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 Quizzes - Free Movie Quizzes I and Fun Tests

Welcome to the Quizmoz Movie Quizzes I. Quizmoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your mind against the experienced Quizmoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about your self and the world around you.

Search for a quiz by clicking on the quiz name. Best of luck!!

Movie Quizzes I
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21 Jump Street Quiz
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40 Days and 40 Nights Movie Quiz
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8 Mile Movie Quiz
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A Level film Quiz
A Night in Paris Quiz
A walk to remember Quiz
Aaja Nachle Quiz
About a Boy Quiz
About Last Night Quiz
Ace Ventura Quiz
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective Quiz
Adam Sandler Quiz
Addams Family Quiz
Air Force One Quiz
Ajones Quiz
Al Pacino Quiz
Aladdin Quiz
Alien Quiz
All movie Quiz
All About Eve Quiz
Along Came Polly Quiz
Amelie Quiz
America's Sweethearts Quiz
American Beauty Quiz
American Daydreams Quiz
American Graffiti Quiz
American Pie Quiz
American Psycho Quiz
Amputee Quiz
Anakin Skywalker Quiz &#10084&#65039&#10084&#65039&#10084&#65039
Analyze This Quiz
Anastasia Quiz
Anger Management Quiz
Angie Quiz
Anna Quiz
Annie 1982 Quiz
Annie Hall Quiz
Annie movie Quiz
Apocalypse Now Quiz
Apocalypse Quiz
Apollo 13 Quiz
Aquamarine Quiz
Are you a Michael Myers Expert
Armageddon Quiz
Arthur Quiz
As Good As It Gets Quiz
Assorted Movie Quiz
Austin Powers 4 Quiz
Austin Powers Quiz
AVP Quiz
Avpp Quiz
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Back To The Future Movie Quotes Quiz
Back To The Future Quiz
Balto Facts Quiz
Balto Quiz
Barbie charm school Quiz
Basic Instinct II Quiz
Batman Movie Quiz
Battling 4 Baby Quiz
BB Quiz
Beaches Quiz
Beauty and the Beast Quiz
Belly Quiz
Beverly Hills Cop Movie Quiz
Big B Movies Quiz
Big Quiz
Blooper Quiz
Bollywood Actors Quiz
Bollywood Quiz
Bollywood quiz 3 Quiz
Bollywood sunset Quiz
Bond Films Quiz
Boom Quiz
Bratz a litte diss a little dat Quiz
Bratz Girlz Dolls Quiz
Bratz Girlz Really Rock Quiz
Braveheart Quiz
Breaking it down Quiz
Brokeback Mountain Quiz
Bruce Almighty Movie Quiz
Bruce Almighty Quiz
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Quiz
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Camp Rock Quiz
Candy Quiz
Cars Movie Quiz
Cars Movies Quiz
Cast Away Movie Quiz
Catwoman Quiz
Charmed 18 Quiz
Cheaper By The Dozen Quiz
Chicago Quiz
Comedy Quiz
Cool Movie Quiz
Cool Movie Trivia Quiz
Coraline Quiz
Coraline quiz book and movie Quiz
Couple Quiz
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Daddy Day Care Movie Quiz
Daisy Duke Quiz
Dances with Wolves Movie Quiz
Dances with Wolves Quiz
Dante's Peak Movie Quiz
Darby O'Gill and the Little People Movie Quiz
Daredevil Movie Quiz
Days of Thunder Movie Quiz
Dazed and Confused Movie Quiz
Dead Poets Society Movie Quiz
Death to Smoochy Movie Quiz
Deathtrap Movie Quiz
Deep Blue Sea Movie Quiz
Deep Impact Movie Quiz
Demolition Man Movie Quiz
Demon Knight Movie Quiz
Demon Quiz
Desperado Movie Quiz
Detroit Rock City Movie Quiz
Dhoom 3 Quiz
Dick Movie Quiz
Die Hard 4 Torrent Quiz
Die Hard Movie Quiz
Dirty Dancing Movie Quiz
Dirty Harry Movie Quiz
Dirty Work Movie Quiz
Disney Characters Quiz
Disney Movie Club Quiz
Disney Movie Facts Quiz
Disney Movie List Quiz
Disney Movie Quiz
Disney Movie Reward Codes Quiz
Disney Movie Songs Quiz
Disney Movies List Quiz
Disney Movies Quiz
Disturbing Behavior Movie Quiz
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood Movie Quiz
Do u no Twilight Quiz
Do you know Bollywood Quiz
Do you know Twilight Quiz
Do You Know Your Harry Potter Quiz
Do you know your movies Quiz
Documentaries and spectatorship Quiz
Dodgeball Movie Quiz
