
c.Tropic of Atlanta
d.Tropic of Asia
9. in which year benazir was died
10. Popular game is in Pakistan?
d.Tennis ball
11. Which is the biggest house in rawalpindi?
a.walli house
b.jarahi house
c.white house
d.pet house
12. how many zones are in the pakistan?
13. Which Country won the Cricket World Cup in 2011?
14. How old is Grace
15. what is the biological name of prawn?
16. In which year General Zia ul Haq enforced martial law?
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What others think about Pakistan
By: hijab on Jun 10, 2013
  pakistan has held special position on my heart PAKISTAN ZINDABAD
By: Hijab on Jun 10, 2013
  that is good quiz
By: SAADIA on Apr 29, 2013
By: Ali ahmed on Apr 25, 2013
  Its was good quiz
By: fk on Mar 29, 2013
  its good
By: seema on Mar 24, 2013
By: Aisha on Feb 26, 2013
  Pakistan is the best.
By: usama on Jan 20, 2013
  good quiz
By: mubeen on Feb 28, 2012
  we should proud to be pakistan
By: Saman on Feb 8, 2012
  i have Green Blood in my Veins because i am a Pakistani......
By: Adil sami on Feb 1, 2012
  I love my Pakistan!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: saddam on Jan 19, 2012
  pakistan zinda baad
By: kashif khan on Aug 4, 2011
  i love my pakistan very much you shoud love it
By: abbas morgab on Jul 25, 2011
  this is nyc game and it increases my knowledge about pakistan
By: fahad on Jun 25, 2011
  Lahore is very historical and ancient city of pakistan
By: zara sheikh on Jun 24, 2011
  it increase my knowledge
By: Akhtar Gujjar on Jun 8, 2011
  It is good for knowledge
By: nabiha najeeb khan on Jun 1, 2011
  this is the best site to know more about our country PAKISTAN
By: Rabiya on May 19, 2011
  Pakistan is a very beautiful country may ALLAH bless our country.
By: rehmanbasher on Mar 22, 2011
  nice and good qiuz
By: owais on Mar 9, 2011
  very good
By: ali on Feb 11, 2011
  we love pakistan.........
By: rehman basher on Dec 24, 2010
  my country is pakistan is very beauty and nice place
By: fasiha on Dec 23, 2010
  its amazing quiz Thank to Allah u people thought to make such a nice quiz n please get a book of doggers and add thousands of questions about pakitan
By: affan on Nov 16, 2010
  i love apkistan
By: mohsin on Oct 29, 2010
  i love pakistan
By: Rashid Ali Abro on Oct 21, 2010
  Thanks for prepared me online quiz
By: nadir on Oct 20, 2010
  great quiz for knowledgee
By: zain on Oct 7, 2010
  Pakistan Zinda Abad...
By: Hafsa on Oct 2, 2010
  I love pakistan!!!!!!
By: NaimaDana on Sep 30, 2010
  i love my country pakistan zindabad
By: hooryia on Sep 26, 2010
  i love pakistan !!!!!!!
By: rahat anwar on Sep 14, 2010
  i think everyone should know this that no matter how bad pakistan is or what people think about the you should still love pakistan pakistan zindabad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: RAZA on Sep 3, 2010
  pakistan is a Piece loving nation
By: tehsin on Aug 28, 2010
  very informative.
By: waseem on Aug 28, 2010
  very informative.
By: Saad Shaikh on Aug 26, 2010
  Play this quiz learn about Pakistan Proud to be Pakistani
By: umer on Aug 11, 2010
  want to build good Pakistan
By: AJWA on Aug 10, 2010
  Pakistan was made in 1947. Pakistan has four provinces Punjab,Sindh,Balochistan and N.W.F.P.
By: Omar Mukhtar on Jul 11, 2010
  I would like to say there is corruption in the leaders of Pakistan . If the corruption would end Pakistan would be one of best countries in the world . Thankyou
By: M. Salman Tahir Siddiqui on Jun 24, 2010
  Pakistan is the land of pure. It has a very bright culture.
By: faheem on Jun 24, 2010
  learning about mother land is great satisfaction
By: Afaque Ahmed on Jun 23, 2010
  i love to Pakistan
By: Afaque Ahmed on Jun 23, 2010
  Pakistan is the most beautiful country of the world
By: ZARA ZAHID on Jun 16, 2010
  gud quiz!
By: noor on Jun 5, 2010
  good quiz
By: hadi on Jun 4, 2010
  pakistan is our dearest homeland..........i love pakistan from the core of my heart..................PAKISTAN ZINDABAAAD
By: wania on May 24, 2010
  pakistan meri jan oakistan zindabad
By: iqra kamal on May 22, 2010
  i luv pakistan. it iz my own homeland.. pakistan ko zinda rehna hai qayamat ki subha honay tak inshALLAH..
