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 Quizzes - Free Music Artist Quizzes I and Fun Tests

Welcome to the Quizmoz Music Artist Quizzes I. Quizmoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your mind against the experienced Quizmoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about your self and the world around you.

Search for a quiz by clicking on the quiz name. Best of luck!!

Music Artist Quizzes I
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12th Planet Quiz
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50 Cent quiz
50 Cent Questions Trivia Quiz
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A Little Secret
A True Green Day Fan Quiz
All About Omarion Quiz
Are You A True Juggalo Quiz
Are you pure country Quiz
Are you Really a music freak Quiz
Avril Lavigne Quiz
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Beyonce Lyrics Quiz
Bleach character Facts Quiz
Breaking Benjamin Quiz
Brightman, Sarah Quiz
Brooks, Garth Quiz
Browne, Jackson Quiz
BTS- Jin
Buckley, Jeff Quiz
Buffett, Jimmy Quiz
Bush, Kate Quiz
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Campbell, Glen Quiz
Carey, Mariah Quiz
Carlisle, Belinda Quiz
Carlton, Vanessa Quiz
Carter, Aaron Quiz
Cash, Johnny Quiz
Cave, Nick Quiz
Chapin, Harry Quiz
Chapman, Steven Curtis Quiz
Charles, Ray Quiz
Cher Facts Quiz
Chesney, Kenny Quiz
Chingy Facts Quiz
Chris Brown Life Quiz
Clapton, Eric Quiz
Clark, Terri Quiz
Clarkson, Kelly Quiz
Cline, Patsy Quiz
Clyne, Roger Quiz
Cohen, Leonard Quiz
Cole, Nat 'King' Quiz
Collins, Phil Quiz
Conor Oberst Quiz
Cooke, Sam Quiz
Cooper, Alice Quiz
Costello, Elvis Quiz
Croce, Jim Quiz
Crow, Sheryl Quiz
Cummings, Burton Quiz
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Damien Rice Quiz
Dancer Quiz
darshan raval quiz
David Bowie Quiz
David, Craig Quiz
DC Talk Quiz
de Burgh, Chris Quiz
Demi Lovato Quiz
Denver, John Quiz
Diamond, Neil Quiz
Dido Facts Quiz
Diffie, Joe Quiz
DiFranco, Ani Quiz
Dio, Ronnie James Quiz
Dion, Celine Quiz
Do u know rapper The Game Quiz
Do You Know Top Yung'N Quiz
Do you truly know Paramore?
Dr. Dre Facts Quiz
Drake 5 Quiz
Duff, Hilary Quiz
Dylan Michael Quiz
Dylan, Bob Quiz
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Elliott Malloy Quiz
Elvis Presley 4 Quiz
Elvis Presley Death Quiz
Elvis Presley Songs Quiz
Eminem 6 Quiz
Eminem Quiz
Eminem Quiz II
Enrique Quiz
Estefan, Gloria Quiz
Etheridge, Melissa Quiz
Evans, Sarah Quiz
Extreme Gaga Test Quiz
Extremely Hard Hollywood Undead Quiz PART ONE Quiz
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Fantasia Barrino Quiz
Fogelberg, Dan Quiz
Folds, Ben Quiz
Furtado, Nelly Quiz
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Gabriel, Peter Quiz
Gangsta Rap Quiz
Gates, Gareth Quiz
Gaye, Marvin Quiz
Gentry, Bobby Quiz
George Strait Bio Quiz
Gibb, Andy Quiz
Gibson, Deborah Quiz
Gill, Vince Quiz
Gillman, Billy Quiz
Girls aloud Quiz
Goodrem, Delta Quiz
Gray, David Quiz
Gretchen Wilson Quiz
Groban, Josh Quiz
Guns n Roses Quiz
Guthrie, Arlo Quiz
Guthrie, Woody Quiz
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Haggard, Merle Quiz
Harper, Ben Quiz
Harrison, George Quiz
Harry, Deborah Quiz
Harvey, Polly Jean Quiz
Hasselhoff, David Quiz
Hatchet history Quiz
Hayes, Darren Quiz
Hendrix, Jimi Quiz
Hill, Faith Quiz
How much do you know Avril lavigne Quiz
How much do you know Jeremith Quiz
How much you know about music Quiz
How well do you know Boyzone Quiz
How well do you know Drakes music Quiz
How well do you know Lil Boosie Quiz
How well do you know No Doubt Quiz
How well do you know Super Junior Quiz
How well Do you know These Stars Quiz
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Interesting Jonas Brother Facts Quiz