Dogma Movie Quiz
Donkey Quiz
Donnie Darko Movie Quiz
doraemon movies
Doraemon Quiz
Down with Love Movie Quiz
Dr. Phil Quiz
Dr. Strangelove Movie Quiz
Dracula Movie Quiz
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story Movie Quiz
Dragonheart Movie Quiz
Dreamcatcher Movie Quiz
Dreamgirls Movie Quiz
Drive Me Crazy Movie Quiz
Drop Dead Fred Movie Quiz
Drop Dead Gorgeous Movie Quiz
Drumline Movie Quiz
Dude, Where's My Car Movie Quiz
Dumb And Dumber Movie Quiz
Dumbo Movie Quiz
Dune Movie Quiz
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E.T. Movie Quiz
E.T. the Extra - Terrestrial Movie Quiz
Eddie and The Cruisers Movie Quiz
Edward Scissorhands Movie Quiz
Edward Scissorhands Quiz
Eight Below Movie Quiz
Eight Crazy Nights Movie Quiz
Election Movie Quiz
Elizabeth Movie Quiz
Elizabeth Quiz
Ella Enchanted Movie Quiz
Emma Movie Quiz
Empire of the Sun Movie Quiz
Enemy at the Gates Movie Quiz
Enough Movie Quiz
Erica Durance Quiz
Erin Quiz
Event Horizon Movie Quiz
Ever After Movie Quiz
Evita Movie Quiz
Evolution Movie Quiz
EX Quiz
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Fallen Angel Quiz
Family Movies Quiz
Famous Movie Dialogues Quiz
Fantasy Fairies Quiz
fast and furious
Fight Club In Tyler We Trust
Film Quiz
Films of the 1950's Quiz
Films of the 1970's Quiz
Films of the 50s Quiz
Films of the 60's Quiz
Finding Nemo Movie Quiz
Five Minutes of Heaven Quiz
Flights Quiz
Fluke Film Quiz
Forced Quiz
Forrest Gump Movie Quiz
Forrest Gump quiz
Foxes Quiz
Franchise Quiz
Free Movie Assorted Movie Quiz
Free Movie Quiz
Friday Part 1-3 Quiz
Friday Quiz
Fun Movie Quiz
Funny Movies Quiz
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Ghostbusters Movie Quiz
Girlfight Quiz
Gladiator Quiz
Godfather Quiz I
Godfather Quiz II
Godfather Quiz III
Godfather Theme Quiz
Godzilla 2 Quiz
Godzilla Movie Quiz
Godzilla Movie Trivia Quiz
Godzilla Quiz
Godzilla Trivia Quiz
Golden Globe Nominations 2010 Quiz
Good Burger Quiz
Green Day American Idiot Quiz
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Hair Cuts Quiz
Hairspray 2 Quiz
Hairspray Quiz
Halloween Movie Story Quiz
Halloweens Movie Quiz
happy new year
Hard MOVIES Quiz
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Movie Quiz
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Quiz
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Movie Quiz
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Quiz
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Movie Quiz
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Movie Quiz
Harry Potter Movie Half Blood Prince Quiz
Harry Potter Movie Quiz
Harry Potter Movie Trivia Quiz
Harry Potter Quiz
Harry Potter Spells Quiz
Hero Quiz
High Quiz
High School Musical Quiz
High School Musical 3 Lyrics Quiz
High School Musical Movie Quiz
High School Musical Movie Quiz II
High School Musical Quiz
Holiday Movie Quiz
Home alone 6 Quiz
Home Alone Movie Quiz
Hoodwinked Quiz
Horror Movie based on True Stories Quiz
Horror Movie Fan Comprobation Quiz
Horror Movie Fan Comprobation quiz II Quiz
Horror Movie Quiz
Horror Movie Trivia Facts Quiz
Horror Movie Trivia Questions Answers Quiz
Horror Movie Trivia Quiz
Horror Movies 2009 Quiz
Horror Movies Characters Quiz
Horror Movies Quiz
How horror movie savvy are you Quiz
How Much Do U Know About Moviestar Planet Quiz
How much do you know about Willy Wonka Quiz
How much do you really know about High School Musical Quiz
how much of a StarWars fan are you quiz
How the Grinch Stole Christmas Movie Quiz
How to train your dragon 2 Quiz
How well do u know Titanic Quiz
How well do you know Forrest Gump Quiz
How Well Do You Know The Titanic Quiz
How well do you know Titanic Quiz
HSM3 Quiz
Hunger Games 3 Quiz
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Ice Age 1 Quiz
Ice Age 3 Quiz
ICE AGE Continental Drift Quiz
Ice Age on DVD Quiz
Ice Age Slogans and Posters Quiz
