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Here's a quick guide to help you understand all that QuizMoz is about better.

What is Quizmoz?

QuizMoz is an exciting and popular online quiz website that features thousands of quizzes on any topic you can think of in the world.

To know more about QuizMoz, please go to the About Us link.

What kind of quizzes does QuizMoz have?

Our tagline reads: "A quiz for everything". So, we have quizzes for all reasons and all seasons. Effectively, we have quizzes like IQ Quizzes, Personality Quizzes, General Knowledge Quizzes, GRE/GMAT Quizzes, and the like for those who enjoy exercising their grey cells, and Movie Quizzes, Love and Romance Quizzes, Celebrity Quizzes, Cartoon Quizzes, and the like for those who want some fun. In fact, whatever your interests and tastes, you are sure to find a suitable quiz.

Do I need to sign-up to be able to access quizzes on your site?

Not at all. You only have to log on to QuizMoz, search for a quiz, click on the given link and start taking the quiz. That said, we do give you the option to create an account on QuizMoz, whereby you can keep a track of all the quizzes you have taken so far, see their results, and do lots of other fun things. So, signing up or not, the choice is entirely yours.

How can I find quizzes of my choice?

It is quite easy to search for quizzes on QuizMoz. There is a search button provided in the top right corner of every page. You can type the name of the quiz you are looking for and our search engine will show you all the quizzes that match your search query.

If you aren't looking for any specific quiz, then you can check out the quizzes listed on our Home page under different titles like Most Popular Quizzes, Hot New Quizzes, Latest Quizzes, Quiz Categories, among others.

Yet another way is to click on the Take a Quiz link given at the top of every page. This link takes you to a list of quizzes and fun tests organized by category, in order of popularity.

Who creates quizzes for QuizMoz?

Anybody and everybody! And if you like, you can too.

QuizMoz has its own team of professionals who carry out research and development of quizzes on a variety of topics routinely. However, we encourage our users to create their own quizzes and post them on our website.

Is there anything I can do in addition to making quizzes?

With QuizMoz, not only can you create quizzes, you can also create polls, recommend inappropriate questions in any quiz for deletion, or make improvements to quizzes, and that too without having to sign-up. What’s more, you can even see the last two changes made to a quiz, so you know what changes have been made, where. However, please note that all such changes are subject to approval by the QuizMoz team.

What are Polls and Discussion Forums?

Polls are actually opinions of users of QuizMoz on different topics like: Who is the best baseball player ever? Or What is your favorite Michael Jackson album? You can cast your vote in response to any poll question and then see what others think about the same thing, including how many people think the same way as you do.

Discussion Forums are an extension of polls, in a way. Which means, that in addition to expressing your views and opinions (in words and not in the form of votes!), you can engage in a healthy exchange of views with the others users of QuizMoz.

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