By: Namrah on Mar 12, 2010
  Pakistan was the first muslim country to become a nuclear power
By: asad on Mar 11, 2010
  paki is best place in de whole world
By: sukaina on Mar 1, 2010
  well pakistan is most beautiful country
By: Nadeem gujjar on Feb 13, 2010
  I love pakistan.Please do work for its progress.
By: Maheen on Dec 25, 2009
  v.v.v.v.vv.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v love to pakistan i love you
By: hafsa on Feb 26, 2010
  i love my cool cool pakistan. and i love my superb cricket team. pakistan zindabad.
By: Ateerish Rao on Feb 19, 2010
  Pakistan has the highest density of snow leopards, this is a very beautiful big cat. But many animals are endangered in Pakistan which were found in abundance, like the beautiful black buck, sindh marsh alligator, nil gai, pheasants, morcopolo sheep, it is the responsibility of pakistani people to s
By: Aadil khan on Jan 16, 2010
  i love pakistan
By: geeyaypakistan on Dec 15, 2009
By: Ahmed on Dec 12, 2009
  Always Love Pakistan
By: ambreen on Dec 11, 2009
  pakistan is very beautiful country.it is not a terrorist country.
By: Hammad Ahmed on Dec 8, 2009
  Great quiz
By: Faisal on Oct 10, 2009
  this quiz is very good
By: adnan soomro on Sep 30, 2009
  pakistan zindabad
By: jawad on Sep 6, 2009
  pakistan zindabad
By: maha ali on Sep 2, 2009
  cumon pakistanis, be unite and prove other countries that we are the best.....!!!!!!
By: NOMAN KHAN on Aug 30, 2009
  i love them
By: Gulsher on Aug 21, 2009
  LOVE YOUR COUNTRY..............
By: Kn4h on Aug 20, 2009
  May Allah bless our country with true progress.
By: jawaria on Aug 17, 2009
  pakistan ...........zindabad:):):):):):):):):)
By: jawaria on Aug 17, 2009
  pakistan zindabad:):):):):):):):):):):):)
By: jawaria on Aug 17, 2009
  may pakistan live long.allah haaray pakistan ko ta qimat qaim rakhay.we proud to be pakistani .pakistan ZINDABAD:):):):):):)keep smiling:):):):):):):)
By: duaa zainab on Aug 14, 2009
  be pakistani and by pakistani
By: Malik on Jul 20, 2009
  I just want to give a message to all my Pakistani brothers and sisters. that, our main problem is provincialism and sectariaism. Please try to avoid it and be united as a single nation, as a Muslim.
By: himi on Jun 25, 2009
  I like it very much. And also Pakistan is my country.
By: ali on Jun 23, 2009
  all question are right
By: hamna on Jun 19, 2009
  pakistan ........zindabad.......
By: ASHAR on Jun 16, 2009
By: qudratullah on Jun 14, 2009
  it is very good
By: hamna on Jun 13, 2009
  pakistan is my mother land and im very glad we are its masters and for can fight against any disasters pakitanis will not bare slavery instead we,ll show them our bravery although we are not having much weapons but we are having the power of pen pakistan is our mother land and im glad
By: Arsalan on Jun 6, 2009
  Be aware of your country
By: Mughees on Jun 3, 2009
  Pakistan is..............................................ZINDABAD!!!!!!
By: fahad naeem on May 28, 2009
  The three cash crops of pakistan are cotton,tobacco,sugarcaneand most of basmatirice
By: Anxa on May 28, 2009
  Pakistan Rox...Like totally!!!
By: Muhammed Shahid Ghani Somroo on May 3, 2009
  Best place on The Earth to live...
By: maryam on May 2, 2009
  pakistan is a country where unity is very common and without uninty we can never struggle and because of unity our country can struggle
By: AfraSiab Mohal on May 2, 2009
  I am a student of PU law collage Lahore,I want to tell my coward,selfish and cruel leaders that whats are they doing God is watching their actions what they do for nation.My phone No. is 03454644423
By: KASHIF on Apr 22, 2009
By: yuni on Apr 22, 2009
  bhutto zindabad pakistann ko bachao pakistanio jasey k imam hussain a.s ne islam ko bachaya tha yaad hena hamara sub kuch hamain pakistan ne diya he to hamara farz he k hum aone pakistan ki hifazat kren sawaren apne mulk ko himat kro tum sub dekho phir kia hota h japan s bheek mili h hamen kitne sha
By: Fathi Bhuto on Feb 28, 2009
  This is soo awesome.pakistan rox...
By: flora on Feb 27, 2009
  i love pakistan
By: ariba princess on Feb 4, 2009
By: koko on Jan 16, 2009
  yooo......we pakis are soo awesome!!!!
By: iqbal on Nov 21, 2008
  Pakistan is best but our leaders are coward and hypocrate
By: Maaz Ahmed on Sep 8, 2008
  pakistan is good i am good pakistani is good shahrukh is good ronaldo is good

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