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      Home > Quizzes and Fun Tests > Red Hat Linux Practice Tests > Red Hat Linux Practice Test - Red Hat Linux 9.0 General

 Follow QuizMoz on Twitter  Red Hat Linux Practice Test - Red Hat Linux 9.0 General

Welcome to the QuizMoz Red Hat Linux Practice Test - Red Hat Linux 9.0 General. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

  • General
  • Linux Basic
  • Linux Documentation
  • Linux Commands
  • Unix Shell
  • Regular Expressions
  • Redirection
  • User Groups
  • User Permissions
  • Vi Editor
  • Printing
  • Symbolic Links
  • Disk Tool
  • Linux Process
  • 1. What is the meaning of GPL?
    b.General Purpose Language
    c.General Public License
    d.General Power Language
    e.None of the above
    2. Which is the correct syntax to display the calendar of September 2005?
    a.cal 9 2005
    b.Calendar 2005
    c.2005 cal
    d.9 2005 calendar
    3. How can a short description of what the ls command does be obtained?
    a.which ls
    b.man ls
    c.whatis is
    d.whereis is
    4. What does the pwd command do?
    a.It changes the password of user
    b.It shows the path of current working directory where the user is
    c.It shows the passwd file
    d.It shows information about Linux architecture
    5. What is the correct syntax of 'find the passwd file'?
    a.find / -name passwd
    b.find -name /etc
    c.find -uid root -gid root -name passwd
    d.find passwd
    6. What is the correct format to open the file /etc/test into the vi editor?
    a./etc/test vi
    b.vi /etc/test
    c.edit /etc/test
    d.None of these
    7. what command is used for copy a file?
    8. what is the permission of /etc/security
    9. what is the port number of ssh.
    10. which command use for delete a directory.
    a.rm dir_name
    b.mv dir_name
    c.rm -r dir_name
    d.rm -v dir_name
    11. in which run level red hat os start by default?
    12. In the same situation, which commands may have created file b?
    b.cat > b
    c.touch <b
    d.touch <<b
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    What others think about Red Hat Linux Practice Test - Red Hat Linux 9.0 General
    By: Dipika Shrestha on Sep 8, 2013
      this is a test only
    By: rajak on Sep 3, 2013
      hapy diwali frind
    By: Ashish on Jul 5, 2013
      Nice one :)
    By: Inderpreet Singh on Jul 2, 2013
      its very good..
    By: ankur on May 24, 2013
      its a great experience and help
    By: Younoussa Mhoudine on May 24, 2013
      nice practice test
    By: riya on May 10, 2013
      it was pretty gud helpul valuable fine ok
    By: gagan on Apr 25, 2013
      nice questions
    By: vishal on Apr 16, 2013
      nice question
    By: maha on Apr 16, 2013
      great experience for a beginner
    By: sathish kumar s on Apr 13, 2013
      it s very helpful to know my skill set
    By: Lucy on Apr 8, 2013
      This was very helpful for me to judge what my skill set currently is at
    By: ravi11 on Mar 20, 2013
      good basic test
    By: pooja on Mar 16, 2013
      ok thank for that but if is with anwer quiz that means tell ans hand to hand. that set
    By: Arjun on Mar 5, 2013
      Nice Questions
    By: kumar on Mar 4, 2013
      Guys as my personal experience it is great .. but bit difficult too but m sure giving more time to it i can improve a lot m trying .!!
    By: Mary Jones on Feb 28, 2013
      Great test to test your skillset
    By: Hem Seam on Feb 29, 2012
      Good Practice Test
    By: Roderick Lyle on Jul 25, 2011
      It's a good practice test.
    By: Sree on Jul 20, 2011
      Good website
    By: shankar singh kalwaniyan on Jul 12, 2011
      good site
    By: sac on Jul 3, 2011
      Good one
    By: vivekgupta on Jul 1, 2011
      good quiz
    By: Ken on Jun 12, 2011
      It is a useful tool
    By: Captain Kremmen on May 30, 2011
    By: raju on Feb 26, 2011
      this is a great linux quiz.......superb.............thank u very much for this QUIZMOZ
    By: karthik on Feb 15, 2011
      simple questions make some question little complicated and it will be useful for the user.
    By: RaviKumar Rana on Feb 5, 2011
      It is a glamerous site for practise purpose.
    By: manav on Feb 3, 2011
      Linux cross-tool
    By: Paul Toth on Jan 31, 2011
      It's pretty easy, but had one or two small mistakes.
    By: ADITYA RANJAN on Jan 29, 2011
