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 Brain Using Quiz  
Welcome to the QuizMoz Brain Using Quiz . We congratulate you on your decision to take the immensely popular Quizmoz Brain Using Quiz which has been widely proven as an authenticate and accurate measure of IQ. The Quizmoz Brain Using Quiz is based on the universally acceptable method of projection of the your measured rank on the Gaussian bell curve with an average IQ of 100. The Brain Using Quiz will also evaluate different aspects of your IQ such as :

Linguistic/Verbal Ability
Logical Ability
Numerical Skills
Perceptual Skills
Visual Spatial Skills
Sample IQ Result
At the end of the Brain Using Quiz you will shown your IQ score along with a description of what the score means relative to the IQ of other people. The Brain Using Quiz is totally free and there is no paid component to the final IQ report what so ever.

What the IQ test scores could mean for you

While there could be many inherited or societal factors that influence IQ, the Brain Using Quiz score can be used in many contexts and is a great predictor of educational and career achievement, moreover you can compare your IQ score with peers, friends and family and see where you rank!

Duration of Brain Using Quiz: 40 minutes
No of times Brain Using Quiz has been taken: 5

Coverage:  Not for empty brains... Quiz by Ashish Rawat

1. where did the BRICS summit 2011 held?
c.New Delhi
2. Who is the invented Java?
a.James Gosling
b.Dennis Riche
c.Michael Day
3. Who won Booker-2010 Award?
a.Salman Rushdie
b.Howard Jacobson
c.Arvind Adinga
d.Hanif Kureshi
4. Where did the UID project first started in this of India?
a.New Delhi
c.Tembli (Maharastra)
d.satna (M P)
5. which is the hottest Planet of the solar system?
6. Copacabana Beach is located in?
a.Buenos Aries
b.Hawaiian islands
c.Rio de Janeiro
7. Which is the greatest archipelago on globe?
a.West indies
8. Which of the planet has longest day?
9. which of the following gas is used for Refrigeration?
b.Sulphur Dioxide
10. New Member of BRICS IS:
a.South Africa
b.Sri lanka
11. Uranium Corporation of India Limited is situated in:
b.West Bengal
d.New Delhi
12. The first Viceroy of India was:
a.Lord Warren Hastings
b.Lord Canning
c.Lord Curzon
d.Lord Dalhouise
Disclaimer: The information in the QuizMoz Brain Using Quiz is published for the sole purpose of comparison & intellectual stimulation. The Brain Using Quiz in no way is a complete or accurate analysis of your personality. The Brain Using Quiz results are relative comparisons of IQ traits with test takers who have already appeared for the Brain Using Quiz. QuizMoz.com does take responsibility or liability for the interpretation of the results of the Brain Using Quiz results.

   You must attempt atleast 20 questions.   


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