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Welcome to the QuizMoz GMAT Practice Test - Reading Comprehension II. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

The GMAT Practice Test - Reading Comprehension II has been designed to test the important aspects of reading comprehension. This test covers passages on different subjects; like business, general science and social sciences. The aim is to test the judgemental abilities of the test taker which entails reading the passage provided and answering the questions to:
- determine the main idea of the passage
- determine the tone of the author
- infer an idea from the passage
- answer a factual question
 This Question is based on the following passage:

1. Why, according to the passage are anti-globalization activists from America not in favor of the free trade agreements of America with the poor countries?
a.Free trade has allowed the entry of cheap goods to America
b.Anti-globalization activists have strong support of Presidential candidates
c.Activists are worried about the wage structure for adults for adults in the third world because of the availability of cheap labor
d.Activists do not support child labor on moral grounds
e.Free trade across countries are proving a big loss making idea for America
 This Question is based on the following passage:

2. How does the ILO propose to enforce the ban on child labor as can be seen in the passage?
a.By making adult labor available to poor countries
b.The ILO wants parents from developing economies to realize the importance of educating their wards
c.The ILO has suggested schemes to replace the income of poor families, that they were earning from child labor
d.The ILO decided on providing funds to open new schools which will offer free education to underprivileged children
e.The ILO decided on educating the people of developing countries about the moral importance of child education so that the people take a step in stopping child labor
 This Question is based on the following passage:

3. Which of the following options supports the statement that 'child labor is merely the symptom of condition called poverty'?
a.The cost of ending child labor and replacing the lost income to families is $800 million
b.Child labor was not a non-existent phenomena in rich countries earlier
c.Increased human capital and better health are two biggest benefits of banning child labor
d.Parents feel their children can be economically useful and so they send them to work.
e.It is inhuman to make children toil for other's economic gains. One in six of the world's children work for their families.
 This Question is based on the following passage:

4. Why is the claim that poverty encourages child labor is not always true?
a.Parents look at their children as economic tools and make them earn bread for the family
b.The remuneration offered on jobs involving adults are competitive
c.Some countries have the policy of keeping themselves poor by allowing child labor
d.The findings of the survey by economists have revealed that child laborers constitute not only children from poor families but otherwise also
e.The belief that parents of poor children do not send their children to school is untrue
 This Question is based on the following passage:

5. How, according to the passage, do countries who allow child labor stay poor?
i.When children of the tender age of 12 start to work, it implies they miss out on education and skills that might have landed them better jobs in the future
ii.Employing children can increase competitive wages for adults
iii.Employing children can cause wages for adults to drop
iv.Allowing child labor acts as a hindrance in investing human capital
a.i and ii only
b.i, iii and iv only
c.i and iv only
d.i, ii, iii and iv
e.iii and iv only
 This Question is based on the following passage:

6. What reasons can be found in the passage that explain why Antarctic is drawing the attention of global climate pundits?
a.Antarctic is immune to the greenhouse effect
b.Antarctic is the only continent responding differently to the global climate change
c.The ozone hole is right above the Antarctic which is alarming climatologists
d.Antarctic is responsible for increasing the impact of global winters
e.Antarctic is not suitable for wildlife anymore
 This Question is based on the following passage:

7. Why do global climate pundits prefer the poles to examine the occurrence of global climate change?
a.Global pole experts are looking for a peaceful place to study global climates
b.The poles are strategically placed and make sit easier
c.Complex interplay of ocean currents near the poles have caused reversal of temperatures which makes it an intriguing subject to study
d.Industrialized and inhabited countries clustered close to the poles give off polluting emissions which give rise to the greenhouse effect most strikingly
e.The theories of climate change suggest that effects of global warming are magnified at the poles
 This Question is based on the following passage:

8. The tone of the author in the passage seems to be:  
a.Alarmed but optimistic
b.Confused and indifferent
c.Indifferent but interested
d.Concerned and driven
e.Inquisitive and forceful
 This Question is based on the following passage:

9. What is the primary purpose of the passage?
a.To send warning signals to people across the globe about the increase in global temperature
b.To solve the mystery behind cooling of the Antarctic
c.To recommend people to slow down industrial activity which is a major cause for rising global temperatures
d.To make global climate change experts realize the fact that our knowledge about global climate change is not enough
e.To expose the anxiety over widening Ozone gaps over the Antarctic  
 This Question is based on the following passage:

10. The primary purpose of the passage is to suggest:
a.An alternative to museum display of artifacts
b.A solution to check illegal digging while benefiting the archaeological profession
c.A method to distinguish antiques possessing scientific merit with others
d.A new system for cataloguing genuine artifacts
e.The government regulation for archaeological sites
 This Question is based on the following passage:

