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Welcome to the QuizMoz Brain Quiz. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

The Brain Quiz tests your knowledge pertaining the concept, functions, parts and culture around the organ in humans.
1. What is the approximate weight of the brain in a normal human adult?
a.1 pound
b.3 pounds
c.5 pounds
d.7 pounds
2. The human brain is suspended in a
a.Cerebrospinal fluid
b.Spinal tab
c.Brain cocktail
d.Parietal Fluid
3. which part of the brain is responsible in our body's respiration function?
d.occipital lobe
4. Which lobe in the brain deals with speech and language development, spatial orientation?
5. What is another name for the pituitary gland?
a.Puny gland
b.Master gland
c.Pleasure gland
d.Major gland
6. How many cranial nerves do humans have?
7. Which of these are proper brain waves
8. How many brain waves are there?
9. What does the front of the brain control
10. Which part of the brain is the biggest in size?
11. what is the different between short term and long term memory
a.is the capacity for holding a small amount of information and memory that can last as little as a few days or as long as decades
b.The sensory memory retains an exact copy of what is seen or heard
c.the thinking part of the brain and it controls your voluntary muscles — the ones that move when you want them to.
d.transmit and gather electrochemical signals that are communicated via a network of millions of nerve fibers
12. Which of these is the relay station for sensory in formation ?
c.Hind brain
d.Ventral tegmental area
13. Function of doparmine hormone
a.regulate voluntary motor function of the body
b.regulating centre of muscles tone
c.regulate the daily biologic clock
d.coordination of automatic body activities
14. What part of the brain links the cerebrum and cerebellum?
b.Medulla oblongata
d.None of the above
15. The function of the corpus callosum is to____.
a.connect the hemispheres
b.bring you to the afterlife
c.regulate body tempurature after death
d.none of the above
16. Which of the following is in the limbric system?
c.pituitary gland
d.medulla oblingata
17. where is the blood cell manufactured
a.marrow of bone
18. Medulla is also known as:
b.brain stem
c.root of brain
d.brain nerve
19. ____________ is a giant shaped walnut which is protected by the skull.
20. There is a__________ in the brain which when receives an optimum quality of calcium , we begin to feel sleepy.
b.sleep nerve
c.sleep centre
d.sleep cell
21. A brain thinks _________ number of times a day.
22. How lobes the brain has?
23. Cartilage is found in which of the following?
a.palm of hand
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What others think about Brain
By: aleyamma abraham on Jul 4, 2013
  please give the answers
By: Heather on May 20, 2013
By: tommy d on Jul 12, 2011
  the brain is the most interesting part of the human body
By: ELLA on Jul 8, 2011
By: maan on Mar 20, 2011
  it is of intricate and complex design that points to the reality of a creator who is God
By: paila on Mar 16, 2011
  the brain is complex
By: Smugleaf on Feb 22, 2011
  The brain is awesome.
By: Fernando on Feb 22, 2011
  i Love the brain
By: Bob on Feb 20, 2011
  Great quiz
By: liberty on Feb 15, 2011
  knowledge is an neverending transformation
By: elin on Feb 15, 2011
  i want to tell how the brain works
By: Max on Feb 13, 2011
  great quiz
By: Wutang on Feb 9, 2011
  The brain is just there to make us think we have potential
By: elena saranillo truita on Dec 4, 2010
  The brain is indeed a very mysterious, complicated very vital part of the human body..God must be super genius whe He stumbled upon creating the first ever human specie...To God be the glory...
By: kity on Dec 4, 2010
  the brain consist of many things. the brain is very important to our lives without the brain we will not recover anything and without it we humans will not achceive anything and it will be hard for us to do things.
By: Marina on Nov 24, 2010
  getting ready for a test
By: jim on Nov 21, 2010
  Brains are cool
By: Sundar on Nov 15, 2010
  Very nice
By: Richard on Nov 8, 2010
  i need to study for my midterm
By: Christina on Oct 26, 2010
  there are three parts of a brain
By: manda on Oct 21, 2010
  brains are cool!
By: lindsey on Oct 6, 2010
  humans can life a full functional life with only half of their brain
By: Teresa on Sep 23, 2010
  I'm learning about brains!
By: MS on Sep 22, 2010
  The brain is great!!!!!!!!!!
By: jorge on Sep 17, 2010
  it was squishy i felt my mmums it was small and green it smelt farts n mr bakir humped it
By: Mark on Sep 14, 2010
  The human brain is a remarkable learning organ among mammals
By: siddharth on Aug 20, 2010
  brain is great
By: Ben on Aug 3, 2010
  There are 12 cranial nerves in our cranium
By: anne on Jul 22, 2010
  if you think different thoughts, new neural pathways will form and existing genes will be opened
By: Gangs on Jul 11, 2010
  The brain is most important part of the human body. this is do more work
By: mitch on Jun 22, 2010
  the brain is delicate
By: Theresa on Jun 4, 2010
  A "mild" brain injury is not "mild" at all. The effects of mild injury can have lifelong effects.
