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Welcome to the QuizMoz Computer Quiz. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

The Computer Quiz consists of questions about the computers. The Computers Quiz is designed to test your knowledge about computer.
1. How many columns are there in MS-Excel?
e.None of the above
2. 1 MB is equals to
a.1000 bytes
b.1024 bytes
c.1024 KB
d.1000 KB
3. What operating system is just only a clone of windows?
4. who is the founder of facebook?
a.bill gates
b.mark neil
c.mark zuckerberg
5. how many bytes can kb store?
a.1024 bytes
b.1024 x 1024
c.1024 x 1024 x 1024
d.non of the above
6. Who was the inventor of the "C" computer language?
a.Richard Moore
b.Ada Lovelace
c.Dennis Ritchie
d.Dick Tracy
7. What is UPS stands for
a.Unpredictable computer system
b.Uninterrupted Power Supply
c.Unavoidable Power System
d.Unprocessed System
8. In Visual Basic "BASIC" stand For
a.Beginers All System Interconnection Circuit
b.Basic All Symbolic Instruction Code
c.Break All System Circuit
d.Beginers All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
9. How many nibble make a byte?
10. what is the full form of hmt.
a.hindustan machine tools
b.hindu merchant teaser
c.happily married taxi
d.holy men terror
11. Zip drives are ______________.
b.Complicated in use
12. what is the full form of ram?
a.read all memory
b.random access memory
c.ride a mile
d.ripe all mangoes
13. How many rows and Columns in Excel 2003
a.36635 and 1024
b.72502 and 128
c.36635 and 256
d.32635 and 217
14. What is the shortcut key for inserting functions in excel 2007?
15. who invented atm?
a.robert metcalf
b.dennis ritchie
c.john shepherd baron
d.jeff raskin
16. where is the headquarter of microsoft?
17. What MS DOS stand for?
a.Micro soft data operating system
b.Micro soft disk operating system
c.Micro soft dell operating system
d.Micro soft data operating sheet
18. Which of the following from MS office is used for creating Documents?
a.MS Word
b.MS Excel
c.MS Access
d.MS Powerpoint
19. who is the father of free software
a.richard stallman
b.dennis ritchie
c.robert metcalfe
d.alan shughart
20. who created ms documents was is it
a.joe farmers
b.bill gates
c.wild weastly
d.david jones
21. The first mechanical computer designed by Charles Babbage was?
c.Napier's bone
d.Analytical Engnine
22. How many MB are there in a GB?
23. what is the full form of CPU?
a.control process unit
b.central public unit
c.central processing unit
d.central processing user
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What others think about Computer
By: mahima verma on Jul 22, 2013
By: Parash Mani Mishra on Jul 18, 2013
  Computer is Very useful for word.
By: devansh on Jun 28, 2013
  it's a good quiz for begginners
By: Nishani soysa on Mar 13, 2013
By: Nitin Chavan on Sep 8, 2011
  it's a great for computer beginners
By: konnerq on Jul 24, 2011
  a computer is a device used to do many different things but i wish that we all use it to improve not destruct our planet earth
By: gururaj on Jul 5, 2011
  this improves our knowledge
By: shreyas on Jan 25, 2011
  computer is a the opposite of stupid " " .
By: BLABLA on Jan 20, 2011
By: irfan on Jan 8, 2011
  its is nice one
By: NAVEEN PATNAIK on Jan 8, 2011
  its good one to knoing the computer knowlege to everyone
By: madhavi on Dec 2, 2010
  nice quiz.......
By: sornalakshmi on Sep 29, 2010
  Computer is a intelligent box.
