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Welcome to the QuizMoz Pirate Quiz. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

The Pirate Quiz is designed to test your knowledge of all types of pirates. The Pirate Quiz questions are carefully compiled and will enable you to gauge how much you know about the Pirate.
1. Which American town has a baseball team called the Pirates?
2. Who is the pirate leader in the film  'Pirates of the Caribbean: the Curse of the Black Pearl" ?
a.Jim Sparks
b.Jack Sparrow
c.Joe Riggs
d.Johnny Wright
3. During which two centuries were pirate activities at their peak?
a.16th and 17th
b.17th and 18th
c.15th and 16th
d.18th and 19th
4. Poet John Masefield wrote about which pirate?
a.John Silver
b.Jack Black
c.Joe Teach
d.Jim Lee
5. What did Robert Louis Stevenson originally plan to call his pirate adventure 'Treasure Island'?
a.The black spot
b.Long John
c.The sea cook
d.Wind and weather
6. Off the coast of which American state has t he wreck of Blackbeard's ship 'The Queen Anne's Revenge' been found?
a.North Carolina
d.New Jersey
7. What job did the king of England give to  William Kidd before he became a pirate?
a.Governor of New York
b.Admiral of the fleet
c.Catcher of pirates
d.Architect of his new palace
8. What is a pirate flag often called?
a.The Jolly Roger
b.The Happy Harry
c.The Gaping Skull
d.The Cross bones
9. Some pirates of the east called their captains  Ali Raja. What does this mean?
a.Sea Monster
b.Great Leader
c.Wave Rider
d.Captain of the seas
10. How many times did Blackbeard (never divorced) get married?
11. What would a pirate have understood by a ship's colours?
a.The flag denoting its nationality
b.The presence of women on a ship
c.The officers
d.Signal flags
12. If a pirate was marooned what had happened to him?
a.He had been hit by gunshot
b.He had been abandoned on a deserted island
c.He had been captured by a naval ship
d.He had abandoned piracy for a settled life on shore.
13. How many pieces of 8 did it take to be worth the same as a doubloon ?
14. What happened to most captured pirates?
a.They were sold as slaves
b.They were recruited into the navy
c.They were shot
d.They were hung
15. In which country was Captain Henry Morgan born?
16. What two women were famous for piracy?
a.Mary Kate and Ashley
b.Anne Bonny and Mary Read
c.Sarah Gussman and Hannah Sparks
d.Joanne and Jean Judd
17. where do piratescome from?
a.pirate land
18. Which 2 pirates were known as the Blackley Buccaneers?
a.Mr Jones and Mr Gill
b.Pugwash and Matey
c.Silver John and morgan spice
d.Parnell and warren
19. how did captain jack KILL the BLACKBIRD inside the COFFIN?
a.stabbed it
b.shot it
c.left it
d.opened the coffin an drowned the bird
20. Who is the goddess of the sea in the films pirates of the Caribbean
21. how many years has it been since the pirates made it to the playoffs?
a.21 years
b.19 years
c.12 years
d.9 years
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What others think about Pirate
By: christie on Jul 2, 2011
  pirates are great
By: Clad on Feb 25, 2011
  Great Site
By: Demi on Nov 14, 2010
  Pirates are cool
By: nicole on Sep 3, 2010
  great site!
By: krede on Aug 19, 2010
  u gotta love em? hell i dont know what i want to tell
By: Doriana on Apr 29, 2010
  Pirates are nasty but cute
By: Karin on Nov 10, 2009
  Pirates rock.
By: Pirate on Nov 3, 2009
  Dunno ... I dont know the result yet ! lol
By: nejkfd on Oct 18, 2009
  they like pie!
By: yo on Oct 13, 2009
  I Know about bluebeard he killed his wives
By: Calico J. Bonney on Sep 23, 2009
  These thin's be good t' do when you be becommin' a pirate recruit. Safe sailin'.
By: Patric on Sep 23, 2009
  talk like a pirate
By: Emily on Sep 21, 2009
  Captain Jack Sparrow has the best idea. Wait for the opertune moment.
By: terd sandwich on Sep 17, 2009
  apple sauce
By: Ran on Aug 29, 2009
  Pirates RULE!!!!
By: s on Aug 26, 2009
  hi reckon that b-funk smells
By: s on Aug 26, 2009
  hi reckon that b-funk smells
By: jack on Jul 22, 2009
  Pirates invented gay marriage, back then known as matealot.
By: B-funk on Jul 9, 2009
  "Under The Black Flag" check out this book its amazing!
By: Black Jake on Jul 3, 2009
  Long live the pirates!!!!
By: Lkdxumfs on Jun 27, 2009
  UQbl8Z comment2 ,
By: kimmi on Jun 12, 2009
  aye me hearties did I do any good yer scum dogs?
By: askary on Jun 10, 2009
  great times,i wish i could live on those times,having a ship and harrasing some merchants
By: colette on Jun 5, 2009
  Anne bonny she was one of the first girl pirates on borad and she was fought in mens clothes and a furious fighter
By: kathryn on May 14, 2009
  excellent :-)
By: David Whitehouse on May 7, 2009
  Pirates thought tha wearing an earing improved their eyesight
By: MissBreeze on Apr 23, 2009
  I wish i were a pirate ...
By: Team FamAs on Apr 11, 2009
  We like you quiz. Thank you for fun. Join /channel# Team FamAs
By: savvy on Apr 10, 2009
  Pirates...gotta love em ay, yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
By: Maria on Mar 25, 2009
  pirates of carive
By: Jossa on Feb 5, 2009
  Pirate Party on Saturday!
By: Jerry on Feb 3, 2009
  Pirates are cool!
By: Fred on Nov 27, 2008
  I like priates
By: Joyce on Nov 5, 2008
  Long live Pirates!
By: john on Oct 22, 2008
  cool test
By: Angie_Rudisill on Oct 20, 2008
  They are cool!
By: Mandy Hill on Oct 20, 2008
  They rock!
By: Kay on Oct 15, 2008
  There were but two known female pirates in the Caribbean, Anne Bonny and Mary Read; and they sailed on the same ship
By: Al the brave on Oct 11, 2008
  I don't feel my legs.
By: Kay Kay on Sep 1, 2008
  Kool Site
By: john on Aug 28, 2008
  Also known as Cap'n D. Tator

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