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Welcome to the QuizMoz Cell Phone Etiquette Quiz. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

The Cell Phone Etiquette Quiz is designed to test your knowledge of proper cell phone use when, where and how. The Cell Phone Etiquette Quiz questions are carefully crafted so you can gauge how much you really know about proper phone etiquette.
1. Although it's generally considered poor form to use your cell phone on public transportation where others can easily hear your conversation, what percentage of people in a recent poll say they take calls while on a bus or on a train?
2. Many people talk louder on cell phones than they would on a regular phone, assuming there is a need. Why is this not necessary?
a.The microphones on cell phones are more sensitive than in regular phones
b.It's distracting to people around you
c.Your talking could be too loud for the person on the other end
d.You could damage the microphone in your phone
3. Talking on a cell phone while driving can be as dangerous as ______.
a.Driving while eating
b.Driving while distracted by a car full of people
c.Driving while drunk
d.Driving while watching TV
4. If you get a text message while in a restaurant or at a show, what should you do?
a.Wait until later; it's rude to read and reply to the message
b.Reply right away; it's far less diverting than talking on the phone
c.Read the message, but wait until later to respond
d.Wait until a break either in your conversation or program, and then respond.
5. What month is Cell Phone Courtesy Month?
d.There is no Cell Phone Courtesy Month, but there should be
6. What should you do if you are expecting a call on your cell phone but you have to go into a meeting?
a.Warn your colleagues you are expecting a call and may need to briefly leave the meeting to answer if it comes through
b.Warn your colleagues you are expecting a call and then feel free to answer while in the meeting
c.Put your phone on vibrate and quickly leave the meeting once the call comes
d.Have your phone's voice mail get the call and get the message as quickly as you can
7. In which of the following places is it more acceptable to leave your cell phone on and taking calls?
d.Business lunch
8. If you are visiting someone's home, but expecting a call on your cell phone, how should you handle it?
a.Keep the phone on; rules are relaxed in peoples' homes
b.Tell your host about the expected call, then put the phone on vibrate
c.Put the phone on vibrate
d.Turn your phone off; no call is worth insulting your host over
9. If you are having a meal with an important person and your cell rings, what should you do?
a.Immediately turn your phone off
b.Answer the call immediately and keep it brief
c.Excuse yourself, step away and keep the call brief
d.Since it's a business call, and this is a business meeting, take the call, but speak quietly
10. Fun cell phone rings are popular these days, but why do etiquette experts say blaring Eminem or ABBA from your phone is in poor taste?
a.Others might not like your taste in music
b.They are often loud and disruptive
c.They can be offensive to others
d.All of the above
11. In order to respect the personal space of those around you, how far should you stand from people when taking a cell phone call?
a.30 feet
b.20 feet
c.10 feet
d.5 feet
12. You forget to turn off your cell phone when you go to the movies and your phone rings during the trailers. What do you do?
a.Answer it and be sure to be off the phone by the time the movie starts
b.Turn if off and let the voice mail take the call
c.Get up and answer the phone but don't return to your seat until the call is over
d.Answer it, especially if it's an important call, but keep your voice low and the call brief
13. You don't always have to turn your phone off in public places. You can always put it on mute or vibrate.
14. In a 2006 survey, what percentage of adults indicated they think it's OK to talk on their cell phone while in the bathroom?

