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 Quizzes - Free Music Quizzes and Fun Tests

Welcome to the Quizmoz Music Quizzes. Quizmoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your mind against the experienced Quizmoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about your self and the world around you.

Search for a quiz by clicking on the quiz name. Best of luck!!

Music Quizzes
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2010 song Quiz
2012 music Quiz
2013 Music 5 Quiz
2013 Music Quiz
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30stm Quiz
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80's Lyric Music Quiz
80s Music Hits List Quiz
80s Music Hits Quiz
80s Music Quiz
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90's Music Quiz
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A Barbie Girl Song Quiz
A bit of stuff about Radio 1
A Little Less Sixteen Candles Quiz
a7x lyrics
Abba Quiz
About Motown Quiz
AC/DC Concerts Quiz
AC/DC Music Quiz Challenge
AC/DC Quiz
AC/DC Songs List Quiz
ACDC Thunder Quiz
Air on the G String Quiz
All American Rejects Quiz
All Hope Is Gone The Slipknot Quiz
American Idiot Quiz
American Pie Quiz
Another Radio 1 quiz
Aqua Barbie Girl Lyrics Quiz
Are you a Nicki Minaj Fan Quiz
Artists and Their Songs Quiz
Avenged Sevenfold Facts Quiz
Avenged Sevenfold Lyrics Quiz
Avenged Sevenfold Quiz
Avenged Sevenfold Tour Dates Quiz
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B5 Quiz
Babe Quiz
Baby Got Back Quiz
Bad Day Daniel Powter Quiz
Barbie Girl Lyrics Quiz
Barbie Girl Quiz
Bare Quiz
Barney song Quiz
Barney song quotes Quiz
BBC Radio 1
Beatz 2 Rhymz Quiz
Bee Gees Quiz
Benny Benassi Quiz
Best of Bowie Quiz
Best people Quiz
Big Bang Korea Quiz
Black Eyed Peas Facts Quiz
Black Eyed Peas Quiz
Black Eyed Peas Song Lyrics Quiz
Black Parade My Chemical Romance Quiz
Blink 182 Quiz
Blood on the dance floor music Quiz
Bohemian Rhapsody Quiz
Boulevard of Broken Dreams Quiz
Breakdancing Quiz
Bret Michaels Quiz
Bring Me The Horizon (2016) quiz
Bring Me The Horizon Quiz
Butterflies Quiz
Buzz Music Quiz
Buzz the music Quiz
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Can't Guess Quiz
Canada Quiz
Candy Shop Quiz
CBK Quiz
CD Rates Quiz
Christian Music Quiz
Christmas Songs
Classical Fanatic Quiz
Classical Music
Classical Theory Advanced Quiz
Classics Quiz
CMT Quiz
Coming Undone Quiz
Complete the song Quiz
Country Music Facts Quiz
Country Music Quiz
Country Music songs Quiz
Crazy Frog Quiz
Crazy Train Quiz
CrazySexyCool: The TLC Quiz
Cross Quiz
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Dani California Quiz
Dannii Quiz
David Bowie Difficulties Quiz
DDR & DDR Music Quiz
Disturbed Band Songs Quiz
Disturbed Quiz
Dixie Chicks Quiz
Do u kno ur 2010-2011 lyrics Finish them Quiz
Do you know good music Quiz
Do You Know What Song This Is Quiz
Do you know who sang that song Quiz
Do you know your Instruments Quiz
Do you know your music Quiz
Do you know your music Quiz
Do You really know Bon Jovi Quiz
do you really no music Quiz
Dont forget the lyrics Quiz
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Eminem Quiz
Emo Quiz
Enter Sandman Quiz
Eurovision Song Contest Quiz
Everytime We Touch Quiz
Expert Linkin Park Quiz
Eye of the Tiger Quiz
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Fall Out Boy Quiz
Family Tree Quiz
Fast Cars Quiz
Find the MJ song Quiz
Flute Quiz 2 Quiz
Free Bird Quiz
Free Music Quiz
Free Music Videos Quiz
Free Sheet Music Quiz
Fresh Azimiz Quiz
Fun Music Quiz
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Gagan King
gagan king with bohemia
gagan with bmw
Gangsta Quiz
Gasolina Quiz
General Music Quiz
Getting To Know You Quiz
Goin' Down Quiz
Gospel Music Lyric Page Quiz
Graduation (Friends Forever) Quiz
Green Day Albums Quiz
Green Day Facts Quiz
Green Day Information Quiz
Green Day Living Quiz
Green Day Music Band Quiz
Green Day Quiz
Gucci mane Quiz
Guess the song from the lyrics
Guess the song Quiz
Guitar Tabs Quiz
Guns N Roses Quiz
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Happy Birthday Quiz
Hawthorne Heights Quiz
Hearts Quiz
Heavy metal Bands Quiz
Heavy metal lover lyrics Quiz
Heavy metal music Quiz
Heavy metal Quiz
Hip Hop knowledge Quiz
Hip hop music 5 Quiz
Hip Hop Quiz
Hiphop/RnB Quiz
Hips Don't Lie Quiz
Hollywood undead Quiz
How much do you know about music Quiz
How much do you know about My Chemical Romance?
How well do you know Arctic Monkeys?