Ice Age: Continental Drift Quiz
Impossible iii Quiz
Impossible Quiz
Independence Day Movie Quiz
Indiana Jones Quiz
It's Goin' Down Quiz
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Jack Rose Titanic Quiz
Jaws Movie Quiz
Jaws Movies 1-4 Quiz
Jays horror Quiz
Jennifer's Body Quiz
John Carpenter's Halloween Quiz
Juno Quiz
Jurassic Park Movie Facts Quiz
Jurassic Park Movie Quiz
    Back to top
Kareena Kapoor Quiz
Katharine Hepburn Movie Quiz
Kiss Movie Quiz
Knocked Up Quiz
Krrish Quiz
    Back to top
Last Airbender 2010 Quiz
Laurel and Hardy Quiz
Lean On Me Quiz
Lego Star Wars Quiz
Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio character Quiz
Leonardo Dicaprio movie Quiz
Let Me In Horror Movie Quiz
Lighthouse Quiz
Lord of the rings Quiz
Lord of the Rings Trivia Quiz
    Back to top
Madea go yo jail Quiz
Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya Quiz
Match Quiz
Matrix Quiz
Me Myself and Irene Quiz
Mean Girls Quiz
Meet the Fockers Movie Quiz
Mega movies Quiz
Men in Black Movie Quiz
Meryl Streep Movies Quiz
Metal gear solid Quiz
Miami Vice Quiz
Minions movie quiz
Mission Impossible Quiz
Mitch Hedberg Quiz
Molly Quiz
Mommie Dearest Quiz
Monsters Inc Movie Quiz
Monsters vs aliens Cast Quiz
Monsters vs aliens Quiz
More at IMDbPro 3000 Miles to Graceland Quiz
Movie 5 Quiz
Movie Character Quiz
Movie Monsters vs aliens Quiz
Movie Personality Quiz
Movie Picture Quiz
Movie Poster Quiz
Movie Quiz
Movie Quizzes Quiz
Movie Quote Quiz
Movie star planet Quiz
Movie Star Quiz
Movie Taglines Quiz
Movie Ticket Quiz
Movie Trivia Facts Quiz
Movie Trivia Quiz
Movie TV Quiz
Movie villains Quiz
Movies 9 Quiz
Movies of 2011 Quiz
Moviestar Planet 2 Quiz
Moviestarplanet Quiz
MovieStarPlanet.com Quiz
Music, Movie and Celebrity Quiz
My Best Friend's Wedding Quiz
My Big Fat Greek Wedding Movie Quiz
My Fair Lady Quiz
My movie Quiz
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Nacho Libre (Jacob) Quiz
Nacho Libre Quiz
Napoleon Dynamite Quiz
National treasure Quiz
New movies quiz
Nightmare Before Christmas
Nightmare on elm street Quiz
Nuclear Explosion Quiz
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Of Mice And Men Quiz
Oh Quiz
On Golden Pond Quiz
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Page3 Quiz
Paulwall Quiz
Peeping Tom Quiz
Pink Floyd The Wall Quiz
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Movie Quiz
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl Movie Quiz
Pirates of the Carribean Quiz
Pretty Woman Quiz
Pride and Prejudice Quiz
Proof Quiz
Pulp Fiction Quiz
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Ra.One Quiz
Raaz 3 Quiz
Raiders of the Lost Ark Movie Quiz
Random Movie Quiz
Rebecca quiz
Resident Evil Extinction Quiz
Resident Evil II Quiz
Resident Evil Movie Quiz
Resident Evil Quiz
Rhett butlers people Quiz
Ring Quiz
Robin Hood Quiz
Rocky IV Quiz
Rocky Movie Quiz
Rocky Quiz
Romantic Comedies Quiz
RV Quiz
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Saif Bebo Wedding Quiz
Salaam Namaste Quiz
Scarface Quiz
Scary Movie IV Quiz
Scooby Doo The Mystery Begins
Scream Quiz
Shakespeare In Love Quiz
She's the Man Quiz
Shorts Quiz
Shrek 2 Movie Quiz
Shrek Movie Quiz
Silent Films Quiz
Singh Is King Quiz
Sleeping Beauty Quiz
Slumdog Milionaire Movie Quiz
Slumdog Millionaire Latika Quiz
Slumdog Millionaire Movie Quiz
Slumdog Millionaire Quiz
Slumdog Millionaire Ultimate Quiz
Snakes On A Plane Quiz
Snow White Quiz
Softcore Quiz
Spider-Man 2 Movie Quiz
Spider-Man Movie Quiz
Spiderman 3 Quiz
Spirited Away Quiz
SRK Ra.One Quiz
Star Trek Quiz
Star Trek Trivia Facts Quiz
Star wars
Star Wars Character Quiz
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace Movie Quiz
Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones Movie Quiz
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith Movie Quiz
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Movie Quiz
