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      Home > Quizzes and Fun Tests > Love, Crush, Romance and Valentine's Quizzes > Am i good flirt Quiz

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Welcome to the QuizMoz Am i good flirt Quiz. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

The Am I a good flirt quiz tests your knowledge about flirting issues. Take this quiz to check your flirting quotient.
1. Do you check out girls or boys a lot?
a.Your opposite sex
c.None of the Above
2. Do you get bored very easily with one person?
3. If a hot girl or guy asked you out while you were dating your partner, would you dump her/him?
4. Can you start up a conversation with anyone you like?
a.Yes, very easily
b.Yes, but with a bit of effort
c.No, I keep looking for a topic
5. Do you compliment the person you are flrting with?
6. Do you:
a.Maintain an eye contact
c.Look down or here and there while conversing
7. Do you find your self doing wearIing things that would make someone you are interestd in or anyone look at you nonstop?
a.I don't care what I am wearing
b.GIRL: I wear short skirts GUY: shirts that would show mucles
c.I try but i just dont like being exposed like that
d.Why would i do that?
8. do you get so close to someone that you are practically touching?
a.Depends on the person
b.Im costerphobic i would never
c.i love being close to people like that I find it sexy when your face is inches away from there face
d.who would want to
9. If you are at a dance or a bar and you see some one you like, what would you do?
a.Go up and dance next to her, if no girl is by him and rave like crazy.
b.Kiss a guy by her to get him jealous.
c.Ask a friend to introduce you to her.
d.Ask her out personally.
10. if your partner is flirting with a sexy guy/ girl what would you do?
a.Walk away and ignore them totally
b.Dump him / her
c.Go inbetween both of them and start snogging your partner
d.go inbetween them and talk to your partmer so he knows where he belongs
11. what movie is a perfect teacher on how to flirt with a guy/girl?
a.Two Can Play That Game
b.Aqua marine
c.Win a date with Tad Hamilton
d.Mean Girls
12. If you're in a big group of friends and you flirt with a boy/girl if your BFF sees this and goes over to the person your flirting with, what would yuu do?
a.Keep talking but give her the eye and be mad at your bff
b.Pull your crush away to a more private place
c.Walk away
d.Flirt more than usual so your friend gets the idea to leave
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What others think about Am i good flirt
By: annoymous on Sep 4, 2013
  i really like this girl and I want her to like me
By: abbie on Aug 21, 2013
  Im just a verry friendly person but i guess sometime people mistake my friendlyness as flirting .. If i actualy did try to flirt im sure i would make a complete fool of myself aha
By: jason on Apr 26, 2013
  I am a natural flirt, I am just being myself
By: Brenda on Apr 11, 2013
  top notch. keep it up!
By: Amanda on Apr 10, 2013
  Good quiz
By: Serena on Mar 22, 2013
  It was a very good quiz
By: Bailey on Mar 20, 2013
  Nice quiz.
By: madison on May 6, 2012
  I love to flirt with cute boys
By: skc123 on Jul 12, 2011
  i like the quiz
By: john on Jul 4, 2011
  I think this Is A Good Test
By: lilly on Jun 18, 2011
  it was a good quiz
By: Emma m on Jun 11, 2011
  A little lengthy, but a good quiz
By: Anna on Jun 5, 2011
  This quiz is awsome. By the way not every person who goes on here is unlike able. Somtimes when i flirt i tell a joke or ask about after work.
By: Micaela on Mar 17, 2011
  I know i am a big flirt, guys have told me. Flirting is fun. And i pull my men in. haha. Trust me, sexy is the way to go!
By: amey on Feb 11, 2011
  wow awesome.......
By: kassi on Feb 9, 2011
  i think i am a awsome flirt when i flirt with guys they always flirt back with me
By: Julian on Feb 9, 2011
  its all him him what about her?? its for dudes too and i dnt need aquiz to tell me if im hot ;) i just look in a mirror :P
By: george on Feb 2, 2011
  Ok so like all the girls i know call me a huge flirt. this one girl says that im a 8.5 out of 10 for how much i flirt. then all of her other friends say that i am too
By: Shania on Feb 1, 2011
  I think u should always act prettyand smile it's atractive unless u don't have pretty teeth like me always act cute and silly sometimes don't play tomuch and act sexy but in a way that he doesn't know ur acting sexy.
