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Welcome to the QuizMoz Great Expectations Quiz. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

The Great Expectations quiz tests your knowledge with regard to the great novel Great Expectations. The Great Expectations quiz questions are craftily compiled and will enable you to gauge how well you know about the novel Great Expectations and the things associated with it.
1. What is Mr. Jaggers occupation?
b.Criminal Laywer
e.None of the above
2. What is the name of Miss Havisham’s manor?
a.Satis House
d.Satyr House
3. At the end of the novel,Who attacks and attempts to kill Pip?
a.Mr. Pumblechook
d.Miss Havisham
e.None of the above
4. Who is Estella's father?
d.Mr Barley
5. Who scared Pip when he was in the graveyard?
b.Miss Havisham
6. What is the cause of Magwitch's death?
a.The death sentence
b.Being shot by Compeyson
c.Drowning with Compeyson in the river
e.Truth of his real daughter
7. What is Joe's reaction when Jaggers comes to tell Pip that he has great expectations awaiting him but he has to give up being a blacksmith apprentice
a.Joe is happy and dances around the room
b.Joe is angry and sad. He storms out the room
c.Joe quickly runs to tell everyone that Pip is going to become a great man
d.He is calm but is very glad about the situation.
8. Who is the pale young gentleman Pip fights at Miss Havisham's house?
9. Whom does Estella marry in her first marriage?
10. Whom does Joe marry later?
d.no body
11. Who were the young gentleman's that stole money from Mrs. Havisham?
a.Pip & Compeyson
b.Arthur & Compeyson
c.Compeyson & Arthur
d.Magwitch & Pip
12. Who is the narrator of this novel?
13. Whose father left and took the fire with him?
14. Near the end of the Novel, What happened to Miss Havisham the day when Pip wanted money?
a.she smiled
b.her dress caught on fire
c.she died
d.she fell
15. The name magwitch uses when he is discovered in London by his enemy
16. Who was the other convict in the beginning of the novel?
17. The clock at Miss Havisham's house stopped at a particular time. What was that time?
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What others think about Great Expectations
By: anthony bechwati on Sep 11, 2013
  good quiz
By: becks on Aug 13, 2013
  it was great.
By: maddie on Aug 13, 2013
  omg, half these quesions were kinda off... but great quiz~
By: Carissa on Jun 13, 2013
  It was a very good book
By: james johnson on Jun 4, 2013
  good book
By: Lily on Jun 3, 2013
  The first ending to this novel was much better than the one that is in place now.
By: Linds on May 28, 2013
  Awesome it is!
By: maneka on May 15, 2013
  it's Awesome
By: Fiona on May 5, 2013
  The book was a bit confusing but the plot was very good.
By: Julia on Apr 11, 2013
  This book is confusing
By: Amy hwigwiue on Mar 20, 2013
  dont read this
By: Lee on Mar 19, 2013
  I likes if
By: mickey on Mar 19, 2013
  its nice
By: Dani on Mar 11, 2013
  Good plot
By: Julia on Mar 7, 2013
  a classic
By: Julia on Mar 7, 2013
  a classic
By: Saliha on Mar 6, 2013
  An fascinating dsuscsiion is worth comment. I believe that you need to write more on this topic, it might not be a taboo topic however typically persons are not sufficient to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers
By: ermenegildo on Mar 4, 2013
  horrible answers for this test.
By: Rudina on Jan 16, 2013
  Very good book
By: Duuude on Jan 15, 2013
  It was good
By: HELLO (: on Mar 6, 2012
  i liked the book and the test is very basic.
By: Deblina Mukherjee on Jan 30, 2012
  Great Expectations could also mean the expectations that Pip had from Estella...
By: kk on Aug 10, 2011
  this book is interesting
By: Jojo on Jul 5, 2011
By: sally on Jun 1, 2011
  what a great book.
By: brown eyes on Jun 1, 2011
  Great book and read in english class
By: Billy on Mar 21, 2011
  It was an ok book
By: The Man on Mar 20, 2011
  This book changed my life... I now know that classical writing is not good writing.
By: jamie on Mar 13, 2011
  The ending was very interesting and good. I really enjoyed this book!
By: jew on Feb 16, 2011
  sick quiz bro 5 stars...
By: Ella on Feb 10, 2011
  This was great, helped me study for a big test 2morrow. wish me luck!
By: Joe Anderson on Feb 10, 2011
  Loved the book
By: Matthew on Feb 6, 2011
  this is great
By: Julia on Jan 23, 2011
  Great expectations is long but has lots of surprises!
By: Mary on Jan 17, 2011
  Love this book!
By: Cody on Jan 6, 2011
  this was a good quiz
By: Bob Sanders on Dec 1, 2010
  it was a good quiz
By: Miley on Nov 29, 2010
  this quiz is very vague and not that helpful.
By: Lexie on Nov 29, 2010
  It's okk
By: J. Edgar Hoover on Nov 28, 2010
  They made GE into a movie and set in new york, also they had Gwenyth Paltrow play Estella.
By: aliza on Nov 26, 2010
  iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii like it
By: Me on Oct 10, 2010
  It is a great book.
By: hasanah on Sep 27, 2010
  worse book ever...sooo boring
By: whatever on Sep 15, 2010
  Worst book ever written.