Star Wars Episode Revenge of the Sith Movie Quiz
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back Movie Quiz
Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi Movie Quiz
Star Wars Facts Quiz
Star Wars Movie Series Quiz
Star Wars Quiz
Star Wars The Old Republic Quiz
Star Wars Trivia Facts Quiz
Starstruck LLC Quiz
Starstruck Lyrics Quiz
Starstruck Quiz
Step Up Quiz
Stick It Quiz
Stormy Daniels Quiz
Studio Quiz
Superhero Movie Quiz
Superman Quiz
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Taarak mehta ka ooltah chashmah Quiz
Take Quiz
Tamil cine Quiz
Teeth Quiz
Terminator Movies Quiz
Terminator Quiz
Texas Longhorns Quiz
The Runner Quiz
The Abyss Quiz
The Amazing Spiderman Quiz(2012) Quiz
The American President Quiz
The Aviator Quiz
The Benchwarmers Quiz
The Birth Quiz
The Blues Brothers Quiz
The Bounty Hunter Quiz
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Movie Quiz
The Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Quiz
The Dark Crystal Movie Quiz
The Deer Hunter Movie Quiz
The Departed Movie Quiz
The Devil Wears Prada Movie Quiz
The Dish Movie Quiz
The Doors Movie Quiz
The Emperor's New Groove Movie Quiz
The English Patient Movie Quiz
The Evil Dead Movie Quiz
The Exorcist Movie Facts Quiz
The Exorcist Movie Quiz
The Godfather quiz
The Gold Rush Quiz
The Graduate Quiz
The Great Meryl Streep Quiz
The Hindi Movie Quiz
The Horror Film Quiz
The Hulk quiz
The Hunger Games 9 Quiz
The hunger games official Quiz
The Hunk Quiz
The Incredibles Movie Quiz
The Incredibles Quiz
The JAWS Quiz
The Lion King Movie Quiz
The Lord of the Rings Quiz
The Lord of the Rings Quiz II
The Lord of the Rings Trivia Quiz
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Movie Quiz
The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Movie Quiz
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Movie Quiz
The Mask Quiz
The Master and Commander Quiz
The Matrix Reloaded Movie Quiz
The Movie Quiz
The movie test Quiz
The Oscars Quiz
The Passion of the Christ Movie Quiz
The Pink Panther Quiz
The Polar Express Quiz
The Rock Quiz
The Sisters grimm movie quiz
The Sixth Sense Movie Quiz
The Slash quiz
The ultamite clue Quiz
The ULTIMATE King Arthur 2004 movie Quiz
The Ultimate Movie Quiz
The Warriors Quiz
The Wild Party Quiz
tink Quiz
Tinkerbell Quiz
Titanic 1997 Film Quiz
Titanic Fantasticica Quiz
Titanic Movie and Actors Quiz
Titanic Movie Goofs Quiz
Titanic Movie Quiz
Titanic Movie Quiz II
Titanic Movie Quiz III
Titanic Movie Scenes Quiz
Titanic Quiz
Titanic Quiz Titanic Trivia Facts Quiz
Titanic TriviA Quiz
Titantic Movie Quiz
Top Gun Quiz
Toy Story 2 Movie Quiz
Toy story Quiz
Trailers Quiz
Transformers Quiz
troy quiz
Truth And Dare Quiz
Twilight 1 Quiz
Twilight books Quiz
Twilight II Quiz
Twilight Mania Quiz
Twilight new moon Quiz
Twilight Quiz
Twilight Quiz Challenge
Twilight the movie Quiz
Twister Movie Quiz
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Ultimate Jaws Quiz
Ultraman ep 1-10 Quiz
Uranus Quiz
Used Cars Quiz
    Back to top
Walk The Line Quiz
War of the Worlds Movie Quiz
What Movie Quiz
What You Know About HSM2?
What you know about June Bug Quiz
Whirlpool Quiz
Who is in that movie 2 Quiz
Who well do you know Coraline Quiz
Who's in that movie Quiz
Who's in which movie Quiz
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Facts Quiz
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Quiz
would you survive a horror film quiz
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X-Men 3 Quiz
X-Men III Quiz
X-Men Movie Quiz
X-MEN Quiz
X-Men: The Last Stand Movie Quiz
Xenomorph Quiz
Xmen Film Quiz
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Yellow Submarine Quiz
Yoda Quiz
You and Me Quiz
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Zeb Atlas Quiz
Zombieland Quiz
Zoom Quiz

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