By: Sheereen on Mar 27, 2010
  this is a very good quiz but it is also very difficult
By: no one on Mar 25, 2010
  this is to study for my test so yah
By: cassidy on Mar 18, 2010
  the brain is very complex and hard to learn about
By: bountyhunter on Feb 26, 2010
  my brain hurts
By: Emma G. on Feb 12, 2010
  Phineas Gage got a rod through his head, and it dramatically changed his personality and character.
By: zelda on Jan 31, 2010
  the brain is the most fascinating thing, its so fun to learn about!
By: Melanie on Dec 28, 2009
By: Karin on Dec 17, 2009
  I love and respect my brain
By: sharon on Dec 12, 2009
  nice quiz.
By: LIz on Oct 20, 2009
  Studying ugh
By: Alice on Oct 17, 2009
  There are 12 Cranial Nerves
By: Alice on Oct 17, 2009
  There are 12 Cranial Nerves
By: victor on Oct 12, 2009
  good work
By: nandini on Oct 9, 2009
  Brain is the excellent part of our body, which keeps control on all the parts of body.
By: carson on Oct 4, 2009
  prety cool
By: Ignatius J. Riley on Oct 1, 2009
  brains are for lozers
By: herlin on Sep 23, 2009
  the mudulla is the crocadille side
By: herllin on Sep 23, 2009
  did u know the mudulla is th crocadile part of the brain
By: Adrian on Sep 23, 2009
  What's goodie, praaaaa lmao KLK mi dominicanos?
By: andrew on Sep 9, 2009
  nice quiz
By: mai on Jul 15, 2009
  awesome ~_~
By: Lolo on Jun 26, 2009
  A good way to remember that the Cerebellum is responsible for movement and fine motor skills is the word bell inside of it. Bells move.
By: Jason on Jun 12, 2009
  Covers basic research regarding the brain, it would be helpful for anyone to take to get more familiarized with the most important organ in the body aside from the heart. Good quiz
By: ARaz on May 29, 2009
  IM LOst I Dunno my BRAIN!!!! berry interestin
By: Makoto on May 29, 2009
  This quiz is great for anyone that's studying psychology. :]
By: :D on May 27, 2009
By: :D on May 27, 2009
By: Simon on May 2, 2009
  Why not read Brain Training (Hodder Education) Horne and Wootton - its a great read
By: chrystii on Apr 15, 2009
  i wish there was an identify the parts of the brain quiz
By: sania on Mar 25, 2009
  its most important
By: Tina on Feb 24, 2009
  We all have one!
By: 8ioi7i9ol79 on Feb 13, 2009
By: fefwefr on Feb 17, 2009
By: Michelle on Feb 9, 2009
  it's important
By: Cesca Garrett on Feb 5, 2009
  The brain ROCKS!
By: mark909 on Feb 6, 2009
  just a trial folks it sure is tough but I just gave it a try. hehehe
By: Sylvie on Feb 2, 2009
  I should know more about this.
By: Alice on Feb 2, 2009
  The brain is pretty cool
By: arny on Feb 3, 2009
  brain farts are the best
By: jessica on Jan 25, 2009
  the brain is amazing!
By: anjali on Jan 15, 2009
  its one of the important organ in human body without brain the life of aperson would be nil
By: moni on Jan 3, 2009
  I am unable to study my brain
By: Gina on Dec 11, 2008
  My brain sometimes doesn't work very well.
By: Asia on Dec 10, 2008
  If you have to get shot in the head, tell them to aim for the medulla.
By: Ro on Dec 3, 2008
  the majority of the brain consists of water
By: Pulzarr on Nov 17, 2008
  The brain is the true meaning of Heaven and Hell
By: Angela on Nov 11, 2008
  I learnt that the brain does not feel pain, the brain can be operated on when the person is awake!!!
By: bob on Oct 20, 2008
  the brain has four lobes!
By: ashleyghandour on Oct 9, 2008
  The brain is like a computer..
By: melody on Sep 8, 2008
  The brain is so small but it is vey powerful if used properly by gaining knowledge which is vital to the body
By: notoppings on Sep 7, 2008
  Pinky has a good vid on youtube
By: Monica Scarlett on Aug 29, 2008
  If you want to learn something interesting, look up Split-brain patients. It is used in those patients who have severe epilepsy to control the seizures. Basically, it splits the brain in two when the corpus callosum is divided. This doesn't allow messages to be transmitted from the right to the left hemispheres and vise versa. These people have two brains in a sense. Check out the studies and experiments. It's really cool.
By: slim on Jul 19, 2008
  that was a good quize

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