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      Home > Quizzes and Fun Tests > Oracle OCP Practice Tests > Oracle OCP Practice Test - Oracle 9i OCP Fundamental I

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Welcome to the QuizMoz Oracle OCP Practice Test - Oracle 9i OCP Fundamental I. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

  • Oracle Architectural Components
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Oracle Architectural Components
  • Storage Structure and Relationships
  • Maintaining Redo log Files
  • Managing the Control Files
  • Managing Tablespace and Datafiles
  • Managing Database
  • Managing an Oracle Instance
  • Creating a Database
  • Getting Started with the Oracle Server
  • Using Data Dictionary and Dynamic Performance Views
  • 1. Which memory area is not part of the SGA?
    a.Database Buffer Cache
    b.Redo log Buffer
    d.Shared Pool
    2. Which statement about an Oracle instance is true?
    a.The redo log buffer is NOT a part of the shared memory area of an Oracle instance
    b.Multiple instances can be executed on the same computer, each accessing its own physical database
    c.An Oracle instance is a combination of memory structures, background processes, and user processes
    d.In a shared server environment, the memory structure component of an instance consists of a single SGA and a single PGA
    3. Extents are a logical collection of contiguous ___________.
    b.Database blocks
    c.Table spaces
    d.operating system blocks
    4. Which table is created to enable the building of scalable applications, and is useful for large tables that can be queried or manipulated using several processes concurrently?
    a.Regular table
    b.Clustered table
    c.Partitioned table
    d.Index-organized table
    5. The user Smith created the SALES HISTORY table. Smith wants to find out the following information about the SALES HISTORY table:
    1. The size of the initial extent allocated to the sales history data segment
    2. The total number of extents allocated to the sales history data segment
    Which data dictionary view(s) should Smith query for the required information?
    6. When preparing to create a database, sufficient disk space for all database files should exist. When calculating the space requirements it should be noted that some of the files may be multiplexed. Which files should be multiplexed?
    a.Data files
    b.Control file
    c.Password file
    d.Online redo log files
    7. Where is free space managed for a tablespace created with automatic segment-space management?
    a.In the extent
    b.In the control file
    c.In the data dictionary
    d.In the undo tablespace
    8. One of the tasks of a DBA is to periodically monitor the alert log file and the background trace files. In doing so, the DBA notices repeated messages indicating that Log Writer (LGWR) frequently has to wait for a redo log group because a checkpoint has not completed or a redo log group has not been archived.
    What should he do to eliminate the wait LGWR frequently encounters?
    a.Increase the number of redo log groups to guarantee that the groups are always available to LGWR
    b.Increase the size of the log buffer to guarantee that LGWR always has information to write
    c.Decrease the size of the redo buffer cache to guarantee that LGWR always has information to write
    d.Decrease the number of redo log groups to guarantee that checkpoints are completed prior to LGWR writing
    9. What steps should be taken to increase the size of the online redo log groups?
    a.Use the ALTER DATABASE RESIZE LOGFILE GROUP command for each group to be resized
    b.Use the ALTER DATABASE RESIZE LOGFILE MEMBER command for each member within the group being resized
    c.Add new redo log groups using the ALTER DATABASE ADD LOGFILE GROUP command with the new size and drop the old redo log files using the ALTER DATABASE DROP LOGFILE GROUP comman
    d.Use the ALTER DATBASE RESIZE LOGFILE GROUP command for each group to be resized and the ALTER DATABASE RESIZE LOGFILE MEMBER command for each member within the group
    10. JOE was allocated 10 MB of quota in the USERS tablespace. He created database objects in the USERS tablespace. The total space allocated for the objects owned by JOE is 5 MB.
    In order to revoke JOE's quota from the USERS tablespace, the following command was issued.
    What will be the result?
    a.The statement raises the error: ORA-00940: invalid ALTER command
    b.The statement raises the error: ORA-00922: missing or invalid option
    c.The objects owned by JOE are automatically deleted from the revoked USERS tablespace
    d.The objects owned by JOE remain in the revoked tablespace, but these objects cannot be allocated any new space from the USERS tablespace
    11. Select the memory structure(s) that would be used to store the parse information and actual value of the bind variable id for the following set of commands:
    a.PGA only
    b.Row cache and PGA
    c.PGA and library cache
    d.Shared pool only
    e.Library cache and buffer cache
    12. Which memory structure contains the information used by the server process to validate the user privileges?
    a.Buffer cache
    b.Library cache
    c.Data dictionary cache
    d.Redo log buffer cache
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    What others think about Oracle OCP Practice Test - Oracle 9i OCP Fundamental I
    By: jahangir on Dec 24, 2009
      I m so thankful to those who create this site for our practice.
    By: MOHSIN on Oct 26, 2009
      good for learing purpose
    By: tk on Oct 6, 2009
      great for testing your knowledge
    By: Mike Marshall on Aug 28, 2009
      Great practice
    By: Ashwani Kamboj on May 14, 2009
      NIce for warm up freshers before taking exam
    By: nareshkumar on Feb 24, 2009
      this is very nice
    By: Sharad on Oct 24, 2008
      Good questions
    By: Sharad Gabhane on Oct 23, 2008
      Good experience. Thanks
    By: Achintya on Oct 22, 2008
      Good Practice

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