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      Home > Quizzes and Fun Tests > MCSE Practice Tests > MCSE Practice Test - Windows Network Design Infrastructure III

 Follow QuizMoz on Twitter  MCSE Practice Test - Windows Network Design Infrastructure III

Welcome to the QuizMoz MCSE Practice Test - Windows Network Design Infrastructure III. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

  • Protocol
  • Routing Protocols
  • Routing
  • Demand-Dial Routing
  • Shadow Copies
  • TCP/IP
  • Troubleshooting
  • VPN
  • DHCP
  • WINS
  • 1. Which of the following protocols support mutual authentication in remote access server?
    b.MS-CHAP V2
    2. Which of the following statements are true regarding implementation of RRAS in windows server 2003?
    a.Disable CHAP and PAP on default remote access policy
    b.Weak passwords can be assigned if using MS-CHAP V2
    c.IAS log files should not be saved in My documents
    d.Never use account lockout policies for dial-in users
    3. John is working as a network engineer in an ISP. His company's growth required a large setup in different locations that need multiple networks and implementing various networks thereon. He has estimated the network size of 500 subnets. Which routing protocol is recommended for such a scenario?
    d.Static routes
    4. A network consists of 3 windows server 2003 routers, each interconnecting different networks running RIP v1 and RIP2. When the routing table entries were checked on each router, incorrect routes were found for each network. How will  these routes be removed from routing tables?
    a.Configure RIP 1 to accept both rip1 and rip2 announcements
    b.Configure ripv2 to accept both ripv2 and rip2 announcements
    c.Configure ripv2 to broadcast its announcements to ripv1 network
    d.Configure ripv1 to multicast announcements to rip2 network
    5. Mary is a network administrator for a company. Her network consists of windows server 2003 server and 500 clients. She is configuring the RRAS for her remote clients. She wants to create an on-demand connection but it failed to be made automatically. What can be the reason?
    a.IP routing is not enabled
    b.DHCP Relay Agent is mis-configured
    c.NAT restricts on-demand connections
    d.Mis-configured static routes
    6. Joanne is a network administrator for a company. She is using IAS as RADIUS server in windows server 2003 for providing authentication and accounting. How can the administrator use additional security with RADIUS?
    a.ipsec with ESP
    b.Enterprise certificates
    d.NTLM authentication
    7. Harry is a network administrator for a company. He has configured shadow copies feature in windows 2003 server because network users often delete or modify the contents of company's sensitive data. A user complained that when he tries to restore an old version, new version gets deleted. How will Harry guide the user so that current version should not be replaced?
    a.Shadow is not recommended in this scenario
    b.Use copy to copy the previous version to a different location
    c.Restore the current version from the latest backup
    d.Run system restore to restore latest version
    8. Which of the following statements are true regarding shadow copies ?
    a.File permissions do not change after restoration
    b.Destination directory permissions will be the default when copying  a previous version file        
    c.Restoring individual files puts heavy load on server instead of large files
    d.Users need administrative privileges for restoring to a previous version
    9. The shadow copies feature is enabled on windows server 2003 for providing access to users to restore previous version files. When the users restore, they are unable to write anything in previous version files. Identify the problem.
    a.Previous versions are read-only
    b.Write access denied on files
    c.File may be corrupted
    d.File may be created on FAT
    10. How can the administrator improve shadow copies performance?
    a.Shadow copies should always be stored on separate disk
    b.Default shadow copies location is recommended
    c.It must be on a different partition on same disk
    d.Run disk de-fragmentation for improving performance
    11. Which applications are supported under TCP protocols?
    12. Which command-line utility can be used to restore the default domain and domain controller group policy to their original state?
    13. How can the administrator in windows server 2003 temporarily check the DNS performance and the packets sent and received by DNS server without affecting overall server performance and consuming disk space?
    a.Enable event logging in DNS
    b.Enable debug logging in DNS
    c.Enable audit system events policies
    d.Use Network Monitor
    14. Sanjay is a network administrator for a company. He is using LMHOSTS file in each windows XP client computer for resolving NETBIOS name. When modifying the file in one of the client computer successfully, he went go the command prompt and entered "nbtstat -c" command but noticed outdated records. What should he do to refresh LMHOSTS file?                    