      nice collection of questions, rellly very helpfull for leraring .
    By: LP on Jan 23, 2011
      Good test...
    By: Vinit on Nov 14, 2010
      Good Questions
    By: shashi on Oct 16, 2010
      good Learning Experience
    By: tarkus99us on Sep 30, 2010
      good knowledge
    By: udit on Sep 18, 2010
      it's a good knowledge boosting test so please join it
    By: dinesh on Sep 12, 2010
      need to improve myself
    By: Jayakrishnan on Sep 5, 2010
      its nice and useful..
    By: vignesh on Aug 28, 2010
      it is great
    By: Ganesh Shirke on Jul 26, 2010
      Think you know more about Red Hat Linux Practice Test - Red Hat Linux 9.0 General and would like others to know too? Whether its a great fact, a joke, a personal experience or an interesting anecdote, please share it with all the human beings on planet earth. Your contribution will help keep QuizMoz
    By: az on Jul 16, 2010
      How can these two be correct? You are doing a disservice to those take your little quiz. 8. What is the correct syntax of 'find the passwd file'? Correct Answer: Find -name /etc 12. Which of the following options delete a current line in vi editor? Correct Answer: Del
    By: az on Jul 16, 2010
      "Command for custom oriented output on PS command?" I have done Unix/Linux since 1990 and this was the first time I heard this. Neither "man ps" nor google knows this.
    By: Anand.S on Jun 2, 2010
      very nice and easy test
    By: mahesh on May 23, 2010
      redhat is a good operting system
    By: shahnawaz khan on May 14, 2010
      IT isgood experionce for me
    By: rose on May 10, 2010
      it helps to improve more skills in the commands and the working area on the linux.
    By: vinoth kumar on Mar 10, 2010
      it's very useful to test my linux knowledge.... and you are doing such a nice job to linux new bee test there skills .... so keep doing this ..... thanks .....
    By: huma on Feb 25, 2010
      good quiz and must try it
    By: chandrudu on Dec 3, 2009
      It is very good. Really tests the knowledge
    By: sudhakar on Oct 24, 2009
      linux, its good ....
    By: simon on Sep 17, 2009
      this nice to learn linux
    By: sony on Aug 14, 2009
      it is a great site
    By: Rajesh Avula on Aug 6, 2009
      Looking all are simple questions, It's better to keep more questions and typical ones.
    By: akondo on Jul 13, 2009
      just started and already loving Red Hat Linux
    By: akomano on Jul 1, 2009
      Very nice, hope it will be helpfull for me...
    By: suresh on Jun 10, 2009
      very nice
    By: seifu on Jun 8, 2009
      It is fine Quiz
    By: gift m on Jun 3, 2009
      wow i always wanted to know how much i know this test helps a lot it really does
    By: Rene Avila on May 13, 2009
      its very useful
    By: ranch111 on May 12, 2009
      It's great.
    By: k santhosh on May 5, 2009
      it will help the people to improve and glance their knowledge.....
    By: Master Zonk on Apr 28, 2009
      good for testing knowledge of students advancement
    By: John on Apr 28, 2009
      very useful to test potential students for linux application class
    By: kriss on Feb 28, 2009
      its very useful
    By: Nikileswari on Jan 26, 2009
      This Red Hat Linux practice test proves to be very useful.
    By: vijayan on Feb 3, 2009
      its best to check linux skills
    By: chris w. on Nov 30, 2008
      I just learned unix linux and cant understand how I never new of such a way to use my computer. School is great I love learning this stuff. KNOW THIS STUFF its better than drugs girls rock n roll all that stuff that's craped in my head.
    By: suresh on Oct 27, 2008
      This is practice test. recently i was joing linux 5.0 clases
    By: Gurpreet Singh on Oct 24, 2008
      A nice test for functional understanding of daily tasks we do in linux.
    By: Lavanya on Oct 23, 2008
    By: Manu Joseph on Oct 22, 2008
      I find this really useful.
    By: Vineeth on Oct 21, 2008
      Excellent Learning Experience
    By: Abhas Mangal on Oct 13, 2008
      Good test but should include more queries regarding linux commands for searching a string and changing it as well.
    By: durai on Oct 9, 2008
      good practice test
    By: Thangadurai on Oct 9, 2008
      It is better for basic level linux exam
    By: Sachin on Oct 7, 2008
      It is nice experiance to give an exam.

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