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Welcome to the QuizMoz nnnn. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!


Quiz Created by:
Creation Date: 6 July 2018
1. excessive dietary restriction that leads to severe weight loss is a characteristic of which of the folioing eating disorders?
a.anorexia nervosa
b.bulimia nervosa
c.all of the above
d.binge eating disorder
2. disordered eating behavior which causes women to consume nonfood items such as clay, dire or hair, is called
a.anorexia nervosa
b.bulimia nervosa
d.morning sickness
3. a 12 year old boy who is 85-95th percentile for vmi for his age would be considered
b.healthy weight
4. the dietary guidelines for americans defines moderate alcohol consumption
a.one drink a day for women and one drink a day for men
b.one drink a day for women and two drinks a day for men
c.all of the
5. why do people require fewer calories to maintain their weight as they age?
a.they sleep less
b.they sleep more
c.they urinate frequently
d.their total and resting energy expenditures decrease with age
6. the rda for calcium increases for older adults, specifically for
a.both men and women age 51 or older
b.women age 51 and men age 71 years old
c.men and women age 71 or older
7. all of the following increase the risk of an older adult developing osteoporosis
a.regular cardiovascular execrise
b.lack of weight bearing exercise
c.insufficient calcium intake
d.spending all day indoors
8. one year old babies are generally expected to have their weight from birth
d.all of the above
9. the world health organization recommends exclusive breastfeed until the age o __ when solid food should be introduced
a.1-2 months
b.2-3 months
c.4-6 months
d.7-9 months
10. exclusively breastfeed infants may need supplementation with
a.vitamin d
b.vitamin c
c.vitamin a
11. what is a potential determinant of eating behavior in college aged individuals
a.personal food preferences
b.nutrition knowledge
c.economic factors
d.all of the above
12. which of the following is not recommended for helping children to develop healthy eating habits?
a.forcing them to eat everything on their plate
13. the ____ is the organ that delivers oxgen and nutrients to the developing fetus during pregnancy
14. according to the book, apprx 90% of us children do not consume the recommended amount of
a.refined grains
b.lean meat
c.dairy products
d.fruits and vegetables
15. reduced gastric acid production in the elderly causes decreased absorption of which vitamin?
a.vitamin b6
b.vitamin b12
c.vitamin c
16. if a woman starts pregnancy at a healthy weight, how much should she gain throughout the pregnancy?
a.7-10 pds
17. which of the following nutrients can cause birth defects
a.vitamin d
b.vitamin a
18. all of the following are lifestyles choices of seventh day adventists a blue zone community
a.incorporate dark chocolate into meals
b.being physically active
c.eating less than avg
19. a breast fed child will experience which of the following benefits of breastfeeding?
a.decreased risk of obesity
b.decreased risk of ear infections
d.all of the above
20. according to the center for disease control when is the optimum time for women of childbearing age to ensure they have adequate intake of folic acid to prevent developmental defects
a.prior to pregnancy
b.their first trimester
21. what is the recommendation for physical activity in children older than 6 years?
a.20 mins per day
b.45 mins per day
c.60 mins per day
d.3 hrs per day
22. alcohol intake of __ during pregnancy has been shown to be safe..
a.one drink a day
b.two drink a day
c.there is no safe alcohol intake during pregnancy
d.one drink a week.
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What others think about nnnn
By: Roger on 2/21/2019
  I love Quiz Games. QuizMoz is an excellent Quiz site
By: Dave on 2/20/2019
  I really enjoyed this quiz. I will take a lot of information away with me. Great quiz
By: Lil Wayne Fan on 2/19/2019
  Give me more quiz questions about LilWayne
By: Alice on 2/18/2019
  Its a very good Quiz. It rocks my socks!!!!!
By: Penny on 2/17/2019
  NICE WEBSITE, great quiz!
By: Kayla on 2/16/2019
  I think this is a great quiz full of knowlodge and information.
By: general knowledge seeker on 2/15/2019
  i love to take tests and quizzes. quizzes are my life. general knowledge questions are good for everyone
By: Samantha on 2/14/2019
  This is so cool. Even though I really did not know some of the questions, it was still fun!
By: Free quiz seeker on 2/13/2019
  I am searching for an impossible quiz
By: Hot girl on 2/12/2019
  I love answering Quiz Questions
By: Laura on 2/11/2019
  I appreciate the time and effort that the quiz maker put into the quiz
By: Tallitha on 2/10/2019
  This quiz is amazing
By: Teena on 2/9/2019
  I love this quiz Website. This is the best free quiz site.
By: Shannon on 2/8/2019
  I have never seen such an excellent quiz website before this.
By: Aumkar on 2/7/2019
  It was enjoyable.
By: Quiz Game Player on 2/6/2019
  One day I will crack all the Impossible quizzes in the world
By: Erin on 2/5/2019
  it was a fun and interseting quiz!
By: Sridhar on 2/4/2019
  Its a really good way to brush up things and informative also.
By: Personality Quiz Man on 2/3/2019
  I love quizzes. Personality Quizzes are my favorite.
By: QuizMoz Fan on 2/2/2019
  I love all the QuizMoz quizzes. The general knowledge quiz is my favorite

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