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 Million Dollar Shot Test

Welcome to the QuizMoz Million Dollar Shot Test. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of Tests for you to exercise your grey cells. Go ahead and find out how much do you know about your self and the world around you. Best of luck!!

All it takes is two minutes to take the Million Dollar Shot Test and find out how much you know about the Million Dollar Shot Test and the characters in the test.

Quiz Created by:
Mrs. Johnson
Creation Date: 6 October 2011
1. Why did Eddie start spending more time with Annie than with ty and Johnny?
a.Eddie's mom and Annie's Dad both worked at Finkle Foods.
b.Ty and Johnny live in a different neighborhood
c.Eddie felt more comfortable talking with Annie
d.Eddie had a crush on Annie
2. What good think came about because of Eddit's mom being fired?
a.Her health improved.
b.Eddie didn't have to eat Finkle's anymore.
c.She got a much better job.
d.Eddie could enter the contest.
3. Why did Eddie want to split the million dollars with Annie?
a.He didn't want her to feel left out.
b.She promised to be his coach.
c.She had written the poem that won the contest.
d.He didn't know what to do wit so much money.
4. In exchange for a new basketball, Mr. Stokely wanted Eddie to
a.give him 10% of the money.
b.consider a careet in basketball.
c.let Annie take the shot.
d.get serious and let him coach Eddie.
5. What was going to be very bad for George Finkle's company?
a.new ingredient label that stated number of calories from fat.
b.a USA Today article covering the recent layoff.
c.OSHA inspection that would probably shut down the factory.
d.FDA report about some bad chemicals in Finkle's candy.
6. Whay weakness did Eddie have to work on?
7. Eddie became so angry, he missed three shots when
a.he saw his mom kissing Mr. Stokely
b.Mr. Stokely wouldn't let him sightsee in New York.
c.Hotel manager told him to stop making so much noise.
d.Annie told him she was a better shot.
8. What did Annie want Eddie to do to make the million dollar shot?
a.sit in a chair
b.take a jump shot
c.say a prayer
d.close his eyes
9. What did Eddie do with some of the money he won?
a.bought Finkle Foods
b.bought George Finkle's house
c.built a basketball court
d.built a new subdivision
10. What did Eddie have to do to enter the contest?
a.Write a slogan
b.Write a song
c.Write a poem
d.Shoot a foul shot
11. What trick did Annie share with Eddie?
a.She showed him how to pull a rabbit out of a hat
b.She showed him how to shoot with his eyes closed
c.She showed him how to cheat
d.She showed him how to clear his mind so he could concentrate
12. what was on the back of each Finkle box?
a.Enter the Million dollar Shot Contest
b.George Finkle is famous
c.Don't be a fink have a finkle
d.Fink Finking Fink
13. Why did Eddie call Annie Stokely, Annie Oakely
a.To make fun of her
b.Oakley was her middle name
c.He thought it sounded cool
d.In the 1800s there was a famous sharp shooter by that name
14. What did Eddie want to do at the top of the Empire State building?
a.Drop a penny.
c.Kiss Annie.
d.Scream loudly.
15. where did eddie shoot the ball from the foul line from?
a.united center
b.the tralier
c.the nba finals
d.all above
16. What offer did Mr. Finkle add while he and Eddie were talking about shooting an air ball?
a.He would pay all his expenses for college
b.He would throw in 20 bucks
c.Instead of having his slogan on the Finkle boxes, he would have Eddie's poem
d.Nothing- he only added a threat
17. how did Eddie throw the ball in at the NBA finals?
a.he made the shot right away
b.the ball missed
c.it went around the hoop and made
d.annie made it for him
18. What did Mr.Frinkel what Eddie to do what at the NBA Finals?
a.Make a shot
b.Throw up so be do not have to make a shot
c.Don't make a shot
d.Will get free Scolorship
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What others think about Million Dollar Shot Test
By: family on Aug 14, 2013
  very good test
By: jonathan willoughby on May 21, 2013
  i think i did very good on it!
By: james malone on Mar 26, 2013
  when edddie ball finds out about the finkles poetry contest.....A chance to win a million dallors by sinking a foul shot.....during halftime at the nba finals...he relizes it could be the end to his and hia mothers problems..................
By: brandon jackson on Mar 18, 2013
  it is so cool. this is a very exellent quiz.

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