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      Home > Quizzes and Fun Tests > MCSE Practice Tests > MSCE Practice Test - Windows Server 2003 Networking I

 Follow QuizMoz on Twitter  MSCE Practice Test - Windows Server 2003 Networking I

Welcome to the QuizMoz MSCE Practice Test - Windows Server 2003 Networking I. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

  • Installation
  • General
  • Shadow Copies
  • DFS
  • Authentications
  • Policies
  • IIS
  • Disks
  • disks
  • 1. A user in the network is constantly getting a warning message, while accessing resources from server 2003, that the connection has exceeded. How can he overcome this error message?
    a.Increase the quota limit
    b.Add more servers
    c.Add licenses from control panel
    d.Assign full control permissions
    2. A network consists of single Windows Server 2003 server and 500 XP clients. SUS server has been installed to download security patches and install on client computers automatically. Client computers are unable to receive these updates, but other group policies are applied. What should the network administrator do?
    a.Install latest Service pack on XP
    b.Approve the security updates from SUS administration window
    c.Rejoin the client in domain
    d.Create an OU and assign the updates to this OU
    3. The administrator wants to deploy a software through Windows installer. What should he do if he wants the installer to use conrol panel for installing the software?
    c.Advanced assign or publish
    4. Shadow copy schedule has been configured after every half an hour during business hours. The user complains about loss of older version copies. How can shadow copies on the network be implemented so that user can recover older version files at any time of the day?
    a.Schedule back-up at regular intervals
    b.Deny write permissions on folders to be deleted
    c.Shadow copy should not taken too rapidly
    d.Implement RAID
    5. How should the new administrator, who is unaware about shadow copies, be told about the benefits of shadow copies?
    a.Recovery if files are overwritten accidentally
    b.Recovery if files are accidentally deleted
    c.Recovery if partition is deleted accidentally
    d.Recovery if unsigned driver is detected
    6. Which statements, among the following, are correct regarding shadow copies?
    a.It is the replacement of regular back-up
    b.There is a limit of 64 shadow copies per volume
    11:29 AM 3/10/2006
    c.Shadow copies are read-only
    d.It can only be enabled on a per-volume basis
    e.It is more specific to shared folders
    7. What does dfs client-based component mean in Windows Server 2003 environment?
    a.Client software needs to be installed to access dfs root
    b.Dfs client caches a referral to a dfs root for specific time
    c.Client must be the member of dfs root before accessing resources
    d.Resources can be accessed offline using dfs client based component
    8. Which among the following are the best practices of implementing DFS?
    a.ntfs provides much security with dfs
    b.Disable anti-virus and de-fragmentation software while replication
    c.Offline files feature should be disabled with dfs
    d.Use only preexisting security groups to ensure that only authorized users have access
    9. Which command is used to query and troubleshoot dfs from the command prompt?
    10. Which aspects of kerberos configuration can be controlled from security settings?
    a.Kerberos's ticket lifetime can be changed
    b.Default kerberos policy can be changed
    c.Kerberos can be configured to authenticate win 98 clients
    d.User logon restrictions
    11. Which of the following improvements have been provided in Windows Server 2003 in comparison to Windows 2000?
    a.VPN with PPTP and L2TP
    b.PKI and certificate services
    c.Smart card access through Terminal services
    d.Improved subordinate certification authority
    12. The administrator creates a web server and configures it to run on a virtual address. The web site is created on the correct address and the location of the web directory is entered. But when users try to open the web page using virtual address, they get an error message "The page cannot be displayed". How could this be corrected?
    a.Grant full control permission to users on web site
    b.Web site path directory is entered incorrectly
    c.Default page is not set
    d.ip address conflict
    13. The network administrator of the company created various web sites in Windows Server 2003 but all were stopped. He tries to restart the web sites, IIS and also the web server. But each web site displayed the status stopped. How should each web site be started so that the company does not suffer?
    a.Each site is running with same port number and same address
    b.No host header is defined
    c.No default page is set
    d.Location to web site home directory is incorrect
    e.The administrator is not permitted to restart the web sites
    14. A new web site is hosted in a company running on Windows Server 2003. Various others web sites are also the part of IIS. It is to be ensured that web sites donot consume much of the bandwidth and performance should not be sacrificed. Which component should be used to allow the administrator to use bandwidth as required?
    b.Network Load Balancing
    d.Offline files
    15. What are the possibilities under which a basic disk cannot be formatted in dynamic disk?
    a.Removable media
    b.Laptop computers
    c.Clustered servers
    d.All of the above
    16. When administrator tries to restore the backup, some data is lost. Which of the following may be the problem?
    a.Restoration in different location
    b.Restoration in a different folder other than the original
    c.Restoration to a different file system
    d.Back-up media is corrupted
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    What others think about MSCE Practice Test - Windows Server 2003 Networking I
    By: DARWIN QUIZHPE on Aug 5, 2010
    By: Parveen on Oct 7, 2009
      Hello This is Very Interesting...
    By: Md Jaweed on Sep 5, 2009
      I am new Administrator to my company but I want to know the group policy what policy my previous Administrator has applied what is the procedure to check it out.
    By: owais on Dec 17, 2008
      it was a nice experience while having an exam on the site ... it is a good practice test and a review about ur study :)

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