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Welcome to the QuizMoz Russia Quiz. QuizMoz offers one of the Internet's largest collection of quizzes for you to tease your brain and pit your wits against the experienced QuizMoz quiz masters. Go ahead and find out what you know about yourself and the world around you. Best of luck!!

Test your knowledge of Russia with the Russia quiz, which includes questions about the history, the politics, and the people of Russia.
1. Russia is the largest country in the world.
2. When did the USSR dissolve into 15 independent republics, including Russia?
3. Which Russian leader initiated the Great Purges in which millions of people were executed or exiled?
c.Catherine the Great
d.Czar Nicholas II
4. Which Russian became the first person to orbit the earth?
a.Nikita Khrushchev
b.Valentina Tereshkova
c.Vladimir Remek
d.Yuri Gagarin
5. Who was the first democratically elected president of the Russian Federation?
a.Mikhail Gorbachev
b.Vladimir Putin
c.Boris Yeltsin
d.Leonid Brezhnev
6. Which Russian composer composed the music of “Swan Lake” and “The Nutcracker”?
7. Which mountain range located in Russia naturally divides Europe and Asia?
a.the Appalachian mountains
b.the Himalayan mountains
c.the Ural mountains
d.the Rocky mountains
8. how many letters are there in the russian alphabet?
9. Who was the first ruler of Russia?
a.Yaroslav the wise
b.Vladimir the red sun
c.Rurik the viking
d.Peter the Great
10. Where Is russian spoken as a second Languge ?
d.Both A and B
11. What is the tradition religion of russia
a.Eastern Orthodox
c.Russian Orthodox
d.Both a and c
12. What is the Aral Sea doing and why?
a.It's flooding because rivers are diverted their
b.It's doing nothing, because nothings happened
c.It's shrinking because of pollution and surrounding rivers were redirected
13. What is the longest river in Russia?
14. What is the second capital of Russia?
a.Saint Petersburg
d.Deos not have one
15. Who was the last Czar of Russia?
a.Nicholas II
c.Peter the Great
d.Who would pay attention to that?
16. Who wanted to spread the revolution?
a.Leon Trotsky
c.Nicholas II
d.Nick Jonas
17. How many time zones as of now does Russia have?
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What others think about Russia
By: Olga on Mar 26, 2011
  in love with my country
By: nvard on Mar 21, 2011
  i love russia
By: Zak Bern on Mar 20, 2011
  Gonna retire on the beautiful shores of Lake Baikal.
By: vladimir on Feb 28, 2011
  russia is usually cold with some warm tempatures at certain times of the year and siberia is the coldest place in russia during the winter
By: Kim Kate on Feb 25, 2011
  In some parts of Russia the winter lasts for 6 months but in the summer the temperature rises up to 40 °C sometimes
By: arjobeer on Feb 19, 2011
  i love the russian national anthem
By: Blob on Dec 27, 2010
  Russia is awesome!
By: TF on Oct 29, 2010
  Russia needs real democracy and freedom of speach
By: Frambe on Oct 28, 2010
  Never been to Russia..
By: HF on Oct 19, 2010
  Some of my best friends are in Russia.
By: F on Sep 6, 2010
  Russia has wonderful literature and classical composers.
By: masaru on Aug 2, 2010
  russians are great!
By: vandy on Jul 17, 2010
  russia is a heaven... wenevevr i watch russia on tv i would like to see it really one day
By: GermanFascistsWantToKillRussia on Feb 15, 2010
  Hitler should have beaten the USSR back, it's a great shame that the brilliant dream of German lebensraum did not come to fruition. Knowing that it failed brings tears to my eyes every day. Long live the Fuhrer and death to the dirt that passes for the slavic people.
By: Vanessa on Jan 31, 2010
  Love and respect for Russia =]
By: Iloverusos on Jan 25, 2010
  Amantes de hombres Rusos
By: Russophile on Jan 11, 2010
  Russian proverb: the less you know, the sounder you sleep.
By: natasha on Dec 26, 2009
  amazing country
By: Peter on Dec 16, 2009
  A country I'd love to see... and where I hope to meet a nice girl called Oxana...
By: Izzy on Nov 10, 2009
  I like Russia, never been there though. Studying it in history though :)
By: dere on Oct 21, 2009
  beautiful country and and beautiful people
By: Edwin Jude on Oct 15, 2009
  Norod I Armiya Ediny
By: tylor on Oct 15, 2009
  best country in the world
By: Conrade Buzz carteoski on Oct 8, 2009
  russia is the best conty on eart
By: diana on Oct 6, 2009
  i cant say i know Russia well because i was only born there and raised in America.
