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      Home > Quizzes and Fun Tests > MCSE Practice Tests > MSCE Practice Test - Active Directory

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Welcome to the QuizMoz MSCE Practice Test - Active Directory. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

  • Active Directory
  • Active Directory Troubleshooting
  • Windows Installer and RIS
  • DNS
  • Active Directory FSMO and FSMO Roles
  • Active Directory GPO
  • 1. When an administrator runs dcpromo command in Windows Server 2003 to install Domain, setup fails with the following message "Active Directory installation failed. The network location could not be reached." What may be the problem ?
    b.Default gateway
    c.Network adapter
    d.Administrative privileges
    2. The network of ABC TOYS company consists of Windows Server 2003 and 5000 Windows XP Clients. Sometime, users report missing data from the server. The network administrator wants to find the user deleting the files. He created a GPO and assigned it on the ABC Toys domain. Which actions should he audit?
    a.Process tracking
    b.Account login events
    c.Object access
    d.Privileged access
    3. As the network administrator of a Windows 2003 network, when you were monitoring your network securities, you discovered that most of the users have been using the same password ever since their accounts were created. You want to secure your password policies so that users must change their passwords periodically. What will be your course of action?
    a.Enforce password history
    b.Minimum password age
    c.Maximum password age
    d.Enforce password history
    4. You are the network administrator and responsible for handling your company's domain sales.microsoft.com running in Windows Server 2003. Your domain accidentally crashes and when you re-run the dcpromo command to promote it again as domain controller with the same name, it fails. What may be the problem?
    a.DNS zone conflicting with same name
    b.Some old objects with same name conflicting for the new server
    c.Latest service pack is missing
    d.Run ipconfig/flusdhns command
    5. Which of the following commands provide maximum information related to capacity statistics such as megabytes per server and per object class, and to compare two directory tree across replicas in the same domain?
    6. You are the administrator of a Windows 2003 domain. The domain has 100 users working on Windows XP. You want to allow all users to change their desktop setting if they try to work on any Windows XP computer. But their altered desktops should not be saved once they log off. What should you do in this scenario?
    a.Edit GPO to set the customize desktop
    b.Change the ntuser.dat file to ntuser.man in profiles directory
    c.Schedule a batch to run at some interval to delete the user's home directory at each client computer
    d.Configure a roaming profile for each user in the network
    7. You are the network administrator of an Aerospace Company.Your company's policy clearly states for renaming of Guest account on all computers in domain.You have no time to edit name manually on each computer.You need to do it immediately.What should you do ?
    a.Create a login script and apply it on Default Domain Group Policy
    b.Instruct user to enable remote desktop and change their name from server using remote desktop
    c.Use GPO to rename Guest account at the Default Domain Group Policy
    d.Send network message to all users to rename guest account
    8. You are the network administrator of Windows 2003 domain.The domain has one OU named Sales.You are using Windows Installer to publish sales relevant software to their workstations.Currently, only members of Sales OU can run the software.But you want all users in the domain to be able to use the software from Start menu. What should you do ?
    a.Assign the Windows Installer GPO from OU instead of publishing
    b.Remove current GPO from Sales OU, create a new GPO that will upgrade the installed package and apply newly created GPO to sales OU
    c.Remove the GPO from Sales OU,assign the GPO to domain and set the permissions to assign the package to all users
    d.Create a new GPO and assign the package to all users in the domain.Grant all users the membership of Domain Admins
    9. Which of the following commands are useful for troubleshooting Active Directory replication failure due to incorrect DNS configuration?
    b.dcdiag /test:registerdns /dnsdomain
    c.dcdiag /test:connectivity
    10. You are the network administrator of your company running on Windows Server 2003 environment.The network consists of a single forest that contains two domains named Domain-A and Domain-B.You are responsible for handling Domain-A having one Active-Directory Integerated zone server .Your company policies state that name resolution traffic from Domain-B should be
    locally resolved by the Domain-A. What should you do ?
    a.Create a primary zone for Domain-B
    b.Configure Domain-B as a forwarder
    c.Create a secondary zone for Domain-B on Domain-A
    d.Configure Domain-B as the DNS client of Domain-A
    11. You are the administrator for ExpertRating's Branch office.Your company domain is running on Windows Server 2003.Your company HQ is located at Atlanta containing one Active-Directory Integrated DNS Server. An administrator at HQ instruct you to install and configure the DNS server as Active Directory Integrated zone.But when installed DNS at Bracnch office and try to create the zone, the option to create Active-Dierctory Integrated zone is unavailable.What should you do ?
    a.Create a new secondary Zone at branch office configured with the address of DNS server located at HQ
    b.Configure the HQ DNS server to approve the branch DNS server as Name Server
    c.Ensure that HQ DNS server is configured as Standard Primary Zone
    d.Ensure that Branch office server is promoted as Domain Controller, then create an Active Directory Integrated Zone
    12. You are the network administrator for your company. One user account named Mike often needs to be moved between sales and marketing group. But the changes are not taking effect. Which of the following FSMO role may be responsible for that?  
    a.RID Role
    b.Infrastructure role
    c.PDC emulator role
    d.Domain naming role
    13. Which of the following FSMO roles mostly affects the network users functionality immediately?
    a.PDC Emulator role
    b.Infrastructure role
    c.Domain name master
    d.RID master role
    14. You are the administrator of an OU named WebServers created in Windows Server 2003 domain. IPsec policies are defined at Domain level and No Override is not selected. All web sites are configured to allow only anonymous users connections. A new GPO is applied at WebServers OU restricting local Administrators group to login locally. Users reports that they are unable to access any of the Web Sites on the servers. What will you do for allowing users to access web sites from servers in WebServers OU without affecting overall security?
    a.Add all users to the Domain Admins group
    b.Create a GPO that allows local Administrators and Guests to login locally and link GPO to WebServers OU
    c.Create a GPO that allows local Administrators and Guest to login locally and link GPO to Domain level
    d.Set Basic Authentication in each Web Server