    a.arp -a
    b.nbtstat - R
    c.restart the WINS server
    d.nbtstat -r        
    15. Tom is hired as the network engineer for a newly established company. He has been assigned the task of creating a VPN server on windows server 2003 for remote VPN clients that run on Windows XP. Company policies clearly state the data transfer between server and clients must be secure. So, he thought of implementing IPsec with VPN which will use pre-shared key for the ipsec policy.But when he opened the IPsec manager console, he did not locate any configuration option for using pre-shared key. What steps must he take to enable and use this feature in clients and server?
    a.Configure the properties of RRAS server external network interface
    b.Configure the security tab in the properties of RRAS server
    c.Configure this option from the properties tab of VPN connections in clients
    d.Create new IPsec policies on each clients which will supports the tunneling  protocol of VPN client
    16. Which of the following statements hold true regarding PPTP-based VPN connections?
    a.It provides data confidentiality
    b.It does not require a certificate infrastructure
    c.It provides data integrity
    d.Windows server supports PPTP connections only by default
    17. A VPN server was configured on windows server 2003 for a company users so that they can connect and access resources over a secure channel. But when client tried to connect the VPN server, they are unable to establish Tunnel. What must be verified on clients that failed in establishing a Tunnel?
    a.RADIUS proxy
    b.Winsock Proxy
    c.NAT editor
    d.IGMP proxy
    18. A windows 2003 server based VPN server is implemented in a company. User faces problem when connecting to VPN server that they are unable to make connection to VPN server and that attempt is failed. Correct user name and password is entered but still connection refused by the VPN server. What can be the cause of such a problem?
    a.User account may be locked due to remote access account lockout
    b.WAN Miniport(PPTP) and WAN Miniport(L2TP)may be disabled in RRAS
    c.DHCP relay agent is not configured on VPN server
    d.Remote Win XP clients are configured Automatic VPN type option, which causes the attempt to fail
    e.None of the above
    19. Tommy is a network administrator for a company and responsible for establishing a secure tunnel and connection between your windows server 2003 VPN server and remote windows XP clients. L2TP over IPsec is being used for a secure tunnel but remote clients report connections attempt failures. What may be causing this connection failure problem?
    a.No certificate is installed and configured to be used by clients and servers
    b.NAT would be enabled between client and server
    c.VPN server must be joined in the domain
    d.VPN server must supports the tunneling  protocol of VPN client
    20. Some of the VPN client computers are unable to connect with VPN server configured on windows server 2003. It is suspected that client computers are not updated with most recent hotfixes. Which command should be run on clients to check details of all Hotfixes status?
    a.run 'logman query ' command
    b.run 'ver ' command
    c.run 'systeminfo'command
    d.run 'wmic qfe' command
    21. Jo is the network administrator for a company. Her network consists of one windows 2003 server and 100 windows XP clients out of which 10 use portable computers from remote access. DHCP server is installed and configured to provide addresses to both of the clients. But due to shortage of address, some clients are unable to obtain address from DHCP server. Her company policies states to have a shorter lease time duration for remote access clients and default lease duration for local network.
    Which of the DHCP server options must she configure?
    a.vendor class
    b.user class
    d.multicast scope
    22. Which of the following are security recommendations for WINS in windows server 2003 that is connected with external network?
    a.Burst handling should always be disabled
    b.Use network monitor for any suspected network attack
    c.Use performance monitor to check netbios queries resolved
    d.WINS logging must always be enabled
    e.Always change the default WINS database and log files location
    23. Henry is the network administrator of ABC Ltd. His network is running 1 Web Server running on Windows Server 2003. All his network clients are running Windows XP. All systems in his network are configured as WINS clients for WINS Server configured on server 2003 operating system. He runs the Windows Update on Web Server daily for downloading Hotfixes and Patches and server takes 15-20 minutes for restarting. After rebooting, when clients try to connect to Web Server, they are redirected to new computers. What may be the problem and how can it be overcome?
    a.TTL limit is expired
    b.Web server name is overwritten after it restarted
    c.Incorrect CNAME record entered in DNS
    d.Enter static WINS-entry for Web Server
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