By: ladrius brown on Sep 28, 2009
  where u at
By: alex on Sep 26, 2009
  i am russian long live russia
By: Armando on Sep 25, 2009
  I would like to take a trip to Russia one day!
By: tp on Sep 22, 2009
  like learningh about Russia
By: Bruce Cole on Sep 22, 2009
  I am a genus
By: subhash on Sep 8, 2009
  russians love communism
By: alexander zhukov on Aug 27, 2009
  russia is the greatest country in the world, long live the soviet union
By: Fritzi on Aug 17, 2009
  I love Russia!
By: Damire on Jul 30, 2009
  Russia is where I was born and I will always be loyal to the great country of Russia
By: frank v on Jul 19, 2009
  shoes are not worn in the house
By: ben on Jul 9, 2009
  In soviet russia, u no drive car, car drive you!
By: conor on Jul 1, 2009
  russia is good
By: john sealey on Jul 1, 2009
  communisn is crap
By: Stijn Otten on Jun 29, 2009
  Ja loebjoe Rossya
By: jack on Jun 17, 2009
  how hard is it to learn russian
By: Tatyana Zamolodchikova on Jun 9, 2009
  hi i'm russian
By: chell on Jun 6, 2009
  Bloody sunday Jan 1905- troops fire on peacful demonstration led by father gapon
By: Liliya on Jun 4, 2009
  Russians are the best
By: Guadabstaup on Jun 3, 2009
  I purchase a lot of concert and sporting event tickets online. I'm the kind of customer that likes to be able to choose his seat rather than have Ticketmaster spit out the 'best available' (yeah right) for me. Hell, many of the shows I want to go to I can't even get tickets to because they sell ou
By: enabewExara on Jun 2, 2009
  Hi everyone, I just became part of this wonderful forum here and I would love to be a part of it. I thought I'd do some contributing of my own and extremely, love the feedback of the community. The Fat Loss For Idiots has proven extremely popular and beneficial, with claims that it aids people sh
By: Heather on May 22, 2009
  I just started studying Russian culture
By: kate on May 13, 2009
  fact - Russia has one of the hgihest adult literacy rates in the world (98.7%)
By: kiani on May 7, 2009
  Russian view vegatarianism as a character flaw
By: Douglas Haubert on May 1, 2009
  When arriving in Russia, foreign travelers are greeted with salt and bread.
By: RussiaRoxmySox on Apr 12, 2009
  woohoo Russia!
By: Kelly on Mar 23, 2009
  It's an amazing place, and is not what most people think of it. Take a trip!
By: harish on Mar 23, 2009
  i like russia
By: harish on Mar 23, 2009
  i like russia
By: zhanya on Mar 21, 2009
  i love my country!!! i lived there most 14 years and i loved it, and i miss it too!
By: Bill Butler on Mar 20, 2009
  The Russian people are very friendly. If it were not for politics, Americans an Russians would get along just fine. Of course so would the rest of the world. The problem is that governments cause economies and economies feed people.
By: cema on Mar 18, 2009
  russia is the best
By: koraka on Feb 22, 2009
  russia is 4 times( approximately) bigger than the U.S!!!!!!!!!
By: g.rajesh on Feb 13, 2009
  russia rocks and tamil nadu bangs
By: paz on Feb 11, 2009
  i now a bit of russian
By: Vyacheslav on Feb 1, 2009
  J'aime la Russie
By: Bre on Feb 4, 2009
  McDonalds needs to do a little better research on the whole "translating" thing
By: andre badyaev on Jan 30, 2009
  i am a big russian hippo living the american dream.
By: Kovalda on Jan 24, 2009
  Russia is grrrrrreat!
By: Ellen on Jan 25, 2009
  My dad had dinner with Kerensky when he was 5.
By: sasha on Jan 26, 2009
  i love russia!!!
By: Zafer Tasdemirci on Dec 24, 2008
  Russia is a great country. I lived there 3 year. I worked for a Turkish company. I spent very good days.
By: DACA on Dec 19, 2008
By: PK on Oct 29, 2008
  Russian women have a jealous streak.... DA!
By: Jared on Oct 15, 2008
  I know nothing about russia
By: danica on Oct 11, 2008
  russia is the best i love russia danica-from serbia
By: Geoffrey Vidal on Oct 9, 2008
  I love Russia.
By: debbie on Sep 5, 2008
  a great quiz for y11 studying gcse
By: Sarah on Sep 2, 2008
  I just wanted to take this quiz to see what I know and what I can learn.
By: Yup on Jul 22, 2008
  Just taking the quiz
By: Andy on Jul 16, 2008
  I lived in Russia in 1995 and it was without doubt the best 6 months of my life. :)
By: Perla on Jul 12, 2008
  Russia is a great country. I've been there many times, it's AWESOME!

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