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      Home > Quizzes and Fun Tests > MCSE Practice Tests > MCSE Practice Test - Windows Network Design Infrastructure II

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Welcome to the QuizMoz MCSE Practice Test - Windows Network Design Infrastructure II. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

  • Active Directory
  • Certificate Template
  • Clustering
  • DNS
  • General
  • 1. John is the network administrator for his company. When he tried to install active directory in windows server 2003 web edition using administrative credentials, setup failed. Identify the problem.
    a.DNS is missing
    b.Drive should be formatted in NTFS
    c.Operating system not supported
    d.Log on with the local administrator account
    2. Which is the default protocol to be used if any of the system in windows XP or server 2003 does not support Kerberos v5?
    b.LAN Manager
    c.kerberos 4
    3. Which FSMO role is responsible for synchronizing clock between domain controllers?
    a.Domain naming master
    b.PDC emulator master
    c.Infrastructure role
    d.RID role        
    4. Which of the followings certificate types can be used for auto-enrollment?
    a.Enterprise root CA
    b.Enterprise subordinate CA
    c.Stand-alone root CA
    d.Stand-alone subordinate CA
    5. A certificate server was installed and configured in windows 2003. Certificate templates have been created for network security. What is the maximum renewal period that can be set for any certificate template, if valid for one year?
    a.547 days
    b.39 weeks
    c.22 days
    d.31 weeks
    6. Certificate templates are configured in windows server 2003. All subjects that hold certificates should re-enroll the next time the subject verifies version. How can subjects version can be matched quickly?
    a.Re-enroll all certificate holders
    b.Supersede templates
    c.Make an application policies
    d.Set the higher validity period for certificates
    7. Which of the followings certificate templates can be published to the active directory?
    a.Basic EFS
    b.CEP encryption
    c.Exchange user
    d.Smartcard user
    e.Web server
    f.All of the above
    8. Which of the followings are recommended guidelines for configuring cluster networking in windows server 2003 ?
    a.Network adapters must use the same configuration settings
    b.APIPA is supported in cluster network
    c.Private network adapter must be configured with default gateway
    d.Static address are recommended for all network adapters
    9. A Network Cluster was implemented in Windows server 2003 for providing failure support. Later, it was discovered that the node that owns quorum resource is unable to access configuration information through disk management. What may be the cause of the problem?
    a.The SCSI or Fibre media is mamaged
    b.The cluster disk may not be digitally signed
    c.Message Queuing Srevice is stopped
    d.Cable length exceeds the recommended limit
    10. Which of the following may be the possibilities, if the administrator discovers that cluster service fails to initialize quorum resources in Windows Server 2003?
    a.Cables are not properly connected
    b.Physical disks does not spin after getting power
    c.Implemented RAID is corrupted
    d.Drive unable to read the storage bus
    11. Which command line utility comes up with Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit to write down the new signature in new hard disk after a failed hard disk is replaced?
    12. A Server Cluster was configured in Windows Server 2003. A WINS server was installed on same server for resolving NetBIOS queries. Clients are running on Windows XP. It was examined that Cluster Server and quorum is configured correctly. But still users are facing problems in accessing cluster file share resource. What steps can be taken to allow the clients access share resources?
    a.Security policies are restricting the users for accessing resources
    b.Enable Guest Account for providing access
    c.Restart the Cluster Service
    d.Uninstall WINS server
    13. Danny is the network administrator for a company. His network consists of one DNS server running n windows server 2003 domain and 100 windows XP clients. He changed some resource records in DNS zone. HE tried to check the same with nslookup command on client computer at same time but found outdated information. But DNS server shows updated database. What should he do?
    a.Run ipconfig/flushdns command at client computer
    b.Restart DNS client services
    c.Restart DNS server
    d.Restart netlogon services
    14. How will the administrator of a company secure the DNS zones in windows server 2003?
    a.Enable round robin
    b.Configure secure dynamic updates
    c.Restrict zone transfer to specified addresses
    d.Use BIND secondaries
    15. Users in windows 2003 server environment face problem in receiving mails from outside, but do not encounter a problem in sending. Which command based utility can be used to verify whether it is a DNS problem or not?
    e.None of the above
    16. Beth is the network administrator for a company. She wants to control and configure IAS server remotely that is installed on windows server 2003.But company policies demand that the data should be secured in remote administration of IAS server. What is recommended for secure remote connections?
    a.Digital certificates
    c.Terminal services
    17. If IAS is installed on ____________and _______________, these operating systems support authentication across forests without configuring a RADIUS proxy, provided that the network functional level is windows server 2003.
    a.windows 2000 advanced server edition
    b.windows server 2003 enterprise edition        
    c.windows server 2003 standard edition
    d.windows 2000 datacenter edition
    18. Kate is the network administrator for a company. She is planning to use address scheme for her network that consists of 1000 clients. Which of the following subnet mask should she use so that addresses should not go waste?
    19. How many hosts can be configured in class-c private ip range?
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