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Welcome to the QuizMoz Math Quiz. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

The Math Quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the various math trivia. How well do you know your math trivia? This Math Test Quiz will give you a new fascinating information on the subject of math.
1. How do you add polynomials?
a.combine opposite terms
b.combine like terms
c.subtract opposite terms
d.multiply like terms
2. The method called what may be used when multiplying two binomials?
3. What should you use to divide a polynomial by a polynomial other than monomial?
a.use long division
b.use short division
c.use addition
d.use subtraction
4. The numerical coefficient or coefficient of a term is its numerical what?
5. A trinomial is a polynomial with exactly how many terms?
6. what is the percentage of (common fraction) 2/20
7. what is meant by binomial?
a.2 terms
b.1 terms
c.3 terms
d.morethen 3 terms
8. what is a half of 65 squared?
9. How many years are there in a decade?
10. A= [2,3,4,5], B= [1,3,5,7] AND C= [4,5,6,7] Find A union [ B intersection C ].
11. What is the polygon?
d.n sided
12. Who was awarded 1 lac rupees by the chief minister of Maharashtra for hitting the winning goal in the AHCL ?
a.Sachin Tendulkar
c.Yuvraj Singh
d.Yuvraj Walmiki
13. The sum of digits of the two digit number is 8. If the digits are reversed the number is decreased by 54. The number is
14. The sum of three consecutive odd numbers is 57.The middle one is
15. In right angle isosceles triangle ABC right angled at B. Findangle ext.A
16. the method called what may be used when multiplying two binomials?
17. Multiplying two monomials leads to
18. what are the factors of 8? 1,8 1,2,8 1,2,6,8 1,2,4,8
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What others think about Math
By: shahid on Jun 14, 2013
  maths is very interesting
By: Pooja on May 21, 2013
  I love maths
By: Arnab on Sep 27, 2011
  Maths is all about logic... u use ur brains it and u get the answer... nobody can give u wrong even if u write the right answer.... not like English
By: Anjuman on Jun 18, 2011
  All things are related to maths.
By: SUMIT on Feb 15, 2011
  i like this quiz questions
By: mike on Feb 1, 2011
  math is what most of the students hate! but honestly, i love it. especially, when it comes to algebra!
By: Sagar on Dec 15, 2010
  Maths is totally fun
By: GO FABLE on Nov 22, 2010
  its enjoying for the brain
By: anitha on Oct 11, 2010
  its a great institution for organising math quizes
By: hermione on Sep 22, 2010
  very hard and dangerous!!!!!
By: Manikant on Sep 22, 2010
  Math is very interesting subject ,
By: Anjima on Sep 17, 2010
  We all need to always work hard for maths everbody. Thank You
By: Anjima on Sep 17, 2010
  Maths is a hard subjet for everbody but we has to always work hard.
By: jaqnssen on Sep 16, 2010
  math is errific
By: Avinash.Kolla on Aug 24, 2010
  Math is a very wonderful subject and interesting subject. It is the KING of the all sciences . Every science depend on math . So don't avoid math . QuizMoz is a very good site for developing math .
By: laura on Jun 21, 2010
  math rocks!!!!
By: pp on Jun 21, 2010
  very nice
By: Sarahjoymartin on May 22, 2010
  math makes you smart,so i think everybody in this hole world should do math,cuz math is a good thing not a bad thing,cuz it makes people smart and not dumb as a numb.
By: S.APARNA on Jan 25, 2010
By: Kamel on Jan 23, 2010
  Just amazing, it's a challenge that anybody can take, some will spend more time than others to solve a problem, it's only with multiple excercises that one can overcome the difficulty .
By: tirtharaj dash on Dec 26, 2009
  so easy questions
By: teressa on Feb 20, 2010
  math is a great subject because every thing in the world is calulated by using mat
By: NISHTHA on Dec 3, 2009
By: khalid on Nov 15, 2009
  math is very good subject
By: shahzaib on Oct 30, 2009
  math is a good subject.
By: anuj taneja on Oct 29, 2009
  no one can live without maths . it is usefull at every moment of life
By: mujtahid on Sep 29, 2009
  very interesting and exciting topic to every intelligent person
By: Shraddha on Sep 19, 2009
  I lke Maths very much . Its the only subject in which we play with the numbers . I like it as a different elegent and enjoing subject, Thank you . Byeee
By: hamzaawan on Sep 12, 2009
  awesome!and easy
By: gargi on Sep 11, 2009
  please give litle easy quiz of 6 class
By: priya on Sep 5, 2009
  maths is very important subject
By: nicole mike on Aug 31, 2009
  maths quiz is very good for knowing .....
By: tuptreale on Aug 27, 2009
  Hello; Ive been skimming this forum for some time. Finally needed to say how much i value this site:)
By: NANI on Aug 11, 2009
By: anaida on Aug 7, 2009
  i like maths .