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    What others think about MSCE Practice Test - Active Directory
    By: kenny on Sep 19, 2013
    By: Sainir on Aug 1, 2013
      Questions are really good and helps in understanding the real environment ....
    By: ajay on Jul 26, 2013
      your test is realy very gud to optimize our knowladge
    By: Mithun on Apr 18, 2013
      Good website to practice MSCE test. Please add more questions.
    By: venkat on Apr 1, 2013
      helpfull to improve knowledge
    By: qamer on Mar 24, 2013
      no thanks
    By: Shauna on Mar 4, 2013
      I am trying to learn active directory
    By: Bruno on Jan 14, 2013
      Some of the questions are hard to understand.
    By: Sachin Garg on Sep 15, 2011
      It good to judge your knowledge......
    By: ascar on Dec 17, 2010
      its good experience for beginners
    By: kamal on Aug 26, 2010
      Think you know more about MSCE Practice Test - Active Directory and would like others to know too? Whether its a great fact, a joke, a personal
    By: IP Freely on Jul 19, 2010
      Good test. Made me think.
    By: John Adams on Jul 13, 2010
      Very good test - failed to realize how little I knew about AD.
    By: RangaRao Neerukattu on Jul 12, 2010
      Good Practice Session
    By: Jay on Oct 14, 2009
      This is a great way to prepare for the exam.
    By: KYOMUGISHA on Sep 29, 2009
    By: mark on Aug 5, 2009
      good test
    By: Zenner on Jun 2, 2009
      How often do you upgrade these quizzes? This is based on server 2003, right?
    By: Sean on May 23, 2009
      Just curious on how i'd do.
    By: Ajay on Apr 11, 2009
      I want to be a master in AD
    By: Paresh Parmar on Feb 13, 2009
      It is so good for improv knoeledge.
    By: Snp on Jan 28, 2009
      Very Nice web site
    By: Syed on Jan 28, 2009
      Very Nice site, also quite challenging 28/01/09 Syed
    By: Shahid on Jan 29, 2009
      Nice website

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