11. The author implies that all of the following statements about duplicate artifacts are true except:
a.A market for such antiques already exists
b.Such artifacts rarely have scientific value
c.There is likely to be a continuous supply of such artifacts
d.Museums are well supplied with examples of such artifacts
e.Such antiques frequently exceed in quality those already catalogued in museum collections
 This Question is based on the following passage:

12. The author anticipates which of the following initial objections to the adoption of his proposal?
a.An over supply of marketable artifacts will arise and the demand for them will fall
b.Artifacts that would have been displayed in public places will be sold to private collectors
c.Illegal excavators will have an even larger supply of artifacts for resale
d.Faking of artifacts will become more commonplace
e.Museum officials will become unwilling to store artifacts
 This Question is based on the following passage:

13. The author mentions the excavation in Cyprus to emphasize which of the following points?
a.Artifacts that closely resemble each other manifest cataloguing difficulties to archaeologists
b.Ancient lamps and pottery are less valuable, although rarer, than royal seal impressions
c.Cyprus is the most important location for unearthing large quantities of large-scale curios
d.Artifacts that are not uniquely valuable, and therefore making them saleable, are available in large quantities
e.Illegal sales of counterfeits are widespread, especially in the island of Cyprus.
 This Question is based on the following passage:

14. The author's argument concerning the effect of the official sale of duplicate artifacts on illegal excavation is based on which of the following assumptions?
a.The price of illegally sold artifacts would rise
b.Computers could be used to trace sold artifacts
c.Prospective purchasers would prefer to buy authenticated antiques
d.Illegal excavators would be forced to sell only fakes
e.Money gained from selling fakes could be used to investigate and prosecute illegal diggers
 This Question is based on the following passage:

15. It can be found from the passage that ancient Roman roads:
a.Are engineering marvels unsurpassed in modern day
b.Connected many major cities in ancient Europe
c.Are similar in some respect to modern highways
d.Were products of political ideas
e.Were the reason of development in modern European cities
 This Question is based on the following passage:

16. The author describes "two greatest intellectual disasters in history"  in order to  
It can be inferred from the passage the framers of the constitution:
a.Establish a point directly related to the main argument
Were familiar with certain aspects of Roman government
b.Point out the importance of certain historical facts
Overlooked Cicero's contribution to the theory of democracy
c.Prove that certain historical assertions are inaccurate  
Formed a government based on Roman democracy
d.Acknowledge the partial accuracy of an opposing view
Adopted the veto as a hallmark for world democracy
e.Disprove the claims made by others with a different view

Were similar to Roman elders
 This Question is based on the following passage:

17. How can the Latin language be accurately described as indicated in the passage?
i.It spread partially due to Rome's military power
ii.It is spoken today in some European countries
iii.It is reflected in modern political concepts
a.only i
b.only ii
c.i and iii only
d.i and ii only
e.ii and iii only
 This Question is based on the following passage:

18. The phrase "achievements as enormous as any coliseum or highway" in the passage can be described as:
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What others think about GMAT Practice Test - Reading Comprehension II
By: Nancy on 4/20/2019
  I would like to see a complete page of horror movie quizzes for the horror genre fans!
By: Bobby Kalsi on 4/19/2019
  Try to make it easier to search for a QUIZ Category.. (It should be easier to seach for a quiz category...)
By: Tom on 4/18/2019
  I want more quiz questions
By: Aumkar on 4/17/2019
  It was enjoyable.
By: Shannon on 4/16/2019
  I have never seen such an excellent quiz website before this.
By: Samantha on 4/15/2019
  This is so cool. Even though I really did not know some of the questions, it was still fun!
By: Free quiz seeker on 4/14/2019
  I am searching for an impossible quiz
By: general knowledge seeker on 4/13/2019
  i love to take tests and quizzes. quizzes are my life. general knowledge questions are good for everyone
By: Alice on 4/12/2019
  Its a very good Quiz. It rocks my socks!!!!!
By: Kath on 4/11/2019
  It's a really good quiz.
By: Sridhar on 4/10/2019
  Its a really good way to brush up things and informative also.
By: Haris on 4/9/2019
  These quizzes will increase my vocab skill.Frequently i Have used this website to check my vocab strength.
By: quiz girl on 4/8/2019
  hey folks! i like the amazing quizzes on quizmoz. it increases your general knowledge
By: Laura on 4/7/2019
  I appreciate the time and effort that the quiz maker put into the quiz
By: Dave on 4/6/2019
  I really enjoyed this quiz. I will take a lot of information away with me. Great quiz
By: Erin on 4/5/2019
  it was a fun and interseting quiz!
By: Tommy on 4/4/2019
  Great site. Good learning and fun.
By: QuizMoz Fan on 4/3/2019
  I love all the QuizMoz quizzes. The general knowledge quiz is my favorite
By: Kayla on 4/2/2019
  I think this is a great quiz full of knowlodge and information.
By: Quiz Game Player on 4/1/2019
  One day I will crack all the Impossible quizzes in the world

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