15. What state was the first to make illegal the use of a cell phone while driving?
a.New York
b.New Jersey
16. When you are talking on a cell phone while driving you're reflexes are just as slow as ...
a.a chicken
b.a 5 year old
c.a 30 year old
d.a 75 year old
17. When going to a hospital to visit a very sick friend your phone rings. What do you do?
a.Leave your friend and go answer it.
b.Not have it on in the first place but if on let it go to voice mail.
c.Don't bet it at all and make up an excuse to tell the caller later
d.Text the caller and tell them you'll call them back
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What others think about Cell Phone Etiquette
By: Dena on Aug 23, 2013
By: Megan on Aug 22, 2013
  No one uses cell phone etiquette anymore.
By: Kevin Laytham on Aug 22, 2013
  Use your phone properly and don't text and drive or talk on your phone while driving.
By: Karla on Apr 29, 2013
  This was a good quiz to think about our appropriate use of the cellphone.
By: Katie on Apr 28, 2013
  You should not come into a store and expect a clerk to wait on you when you are on your cellphone.
By: Miochie Martin on Apr 12, 2013
  It was very interesting!
By: john on Jul 11, 2011
  this is a great quiz
By: anant on Jan 10, 2011
  good work
By: Sherell Kirksey on Oct 5, 2010
  Cell Phone Etiquette is confusing to me most important calls you have to take.
By: Paige Batson on Sep 28, 2010
  Cell Phone Etiquette helped me to understand the proper etiquette of cell phone usage that i might not have ever know.
By: Sima on Jun 28, 2010
  Take control of your cell phone!
By: linnard on May 15, 2010
  cant tell them they said dont drive wile on a cell phone get a hand free device but a few did other connyimue to do it although its a 125 dollar fine put pepole with cell phoes while dring think they are above the law kike imunity from it
By: Ted Neill on Apr 27, 2010
  Cell Phones are a great source of communication. They also if in wrong hands are as bad as guns and kill way to many people if they don't respect them while driving.
By: Jim on Apr 21, 2010
  I don't get the cell phones in a bathroom issue. How can people be so rude?
By: katherine on Mar 17, 2010
  more people need to learn proper cell phone etiquette
By: katherine on Mar 17, 2010
  everyone needs to learn what is proper
By: Kim on Feb 28, 2010
  I believe there is a place and time for everything and in the middle of the movies, store, on the bus or walking to class are places a person needs to carry on very loud sometime private conversations over a cell phone.
By: Drummy on Feb 27, 2010
  Took the wife to a concert at a small local venue. She found out she has Solitaire on new iPhone. Would not stop playing game even after I asked her several times nicely, and teased her about it being a game to play when you are alone . She would not stop so we left early.
By: dentondamron on Jan 26, 2010
  just dont talk on the phone in public.
By: briansloving on Oct 18, 2009
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By: phoneman on Oct 1, 2009
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By: nava on Sep 28, 2009
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By: Keith on Sep 21, 2009
  Questions should have open ended responses, there are other options.
By: guadalupe juarez on Sep 21, 2009
  cell phones are good for you they help you do things that you need.
By: Jatroosysog on Sep 6, 2009
  Are you chestnut of the millions of people who deliver assign to their horoscope every day? You can upon anyone off the row and they intent not quite certainly understand their zodiac to forgo! Skeptics of astrology claim that it's based on 4000 year old principles, so how can it still be profitable
By: emily on Aug 28, 2009
  i dont think txting in public is wrong at all. i dont even turn the beeper off. all my friends do it. it easier and quieter than calling. its a gr8 invention.
By: Hawisside on Aug 3, 2009
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By: dsingh on Jul 18, 2009
  even i m writing a book on cell phone etiquettes this is a good quiz i m going to tell all my friends about it
By: Teri on Jun 2, 2009
  Great for my teenager!
By: samantha on May 6, 2009
  it was cool. people should make more tests like that
By: Ebony on Apr 22, 2009
  having a cell phone brings on un needed stress and is very distractive.
By: eymey on Mar 23, 2009
  life was far much better before cell phones!
By: charz on Mar 16, 2009
  please follow the cell phone etiquette
By: gravy boat on Feb 21, 2009
  Hey, if you don't leave a message, it's must not important and don't expect me to call you right back.
By: Dixie Geer on Feb 10, 2009
  Cell phones can be a useful tool used wisely and with the proper etiquitte or it can be a disasterous when not used properly.
By: nilakshi on Nov 30, 2008
  cell phones are necessity these days but still every has to take their own responsibilityto maintain the cell phone etiquette
By: Holly on Nov 8, 2008
  Um, well..... i don't even have a cell.... but I really want one!
By: carolyn on Oct 20, 2008
  I would like to see more about work etiquette
By: Kenesha Hamlin on Oct 17, 2008
  Always be aware of your peers and jow you handle things.
By: Loly on Aug 28, 2008
  As a general rule, talking on a cell phone when your surroundings are quiet is a good indication that you will distrub others around you, i.e., buses, subways, trains, planes.
By: Vivek on Jul 23, 2008
  Remember, we did live effectilvely without Cell Phones!
By: Ram on Jul 23, 2008
  Keep simple and brief
By: Praveen A G E on Jul 23, 2008
  Know cell phone etiquette and follow it strictly, I think ur cell phone handling depicts thyself to others.
By: yenna on Jul 21, 2008
  i hate it when people are in the bathroom on the phone and just sit there and talk all day. they somehow don't realize the inexcusable hold up and annoying echo they are causing.
By: Anonymous on Jul 11, 2008
  Using your cell phone in the restroom is NEVER OK. It's a violation of privacy for the others in the restroom.
By: Mary on Jul 11, 2008
  A woman who answered her phone in a CSU class required for Teachers.
By: JuJu on Jul 10, 2008
  I hate rude ttalkers
By: Debbie on Jul 8, 2008
  The worst experience I had was a lady calling home during an expensive broadway show just to check on babysitting. I thought, you've got to be kidding me! I could hear most of her phone call rather than the broadway show.
By: Gracy on Jul 6, 2008
  You know what ... here's the thing with incoming calls. If it's important, they'll leave a message. :) So many people are missing out on being present to where they are at this very moment. Why talk on the phone when you're at a restaurant with people face to face? Enjoy the power of NOW. (Great book by Eckhart Tolle, by the way ... The Power of Now). [By the way, I prob. failed this quiz because I work from home and don't have to deal with cell phone etiquette. When I am out in front of other people I always let it go to voicemail.]
By: Stacey on Jul 5, 2008
  My biggest pet peeve about cell phones are the people who keep their blue tooth ear piece on at ALL times. It is just pompous and rude. People if you are at dinner or in a meeting TAKE IT OFF! It makes the other person feel as if they do not have your undivided attention and will always come second to the phone. It also drives me crazy when people talk on cell phones in the elevator. Seriously, can you not wait 2 min until your off the elevator? I can guarantee you that everyone else DOES NOT want to hear your conversation.

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