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      Home > Quizzes and Fun Tests > Oracle OCP Practice Tests > Oracle OCP Practice Test - Oracle OCP 10g Upgradation I

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Welcome to the QuizMoz Oracle OCP Practice Test - Oracle OCP 10g Upgradation I. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

  • Flash Recovery Area
  • Backups
  • Managing Schedular
  • Managing Database
  • Application Tuning
  • Analytical SQL
  • Data Pump Architecture
  • 1. What is the purpose of the flashback technology in Oracle Database 10g?
    a.Recovery from physical corruption of a data file
    b.Recovery from physical and logical corruption of a data file
    c.Recovery from logical corruption of a data file
    d.Recovery from a problem brought on by a damaged disk drive
    2. What does the RMAN CATALOG command do?
    a.Helps to create image copies of datafiles
    b.Helps in creating image copies of current control files
    c.Helps to catalog any new files that are not a part of the recovery catalog
    d.Helps to catalog the old files only
    3. What is the priority level for a job in a job class?
    a.From 1 to 5
    b.From 1 to 999
    c.From 1 to 10
    d.A job can only take a value of HIGH or LOW
    4. What is the time constant of a circuit having a 100 microfarad capacitor in series with a 470 kilohm resistor?
    a.4700 seconds
    b.470 seconds
    c.0.47 seconds
    d.47 seconds
    5. Which of the following will specify why a certain materialized view isn't fast refreshable?
    a.TUNE_MVIEW procedure
    b.MVIEW_EXPLAIN procedure
    c.EXPLAIN_REWRITE procedure
    d.EXPLAIN_MVIEW procedure
    6. Which one of the three clauses—INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE—fires first in a MERGE statement if all three of them are present?
    a.DELETE clause
    b.UPDATE clause
    c.INSERT clause
    d.Depends on the order in which the three operations are specified
    7. Which of the following is mandatory while using the easy connect naming method?
    a.Host name
    b.Database name
    c.Service name
    d.Port number

    8. Evaluate the following SQL:

    TO dw_manager
    GRANT dw_manager TO sam WITH ADMIN OPTION;

    Which actions can the user SAM perform?
    a.Select from a table
    b.Create and drop a materialized view
    c.Alter a materialized view that you created
    d.Grant and revoke the role to and from other users
    e.Enable the role and exercise any privileges in the role's privilege domain

    9. Which statement is true when connecting to the Oracle instance using the multithreaded server configuration?
    a.The User Global Area (UGA) may only contain sort areas
    b.The UGA may be accessible to dedicated servers
    c.The UGA components may reside in the large pool
    d.The UGA components may reside in the buffer cache

    10. Consider this SQL statement:
    UPDATE employees SET first_name = 'John'
    WHERE emp_id = 1009;
    What happens when a user issues the COMMIT in the above SQL statement?
    a.The server process places the commit record in the redo log buffer
    b.Log Writer (LGWR) writes the redo log buffer entries to the redo log files and data files
    c.The user process notifies the server process that the transaction is complete
    d.The user process notifies the server process that the resource locks can be released

    11. Which of the following are the conditions that must be met before RENAME DATAFILE can be used with the alter tablespace command?
    a.The datafile must be taken offline before renaming
    b.The database must be open
    c.When only a single datafile is to be renamed
    d.When only a single datafile on the same drive is to be renamed

    12. A SQL Tuning Set(STS) can be created from:
    a.Several SQL statements from the AWR
    b.One or more other STS's
    c.A single SQL statement
    d.Only the most high-load SQL statements in a database

    13. Which of the following helps to identify a statement in the DBA_TUNE_MVIEW view?
    a.The STATEMENT variable
    b.The STATEMENT_ID column
    c.The VIEW_ID column
    d.The TASK_NAME variable

    14. What is the default value for the OPTIMIZER_MODE initialization parameter?

    15. When does Oracle recommend to start investigating database waits?
    a.When the level of waits is smaller than the Maximum CPU
    b.If level of waits is the same as the Maximum CPU line in the sessions graph
    c.If level of waits is at twice the Maximum CPU line
    d.When the level of waits is slightly higher than the Maximum CPU line

    16. The DBA isn't happy with the latest set of optimizer statistics, but is aware of an older set of optimizer statistics which used to provide better query performance. In order to use the older set of statistics, what must the DBA use?  
    a.DBMS_STATS.PURGE_STATS procedure
    c.DBMS_STATS.OLD_STATS procedure
    d.DBMS_STATS.FORCE_STATS procedure

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    What others think about Oracle OCP Practice Test - Oracle OCP 10g Upgradation I
    By: rahul on Dec 4, 2008
      its a very good site to build up mre abt oracle

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