By: emily on Aug 25, 2010
  I did not enjoy this very much.
By: Delaney on Aug 18, 2010
  lovee this book? i think not.
By: A girl on Aug 11, 2010
  It's boring. The story's okay, I don't like the old wording
By: melanie on Aug 9, 2010
  Great Expectations is a very well written and entertaining novel
By: Bill on Jul 30, 2010
  GREAT book!
By: Joanna on Jul 27, 2010
  Great Expectations is a PHENOMENAL book, but to get to the best parts, you must (i know no one wants to hear this) READ THE BOOK! it's full of twists and will have you up late under your covers with a flashlight! i'm encourage people to read this book! it's better than twilight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By: Jesse on Jul 27, 2010
  First book I have read by Charles Dickens.
By: Leslie on Jul 22, 2010
  Even though this is a classic book, it was not a lot of fun to read!!!
By: sydney on Jul 17, 2010
  it is an exceptional book and im glad i read it!
By: Rachael on Jul 10, 2010
  I have a test over this whole thing the first day of school, plus this project that has so far lasted the whole summer, so Im hoping I at the leat get an A. :)
By: kitty on May 20, 2010
  great book
By: Jane Eyre on Apr 25, 2010
  Good Quiz
By: joe on Apr 22, 2010
  great book!!!
By: Cathryn Wang on Mar 29, 2010
  great expectations is a great book everyone should read it
By: bob on Jan 21, 2010
  it rocks!
By: Molly on Jan 14, 2010
  I liked the book
By: Bailey on Jan 11, 2010
  It's an amazing book! Quite difficult to read though
By: laurel on Jan 4, 2010
  great expectations worth a read, makes fiction novels excrete rainbows, nice style and development, dickens forever,
By: Ime on Jan 4, 2010
  This was a fantastic book! Everyone should read it. My teacher forced me to read it but it was okat. BTW I hate my science teacher
By: Charlotte on Jan 4, 2010
  I perfered the romantic ending, but other than that I loved this book despite the fact i had to read it for school!
By: John on Feb 23, 2010
  It was good.
By: Tee on Feb 21, 2010
  Love this book.
By: sammie on Feb 18, 2010
  amazing love story<3
By: krisy on Jan 27, 2010
  great book with lots of twists and turns
By: rama krishna naidu on Jan 25, 2010
  it is an interesting story that inculcates an idea of thinking and self analysing
By: Carlee on Jan 25, 2010
  i have an exam tomorrow for literature and 33 marks is about great expectations!! i hope i do GOOD!!!!!
By: jade on Jan 11, 2010
  i love this book so much i learned what real expectations are
By: Darrel Prontonomore on Jan 10, 2010
  Get the audio book if you want to read this.
By: Ernst on Jan 4, 2010
  It is an interesting book.
By: Amanda on Jan 3, 2010
  Sparknotes is the best website t go to if you do not want to read it.
By: cb on Dec 20, 2009
  I loved the book.
By: Laura on Dec 17, 2009
  The 3rd quarter of the book was the most interesting to me.
By: Jessie on Dec 14, 2009
  loved it.
By: Joel on Nov 22, 2009
  good book
By: Elliot on Nov 18, 2009
  Good book what you take out of it depends on which ending you count as the real one. Dickens wrote two, in one Pip/Estella aren't together (original one) but in the revised one they are.
By: mom on Nov 17, 2009
  better than I thought it would be
By: av on Nov 16, 2009
  :) good book
By: ben on Nov 8, 2009
  it was a good book
By: mego on Nov 4, 2009
  good book.
By: Greg on Oct 26, 2009
  i liked it
By: suck it on Oct 20, 2009
  i just love dick's work. i read all of dick's books. he is greaat and i use him all the tiime. good old dick!
By: andrew on Oct 8, 2009
  i really enjoyed Great Expectations
By: nicole on Oct 7, 2009
  good book
By: your mom on Oct 4, 2009
  this book had me at the edge of my seat everytime. i coudn't put it down. I love Mr. dick and all of his work. It all speaks to me
By: gee on Oct 1, 2009
  great book
By: Brittany on Sep 29, 2009
  this quiz isn't even correct
By: shi'thead on Sep 29, 2009
  when i gaze upon the magical aura of this amazing book i am in a state of peace and joyfulness that i have never felt before. i ponder the genius of mr dick's amazing work
By: sam on Sep 22, 2009
  hard read :/ But u feel pretty accomplished after uve completed the book :)
By: ange lol on Sep 22, 2009
  thanks nice novel
By: brianna on Sep 21, 2009
  good boook
By: jake on Sep 20, 2009
  great book
By: becz on Sep 14, 2009
  i believe that great expectations can best be described as an admirable classic. It's depth, foreshadowing, motifs, and symbols are spectacular. for example...miss Havisham= the misconception that those who aren't loyal/loving to you will help you succeed or gain future fortune in life.
By: Sean on Sep 13, 2009
  This quiz is like the sparknotes quiz
By: Lamok on Sep 7, 2009
  Great Book but needs a lot of time to read and comprehend
By: kelz on Sep 7, 2009
  listened on audio book for school. better than reading it. but #4 is crap. clocks are always at 8:40
By: blaire on Sep 6, 2009
  i love the book

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