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Japanese music/artists Quiz
Jeremith Facts Quiz
Jewel Quiz
JLS Lyrics Quiz
JLS Trivia 4 Quiz
Joel, Billy Quiz
John Peter Farnham Quiz
John, Elton Quiz
JoJo Quiz
Jones, George Quiz
Jones, Tom Quiz
Joplin, Janis Quiz
Jovovich, Milla Quiz
Justin Bieber 4 Quiz
Justin Bieber eenie meenie Quiz
Justin Bieber Quiz
Justin Bieber True Love Quiz
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Katy perry
Keating, Ronan Quiz
Keith Moon quiz!
Keith, Toby Quiz
Keys, Alicia Quiz
Kid Rock Quiz
King Diamond Quiz
King, B.B. Quiz
King, Carole Quiz
Knowles, Beyonce Quiz
Kravitz, Lenny Quiz
Kristofferson, Kris Quiz
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Lady Gaga 5 Quiz
Lady Gaga facts Quiz
Lady Gaga Telephone Video Quiz
Lauper, Cyndi Quiz
Lavigne, Avril Quiz
Lee, Tommy Quiz
Lehrer, Tom Quiz
Lennon, John Quiz
Lewis, Jerry Lee Quiz
Lightfoot, Gordon Quiz
Little Richard Quiz
Lohan, Lindsay Quiz
Love, Courtney Quiz
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Mac Dre quiz
Mac, Toby Quiz
Madonna Quiz II
Malmsteen, Yngwie Quiz
Mandy Moore Quiz II
Manilow, Barry Quiz
Mariah Carey Fans Quiz
Marie, Teena Quiz
Marilyn Manson Quiz
Mario B. Singer Quiz
Marky Mark Wahlberg Quiz
Marley, Bob Quiz
Martin, Ricky Quiz
Mashonda Quiz
Mayer, John Quiz
Mayhem Festival Quiz
McBride, Martina Quiz
McCann, Lila Quiz
McCartney, Jesse Quiz
McCartney, Paul Quiz
McEntire, Reba Quiz
McGraw, Tim Quiz
McKennitt, Loreena Quiz
McLachlan, Sarah Quiz
McLean, Don Quiz
McNarland, Holly Quiz
Meatloaf Quiz
Michael Jackson Fun Facts Quiz
Michael Jackson Quiz
Michael Jackson's lyrics and vids Quiz
Michael Kiske Quiz
Michael, George Quiz
Micheal Jackson Quizzes Quiz
Miles Davis Quiz
Mindless behavior trivia Quiz
Minogue, Kylie Quiz
Mitchell, Joni Quiz
Moby Quiz
Morissette, Alanis Quiz
Morrison, Van Quiz
Morrissey Quiz
Music 10 Quiz
Music 4 Quiz
Mya Facts Quiz
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Naked, Bif Quiz
Name the artist Quiz
Navarro, David Quiz
Ne-Yo Quiz
Nelly Facts Quiz
Newton-John, Olivia Quiz
Nick Jonas Miley Cyrus quiz
Nickelback Test Quiz
nicki minaj lyrics moment for life lyrics pink friday Quiz
Nicks, Stevie Quiz
Notorious B.I.G. Quiz
Nugent, Ted Quiz
Numan, Gary Quiz
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Oldfield, Mike Quiz
One Direction Quiz
One hit wonders of the 80's Quiz
Orbison, Roy Quiz
Orlando, Tony Quiz
Osbourne, Kelly Quiz
Osbourne, Ozzy Quiz
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P. Diddy Quiz
Paisley, Brad Quiz
Parton, Dolly Quiz
Pete Wentz Quiz
Petty, Tom Quiz
Pink Quiz II
Pizzarelli, John Quiz
Porter, Cole Quiz
Presley, Elvis Quiz
Presley, Lisa Marie Quiz
Prince Quiz
Prine, John Quiz
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Quatro, Suzie Quiz
Quizmoz panic at the disco Quiz
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Rachel Stevens Quiz
Random Quiz
Rap Artist Quiz
Rap Quiz
Raposo, Greg Quiz
Reeves, Jim Quiz
Richard, Cliff Quiz
Rihanna Quiz
Rihannas Quiz
Rimes, LeAnn Quiz
Robbins, Marty Quiz
rock quzzis
Rogers, Kenny Quiz
Ronstadt, Linda Quiz
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Skrillex Quiz
Solange Knowles Quiz
Super Junior BoyBand Quiz
Super Junior Quiz
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Taylor Swift Quiz
The Beatles Quiz
The best of rock and roll Quiz
The official MJ Quiz
The Veronicas Quizz
Toby Mac Lyrics Quiz
Trace Adkins Quiz
Triple six mafia Quiz
Tyga Quiz
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Unspoken-Tenth Avenue North
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What do You know About Pete Wentz Quiz
Who is that artist Quiz
Who wrote that song

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