By: lexxy on Feb 1, 2011
  you should just go for it what is the wrorst thing that can happen he walks away maybe he will end up your boyfriend!!!
By: Lucy on Jan 10, 2011
  I've found that a lot of guys are too shy to make the first move, so girls, if you like a guy, and the subtle flirting isn't working, then go ahead and just ask them out. A lot of guys don't get the "obvious" hints we throw at them, and you really don't have that much to lose.
By: sophie mcart on Jan 7, 2011
  this web site is amazing and funn;)))))
By: Ana Marie on Dec 27, 2010
  Good questions.
By: Chelsey on Dec 27, 2010
  my boyfrends mates sed im a cute flirter and my bf got jelouse and sed im a s... flirter i sed it didnt matter but they all started wooping and going oooh cute gf mate soo i took this to c if i am my mates sed tht i shouldnt flirt if i hv a bf but its basically my nature i gt it off my older sister:
By: Jessika on Dec 2, 2010
  good quiz
By: zira brown on Nov 20, 2010
  i love this
By: juliana on Nov 13, 2010
  verry intresting i will noww know if i am a good flirt and if i should carry on flirtin....n ready or not am i a good flirt
By: Kat on Nov 3, 2010
  good quiz
By: ayah on Oct 31, 2010
  i love flirting my crush .
By: emma on Oct 20, 2010
  i love this quiz
By: sexybiatchhhhh on Oct 2, 2010
  luv all u hot guys i just wanna kiss u all over luvvv u L.D
By: Vusi on Sep 19, 2010
  A girl once asked my for my numbers after a lil walk i had with her
By: lynsey on Sep 12, 2010
  I like my guy friend but my i think my bff likes him too beacause she always seems to be flirtin wid him
By: Dolly minaj on Aug 29, 2010
  I think that i am a good flirt because guys dig me and want me ,i am their biggest fantacy
By: Eve on Aug 17, 2010
  2 be honest i was just bored so i done this quiz
By: Anna on Jul 31, 2010
  I think im hot and sexy so i like to play hard to get...but sometimes it chases off the guys i like
By: beatrice on Jul 25, 2010
  i don't flirt Alot i don't really care.
By: prasi on Jul 24, 2010
  i like flirting
By: beatrice on Jul 25, 2010
  i don't flirt Alot i don't really care.
By: prasi on Jul 24, 2010
  i like flirting
By: krissy on Jul 22, 2010
  ya its allright i mena go for it
By: simi on Jul 22, 2010
  hey good questions man
By: hamza on Jul 22, 2010
  it is an interesting quiz
By: Rai on Jul 18, 2010
  Some serious spelling issues here.
By: Kristen on Jul 1, 2010
  Loved this quiz!! very fun, i had to keep thinking about myself, and look at what i do. hope i did okay!! ;)
By: maya on Jun 30, 2010
  I know I'm not a good flirt but one can try ,eh?
By: Amanda on Jun 29, 2010
  fun quiz
By: Sam on Jun 29, 2010
  of course im a good flirt !!!!!
By: Alex on Jun 23, 2010
  A bit boring to long around 15 would be mine
By: Preston on Jun 7, 2010
  good quiz
By: k on Jun 7, 2010
  i think i am a terrible flirt. I get all shy around any moderatly attractive guy. And i thin i have totally blown any chances in dating the girl I am in love with who also happens to be my best friend. Things were great but then some stupid things were said/assumed and then some things WEREN"T
By: alek on Jun 4, 2010
  this quiz know if what you want 2 do is the right thing so just do this quiz its the best
By: adelle braden on May 23, 2010
  haha.... good one! subject : flirty / seduction love it......
By: Mesha on Mar 21, 2010
  I am a good flirt because i enjoy life while i can, and i don't back down from nothing, ya feel me, i'm real, and erbody knows it....
By: alondra on Mar 8, 2010
  it is a great quiz
By: Lauren on Feb 26, 2010
  this is a very interesting quiz haha
By: bob on Feb 24, 2010
  its good
By: brianna on Feb 19, 2010
  haa this one time i didnt like this boy but he liked me a lot nd i waould always flirt with him ..... then 1 day he asked me out i said yes even tho i didnt like him then as soon as i did start liking him he broke up wit me cuz he thought i didnt like him!!!!