By: PRAKASH on Sep 13, 2010
By: shivani on Aug 25, 2010
  i am just trying. i don't know more about computer
By: Kezia Merin Ipe on Aug 13, 2010
  computer is ruling all over the world
By: harshvardhan on Aug 6, 2010
  please note that a computer is like your best friend.please try to use internet and study online.dont write in pages.it will not do anything only waste paper
By: Jackson suzzy on Jul 14, 2010
  be a computer literate
By: treakiweest on Jun 24, 2010
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By: beauty with a purpose on May 20, 2010
  Thanks to the computer life is much easier. Good quiz
By: jay on Mar 31, 2010
  Computer has made our live easiest possible
By: gopi krishna on Mar 10, 2010
  computer is nothing but it is a device to store the data and informations
By: saif on Feb 18, 2010
  this was an amazing quiz i would like to do it again thank you
By: tyler on Feb 15, 2010
  Quizzes are fun!
By: kshitij on Dec 27, 2009
  very good quiz
By: Abhishek MIshra on Nov 11, 2009
  Computer has, in fact, changed the lives of each and every person living on the planet.
By: jinho on Nov 4, 2009
  It was nice
By: jeremy on Nov 4, 2009
  i like pie
By: gellica floresca on Nov 4, 2009
  thius computer quiz is really good.
By: Sean on Nov 4, 2009
  It makes life very easy!
By: gian carlo Navoa on Nov 4, 2009
  great and somehow easy
By: Sunny on Nov 4, 2009
  ITs test the basic concept of a candidate
By: yateendra on Oct 30, 2009
  the quiz iz very useful
By: karl woods on Oct 12, 2009
  i found the quiz very useful
By: Karthik Gouda on Oct 11, 2009
By: Wize Guy on Sep 26, 2009
  yeah whatever
By: Sapna on Sep 4, 2009
  Nice Quiz
By: joel experienced on Sep 2, 2009
  computer is not perfect even operating systems are not perfectly done.
By: david tiner on Aug 21, 2009
  bit torrant
By: yash on Aug 15, 2009
  i can't say anything about computer
By: rob on Aug 11, 2009
  computer is my buddy
By: Abhishek on Jul 28, 2009
By: Priya Seht on Jul 22, 2009
  Pixel is made up of 2 words: Picture (pix) and "El"ement
By: Shaker on Jun 13, 2009
  Please make the web page for a better view(sorry but it's my personal opinion). Also add more number of Qs. Thank you.
By: adun on Jun 3, 2009
  good job
By: UrG on Jun 1, 2009
  Computer - The Future Human
By: kha;id mahmood lahore on Feb 28, 2009
  very nice quiz, please add heigher level also
By: Kartikay on Jan 12, 2009
  nice quiz but cheeats alot by not givin compelete no. of questions
By: vipin on Jan 8, 2009
  I like more quiz. I like more about computer languages. I like to have more difficult quiz. I like to have network knowledge I like to have knowledge of latest invention in computer field.
By: marrio on Dec 24, 2008
  not upto the mark
By: computer on Dec 16, 2008
  I just love myself
By: agrim on Nov 27, 2008
  Q 20. Give the full-forms of the following: i. AIM ii. IBM iii. HCL iv. TCS v. CMYK vi. Bit vii. DMP viii. SMPS ix. Intel x. W3C
By: Rushikesh Mhatre on Nov 21, 2008
  computers r gr8 !!!!!!!!!
By: K.DIVYA on Nov 16, 2008
By: pallavi on Nov 12, 2008
  computer is a wird thing of the 21st century
By: Shaheeda on Nov 11, 2008
  Computers has a nasty habit that makes us as users sooo small, but in fact we need to become skilled so that we make them small- after all they dead, useless without us!
By: prachi on Oct 31, 2008
  Computer is a foolish servant.
By: fresh on Oct 27, 2008
  it makes life beatiful
By: jatin on Oct 17, 2008
  ROM means Read Only Memory
By: sd on Sep 12, 2008
  r4ock onn
By: Jasonsaldanha on Sep 10, 2008
By: vikram on Aug 31, 2008
  cool it
By: Char on Aug 15, 2008
  Computers are unique and interesting!

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