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      Home > Quizzes and Fun Tests > MCSE Practice Tests > MCSE Practice Test - Windows Network Infrastructure I

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Welcome to the QuizMoz MCSE Practice Test - Windows Network Infrastructure I. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

  • DNS
  • NAT
  • 1. Which ns lookup switch will be used to check the MX resource record information from the command prompt?
    a.Set all
    b.Set root=name
    d.Set type=MX
    2. Jack is the network administrator for the company XYZ.  His company has many web sites running on windows server 2003. New branches are being added to the company network due to expansion of his company. Secondary DNS server has been installed on the branches. How can Jack assure that zone transfer between DNS servers are error free?
    a.Secure cache against pollution
    b.Fail on load if bad zone data
    c.Disable recursion
    d.Configure forwarders
    3. Which of the following statements are true regarding root zone?
    a.There can be any number of root zones
    b.There are 13 root zones in the entire DNS structure
    c.Root zone is the FQDN of DNS format
    d.Root zone is the ancestor of all zones
    4. What does the non-interactive mode mean while running nslookup command?
    a.Command list is available in this mode
    b.Query domain name is just entered after nslookup command
    c.Only authoritative servers will be listed
    d.All listed name servers will be published
    5. What may be the problems that users may face if DNS is not configured correctly?
    a.User cannot login on to Domain
    b.Network resources cannot be accessed
    c.Workstations cannot be joined in domain
    d.Users will not be authenticated by the domain
    6. The DNS Server running on windows server 2003 as Active-Directory Integerated Zone is damaged and the Domain consists of some bad data. Which utility can be used to clear incorrect DNS registration information?
    7. Which of the following DNS folders must be present in DNS console to ensure that DNS is registering the Active directory records?
    8. The administrator tries to enter the address in the Forwarders field of DNS server, but finds the checkbox unavailable. How should he correct the error?
    a.He is not permitted to do so
    b.Delete the "." zone
    c.Configure the reverse lookup zone
    d.Install second adapter
    9. Which ports, among the following are used by DNS?
    a.TCP 53
    b.UDP 53
    c.TCP 119
    d.UDP 119
    10. The network administrator runs DNS server in Windows Server 2003 environment. After some days, the DHCP server fails to register and updates DNS dynamic updates. The DHCP server starts logging an error message in the DHCP server log file. The error shown is "DNS_ERROR_TRY_AGAIN_LATER". What is the cause of the above generated error?
    a.DNS server is not supporting Dynamic Updates
    b.DNS server bound to be in Active-Directory Integerated Zone and Active-Directory has failed to start
    c.The administrator is not authorized to start DNS service using credentials supplied
    d.Maximum queue count size has been surpassed
    11. The network has been configured with DNS server running on Windows Server 2003.When the administrator tests DNS through nslookup command from the client computer, he discovers that DNS is resolving name to address mapping, but fails in address to name resolution. How can this be corrected?
    a.Create reverse lookup zone
    b.Configure DNS address on the client computer as preferred address
    c.Restart the DNS services
    d.Run the ipconfig/flushdns command
    12. What is true regarding the character underscore( _ ) in DNS zone naming convention?
    a.Domain name can consist of underscore
    b.It is the reserved character for active directory
    c.Special approval is needed for using underscore
    d.Underscore can never be used anywhere
    13. How will the administrator configure Active-Directory Integrated Zone instead of Primary/Secondary Zone?
    a.Primary/secondary zone generates a lot of zone transfer traffic
    b.Active directory stores zone information within active directory instead of text file
    c.Resource records can be entered in secondary servers
    d.Secondary zone works even if the primary zone fails
    14. The network administrator has implemented a DNS server in Windows 2003 environment but he is unable to use stub zone. Which records, among the following, are supported in stub zone so that he can use this new feature in Windows Server 2003 instead of the secondary zone?
    15. Which DNS file points to the well known Top-Level Domains (Root Zones)?
    16. Which of the following is equivalent to the ipconfig/flushdns?
    a.Scavenge stale resource records
    b.Arp -a
    c.Clear cache
    17. Which utilities, among the following, can be used to check DNS performance and its working?
    c.Performance monitor
    d.Test simple and recurssive queries
    e.Network monitor
    f.Security configuration and analysis
    18. DNS server is configured on Windows Server 2003  named server1. The company's zone is configured as abc.com in DNS server. An intranet site is hosted in server1. When users access the site using http://server1.abc.com, they are able to open the site, and when they use www.abc.com to access the site, it fails. How should this be corrected?
    a.Enter the reverse lookup zone
    b.Run the ipconfig/flushdns
    c.Reload the DNS service
    d.Enter the CNAME records for www
    19. Which command can be used to repopulate the Active Directory DNS entries?
    20. Which of the following is a type of NAT in overloading?
    a.An unregistered ip address is mapped to a registered ip on a one-to-one basis
    b.A registered ip address mapped to the unregistered ip address
    c.Multiple unregistered IP addresses are mapped to a single registered IP address using different ports
    d.Multiple registered IP addresses are mapped to a single unregistered IP address using different ports
    21. Which of the following is the limitation of NAT over ICS?
    a.NAT cannot be configured over dial-up connections
    b.NAT cannot filter inbound and outbound traffic
    c.NAT answers incoming calls after only two rings
    d.NAT faces duplicate IP addresses problems
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    By: Ibrahimz on Jan 30, 2011
      I love answering this Quiz Questions

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