By: Payasa on Feb 17, 2010
  nice lol
By: Jessica on Feb 17, 2010
  This is a good quizz for girls to take.
By: dont worry bout it on Feb 16, 2010
  good quiz guess.
By: sarah on Feb 16, 2010
  great quiz
By: isabella on Feb 16, 2010
  if a guy really likes you cant go wrong with a little teasing and never ever stop smiling if you like him back that is
By: katie peterson on Feb 14, 2010
By: Ashland on Feb 12, 2010
  I think the grammar could be a little more correct but and some of the questions could be more precise but other than that, I think it was a pretty good quiz.
By: geoorge on Feb 10, 2010
  im bad at talking to girls
By: CharZaYel on Feb 10, 2010
  Chea!!!!!!!!! Can't Wait To See My Score...o
By: jasmin on Feb 8, 2010
  nice quiz
By: -hannah:)_wuz_here- on Feb 6, 2010
  i like the guys who like me or seem 2 like me
By: Smak on Feb 5, 2010
  I think this is a fun quiz XD
By: skye on Feb 4, 2010
  this was long but i cant wait to se my results:)
By: Lexi on Feb 3, 2010
  this is a good quiz, ith good results. i recomended it to myfriends who think they are good flirts and that guys or girls like them. LOL. some girls(and guys) had to think twice about their flirting after the quiz!
By: rachel on Feb 3, 2010
  cool quiz
By: Beyotch on Feb 2, 2010
  I am totally flirtatious
By: on Feb 1, 2010
  Yo mamma
By: brandy on Jan 27, 2010
  i am a HUGE flirt i flirt with guys even if i am going out with someone
By: nena on Jan 26, 2010
  if u love him dont let him go if you rilly like him u would tell enyone of if ther flurtig with him or even talking about him and if he cheats on you dount ignor it and pretend nuthing is hapining dount stand him tell him of
By: katia on Jan 26, 2010
  i am a flirt not a hoe hehe
By: Alisha on Jan 24, 2010
  Sometimes when I feel really cinfident or in a spur of a moment I'll flirt with anyone around me.
By: karla on Jan 20, 2010
  i guess i am a good flirt
By: sam on Jan 17, 2010
  nice one
By: katie on Jan 17, 2010
  i love flirting :)
By: Jess on Jan 16, 2010
  Okaaaaay quiz<3
By: Alissa on Jan 16, 2010
  ummm....i just think ima fail this quiz....i mean i thnk im too shy for flirting especially since i've nevr rly flirted with any1 b4............but i guess i'll see...........
By: your mom on Jan 16, 2010
By: Cheyene on Jan 15, 2010
  i am like soooo hot and you guys are all like idiots! u r soo stew pid
By: McKenna on Jan 9, 2010
  This is an alright quiz.
By: Nma-Elietta on Jan 9, 2010
  boring quiz and its so stupid
By: jsdhsjgj on Jan 8, 2010
By: You can figure it out on Jan 7, 2010
  i'm good at this buissness
By: Maria on Jan 7, 2010
  I Think itwas good.
By: weirdish girl on Jan 5, 2010
  i wish u cood see my friend total flirt
By: helen on Dec 31, 2009
  i get told off for flirting by my mates all the time, but i dont even realize im doing it. i know im a quite a bit of a flirt but i dont mean any harm by it :)
By: jkhsdgkj on Dec 30, 2009
By: katie on Dec 22, 2009
  hiya wuu2 xxxxxxxxxx
By: bob on Feb 24, 2010
  its good
By: brianna on Feb 19, 2010
  haa this one time i didnt like this boy but he liked me a lot nd i waould always flirt with him ..... then 1 day he asked me out i said yes even tho i didnt like him then as soon as i did start liking him he broke up wit me cuz he thought i didnt like him!!!!
By: Payasa on Feb 17, 2010
  nice lol
By: Jessica on Feb 17, 2010
  This is a good quizz for girls to take.
By: dont worry bout it on Feb 16, 2010
  good quiz guess.

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