How well do you know Jared Leto Quiz
How well do you know JLS Quiz
How well do you know your rap/r&b music Quiz
Hung Up Quiz
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I Like To Move It Quiz
I love music Quiz
I Write Sins Not Tragedies Quiz
ICP official Quiz
IQ test for MUSIC Quiz
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Jazz Quiz
JLS Quiz
Judie Tzuke
Julie's Music Quiz
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Keith Anderson
King of pop Quiz
Know the song by the lyrics Quiz
Kumbia Kings Quiz
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Lady Ga Ga Quiz
Latest mix Quiz
Ledge lyrics Quiz
Ledge Music Quiz
Lgirls Quiz
Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne Lyrics Quiz
Lil Wayne My Life Quiz
Listen To Music Quiz
Lyrics Quiz
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Match The Song To The Rock Band Quiz
mcr songs
MDO Fan Quiz
Metallica Quiz
Meteora Quiz
Miley Cyrus 3 Quiz
Mimi Quiz
Miss Murder Quiz
Modern Music 2 Quiz
Modern Music Quiz
Move Along (song) Quiz
Movie Music Quiz
MP3 Quiz
Ms. New Booty Quiz
Music 12 Quiz
Music knowledge Quiz
Music Lyric Quiz
Music Lyrics Trivia Quiz
Music Mad Quiz
Music Madness Quiz
Music Mind Quiz
Music Notes Quiz
Music of the 70's 80's and 90's as well as today Quiz
music pop quiz questions and answers-Pop Music Quiz
Music Questions Quiz
Music Quiz
Music Shuffle Quiz
Music solo Quiz
Music Test Quiz
Music Theory Quiz
Music Trivia Facts Quiz
Music Videos Facts Quiz
Music Videos Quiz
Music Vocabulary Quiz
Musical Instruments Quiz
My Heart Will Go On Quiz
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Name the song 10 Quiz
Neighbour Rock Quiz
Nelly Grillz Quiz
Nicki Minaj song Quiz
Nirvana lyrics Quiz
Nirvana Lyrics Quiz 69 Quiz
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Obscure 1 hit wonders played on radio Quiz
Online Music Quiz
Opening lyrics Quiz
Opera Quiz
Opera Quizz
Ozzy Osbourne Lyrics Quiz
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Planets Quiz
Pole Dancers Quiz
Pop lyrics 2009 Quiz
Pop lyrics of 2009 Quiz
Pop Music Quiz
Poppin My Collar Quiz
Popular Music Quiz
Punjabi Songs Quiz
Punk Quiz
Puppy Quiz
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Queen band Quiz
Queen Quiz
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Rammstein Quiz
Rap Lyrics Quiz
Rap Lyrics Search Quiz
Rap Music history and facts revealed Quiz
Rap Music Lyrics Quiz
Rap Music Quiz
Rap Music Trivia Questions Quiz
Rap Quiz
Rascal Flatts Quiz
Rascal Flatts Trivia Quiz
Rave Quiz
Records Quiz
Reggaeton - Who sings tat Quiz
Reggaeton Quiz
Remember the Name Quiz
Ridin' Quiz
Rihanna 5 Quiz
Ring of Fire Quiz
Rock 2 Quiz
Rock Music Quiz
Rock of ages Quiz
Rockband Slipknot Quiz
Rompe Quiz
Run It Quiz
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Sean Paul Temperature Quiz
Seasons of Love Quiz
Selena Gomez Songs Quiz
Seussical Quiz
Sevendust Quiz
Sexy Lil Wayne Quiz
Shake That Quiz
Shakira info Quiz
Simple And Clean Quiz
Simple Music Quiz
Simple Plan Facts Quiz
Simple Plan Quiz
Skillet Quiz
Slipknot 12 Quiz
Slipknot Songs Quiz
Snap Your Fingers Quiz
So What Quiz
Song Lyrics! Do YOU know your STUFF Quiz
Songs For Everyone Quiz
SOS Quiz
Sound Effects Quiz
Sports Quiz
Stairway to Heaven Quiz
Sublime(band) Quiz
Sugar We're Going Down Quiz
Sweet Home Alabama Quiz
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Techno Music Quiz
Techno Quiz
Tell Me When to Go Quiz
Tha Lil Wayne Quiz
The 2011-2012 Music Quiz
The 50 cent quiz
The Fray Quiz
The iTunes Quiz
The Music Quiz
The Offspring
The Slipknot Quiz
The Three 6 Mafia Quiz
Three 6 Mafia Quiz
Thunderstruck Quiz
Tiesto Quiz
Tina turner beyond thunderdome hard Quiz
Tool (band) Quiz
Tough Lady Gaga Lyrics Quiz
Trey Songz Fame and Fortune Quiz
Trey Songz Lover's Quiz
Trey Songz Quiz
Trey Songz Songs Quiz
Trust Company Quiz
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U.S. Music Quiz
Ugly Quiz
Unfaithful Quiz
Unwritten Quiz
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Video Quiz
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Westlife Quiz
what band is he/she in?
What is this song called Quiz
What's are you through your music Quiz
What's my line Music Quiz No. 001 Quiz
Who Knows Music Quiz
Who Sings What Quiz
Woodstock Quiz
Wow Quiz
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You're Beautiful Quiz
Young mula Quiz
Young Quiz
Youngsters Rap Quiz

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