By: lolo on Aug 7, 2009
  practice is the key to success
By: beauty on Aug 1, 2009
  yes u shud try tis is helps alot
By: Antim on Jul 24, 2009
  I think maths is a confusing subject but if u understood it you can score more than what you thought.
By: akshay on Jul 15, 2009
  oh its awesome math is the best i liked it
By: naima on Jul 7, 2009
  i like math.
By: mmmmm dont have on Jul 3, 2009
  wow i have got nothing to say
By: Jayden on Jun 20, 2009
  too smart too easyy!!!!
By: ansar on Jun 18, 2009
  exhilarating quiz
By: akhila on Jun 9, 2009
  nice, but would have been nicer if it had more to do with calculations
By: ralph on Jun 4, 2009
  quiz was easay
By: Zarek on Jun 3, 2009
  Okay, I learned all this stuff last year or before...
By: JUDE on Jun 1, 2009
By: muadh on May 31, 2009
  come on u r really cool
By: Tobías on May 29, 2009
  A math certification?
By: Parvez on May 28, 2009
  Maths is a tool invented by Physics
By: Alkennia on May 27, 2009
  Math is use in everyday activities.
By: Danny on May 10, 2009
By: bob on May 7, 2009
  this quiz is incredibly hard i hate it oh and i hate u 2
By: Mohamed Shah on May 5, 2009
  Maths is my life
By: *Ahem* on May 4, 2009
  What is a polynominal???
By: Sushrut on Apr 18, 2009
  Math Is a very interesting subject to study
By: Kenny on Apr 15, 2009
  Nice Quiz!
By: lauren on Mar 17, 2009
  im terrble at this
By: jassi on Mar 17, 2009
  i love maths
By: vivek on Mar 13, 2009
  It was a fun, to attempt the quiz.
By: Sushrut Vatsh on Mar 13, 2009
  Math is a Subject to enjoy.
By: Rekha chavan m. on Feb 28, 2009
  i my very happy good in maths
By: donna on Feb 11, 2009
  math is fun
By: Naman on Jan 23, 2009
  Math helps
By: M.RATHINA RAJ on Jan 19, 2009
By: melanni herrera on Jan 15, 2009
  math is an exact science
By: hussein on Jan 12, 2009
  i would like to say that maths is part of life,it's like you being the the maths
By: kmorie on Dec 31, 2008
  i am dumb when it comes to math.
By: Vaishnavi Gupta on Dec 30, 2008
  Maths is my favorite subject.
By: vinay on Dec 18, 2008
  it is really interesting and easy
By: Deenadayalan on Dec 9, 2008
  I know more in maths
By: mike on Dec 9, 2008
  i like solving equations in math not remembering their meaning.
By: Styne on Dec 6, 2008
  Maths develops the mind.
By: kristina on Nov 28, 2008
  I dislike math, but I think I'm capable of doing it. It can just be intimidating
By: PINAK on Nov 27, 2008
By: alyssa on Nov 23, 2008
  i love math but i find it hard
By: Darien on Nov 20, 2008
  maybe yes..... maybe no
By: mitch on Nov 18, 2008
  its not too hard....and i love it
By: alexis on Nov 11, 2008
  as I made the a
By: nel on Nov 11, 2008
  not so..
By: chris on Nov 10, 2008
  I have no idea
By: ingemar on Nov 9, 2008
  Math is stimilating and exciting!
By: michael on Oct 20, 2008
  math is such a boring subject
By: Randy Yates on Oct 12, 2008
  There is no algorithm to factor polynomials of degree 5 or greater!
By: Roy Clarke on Oct 9, 2008
  Its great
By: Subhasis Mallik on Oct 7, 2008
  Math is very useful for self development.
By: Sam on Oct 1, 2008
  irushi gajaman this quiz was the easyest quiz
By: selvarani on Oct 1, 2008
  Without math nothing in life!
By: vinayak on Sep 30, 2008
  like maths
By: Joebert Arañas on Sep 10, 2008
  Math is an interesting subject. It gives me a thrill. I like math because I think I have little knowledge. For that reason, I liked to extend my knowledge and to gain an excellent record in the field of numbers.
By: jenicia on Sep 3, 2008
  math is good but this one i don"t understand. i haven't reach that level as yet.
By: lulu on Aug 31, 2008
  i love math, but i do not understand it, is just like men jijiji
By: Thanarong Tes on Aug 15, 2008
  Math is good subject make every body try and learn test the brain
By: cheyene on Jul 28, 2008
  ....jUsT a rEviEw oF aLgEbRa..
By: Junior Toussaint on Jul 18, 2008
  Math is a way of life
By: venkata subramanian on Jul 7, 2008
By: kavya on Jul 4, 2008
  maths is really essential in life.

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